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8/23/2011Kitteh loves people who are kind :)
8/23/2011FUCK YEAH WATCHER!!!! win
8/23/2011Offering temporary accommodation to disaster-affected people. This is exactly the gesture that will be required in end times. A TRUE GLPer if ever there was one.
8/23/2011You are awesome for this offer,much love!!
8/23/2011Yea Haw!
8/23/2011For your kindness and good heart! Pollyannuh
8/23/2011Ur post made my heart swell
8/23/2011Offering to give shelter
8/23/20111 star and bad karma for being so nieve as to trust random strangers to stay at your place. ItMustEndSoon
8/23/2011You get karma for just offering to host evacuees! well done!
8/23/2011Because your great. =)
8/23/2011What a great heart!!! <3 miffed
8/23/2011True love and kindness to his fellow GLPers
8/23/2011Killer kindness
8/23/2011What a wonderful kind person you are to offer your home to those who might need help-Blue Skies
8/23/2011Awsome soul
8/23/2011God bless you!
8/23/2011Help offered to strangers. Very kind.
8/23/2011Loving, Caring, Western Caroliner!
8/23/2011For being a good human
8/23/2011Offering shelter
8/23/2011Unbelieveable offer
8/23/2011For showing some good Southern hospitality!
8/23/2011"woodstock" 2011!!
8/23/2011You're kind for offering shelter
8/23/2011Cause I can ;)
8/23/2011Awesome person
8/23/2011For being geniune
8/23/2011Nice to offer safe refuge
8/23/2011Offering your place to evacuees!
8/23/2011Offering your place to evacuees!
8/23/2011Nice idea, opening your hope to GLP'ers!
8/23/2011Good deeds
8/23/2011He cares
8/23/2011Offering shetler to Irene refugees.
8/23/2011For: If anyone is evacuating from NC coast ahead of Hurricane Irene, you are welcome to stay on my farm in Western NC! >>>Archangel-NL<<
8/23/2011Generosity...in Smithfield NC, but prepared. edfreesay
8/23/2011Kind person
8/23/2011Good spirit!
8/23/2011Because you are a kind soul
8/23/2011Wonderful kindness
8/23/2011Overall awesomeness!
8/23/2011For offering somewhere to stay
8/23/2011Offering home to fellow GLPers
8/23/2011For being a really good person!
8/23/2011Wow, kindness
8/23/2011Awesome gesture! We need more of these.
8/23/2011I love Farms
8/23/2011Sweet with the offer of help for hurricane evacuees. -SoM
8/23/2011Offering aid
8/23/2011Good post and a kind person
8/23/2011Offering home for those in the path of hurricane
8/23/2011She's a real sweetheart.
8/23/2011Kind offer of place to stay to avoid Irene.
8/23/2011Outstanding offer! Let us know if anyone takes you up on it.
8/23/2011Because you're an amazing person and deserve 1000 + Karma, IMO.
8/23/2011For offering shelter from the storm
8/23/2011Good will towards mankind
8/23/2011Offering your home....really sweet
8/23/2011Love you,Watcher. For many have entertained Angels unawares.
8/23/2011For opening there home wow nutramac
8/23/2011Watches good
8/22/2011Spreading The Gospel
8/22/2011Keep looking up :)
8/22/2011Watcher's reply is excellent - thank you.
8/22/2011Confirmation of the death star cannot come soon enough -- pins and needles... need confirmation NOW so I can save my tomato plants! LOL!
8/22/2011Good GLP Community Poster....
8/22/2011Excellent posts and threads - The Way of Enoch
8/20/2011Love of God is the best thing ever
8/20/2011A Christian who keeps the Sabbath!
8/20/2011Great spirit, keep watching mathew 25!
8/20/2011Love your posts. Always so positive and uplifting!
8/19/2011Love your post and threads .... cibrell
8/19/2011Always has great art!
8/19/2011For being a solid gal, with a good heart. Props for participating in the Amber Alert thread. :-)
8/18/2011Picture made me laugh out loud
8/18/2011Right on point. See ya there or in the air.
8/17/2011Sell the religious GARBAGE in church,everyone knows it's available to them.Get it off posts n replys.
8/17/2011For being a sister in Christ
8/16/2011Cause I like reading your posts! : )
8/16/2011Your awesome!
8/15/2011For watching stuff,lol, centrist77
8/15/2011May you be blessed for the truth you bring forth, love you my sister
8/15/2011Great Posts
8/15/2011Good one
8/15/2011A good friend who fights for the truth in the name of the Lord!
8/15/2011Gives Christians a good name.
8/13/2011Great poster. :)
8/13/2011Doom shill, won't debate, always wrong
8/13/2011Great posts
8/13/2011For negativity
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