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4/5/2012Hey lady, I'm a black man and I would like to apologize for this idiot. - Anubis
4/2/2012"dinosaur mass media hoax", and challenging people to duels. Hmmm
4/2/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/2/2012Racist troll
1/21/2012Arigato gozaimasu to post this Video with the Tanks!!
11/9/2011Hang the monkey
11/5/2011A Karma Hug - & Please don't judge me by what other white people say and do. (Good Thread)
11/5/2011Karma for Condoleeza! LOVE HER! Was the smartest woman in DC. So smart she got out of there!
11/5/2011For starting the lamest thread I've seen in a long time.
11/5/2011Thank you tek for your thread.
10/9/2011Mindless Obama bot.

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