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 * *United Kingdom113 months, 0 days ago64 months, 2 days ago10,695
 * Azul *USA66 months, 26 days ago64 months, 27 days ago2,834
 *scooter*USA67 months, 13 days ago64 months, 25 days ago1,680
 -RickRoll'dUSA66 months, 11 days ago64 months, 21 days ago1,211
 AliceInTheRabbitHoleUSA67 months, 7 days ago63 months, 2 days ago460
 AwthrAwthrUSA86 months, 16 days ago64 months, 7 days ago5,144
 BeingsouthernUSA120 months, 17 days ago64 months, 20 days ago9,741
 bFreeUSA84 months, 17 days ago58 months, 23 days ago258
bill shitters 1.2's Avatarbill shitters 1.2Vatican City122 months, 3 days ago5 days ago7,499
 BloodRedUSA71 months, 18 days ago64 months, 19 days ago4,784
Butt Ugly Toad's AvatarButt Ugly ToadUSA75 months, 1 days ago56 months, 20 days ago8,441
CaptainZero's AvatarCaptainZeroUSA80 months, 28 days ago57 months, 13 days ago9,166
Carol B.'s AvatarCarol B.USA67 months, 20 days ago1 day ago8,441
cg's AvatarcgUSA75 months, 15 days ago42 months, 2 days ago8,839
 CrazyJarheadUSA71 months, 11 days ago27 months, 19 days ago16,865
 CurraheeUSA65 months, 17 days ago64 months, 10 days ago741
 D's PetUSA68 months, 15 days ago64 months, 25 days ago6,059
 diggerbanksUnited Kingdom67 months, 20 days ago60 months, 20 days ago983
 Dough DudeUSA76 months, 15 days ago64 months, 5 days ago3,108
emerald eye's Avataremerald eyeUSA75 months, 6 days agoToday1,899
 EyeseeallUSA74 months, 10 days ago64 months, 19 days ago3,376
Fantasia II's AvatarFantasia IIUSA119 months, 25 days agoToday9,565
 FatalWishesUSA73 months, 21 days ago64 months, 20 days ago4,205
 GrauwolfGermany65 months, 23 days ago25 months, 4 days ago794
 Hawk0Barbados76 months, 4 days ago64 months, 11 days ago36,217
 HickoryUSA81 months, 5 days ago64 months, 13 days ago9,658
Isis7's AvatarIsis7USA84 months, 15 days ago17 months, 1 days ago12,223
 J-RicoUSA66 months, 24 days ago64 months, 19 days ago4,659
Jack Daphne's AvatarJack DaphneUSA131 months, 25 days ago1 months, 5 days ago1,829
 jermUzbekistan68 months, 4 days ago64 months, 19 days ago3,519
Jude11's AvatarJude11Canada64 months, 5 days ago37 months, 25 days ago506
 KimchiNetherlands65 months, 3 days ago48 months, 13 days ago1,063
Least Servant's AvatarLeast ServantUSA69 months, 6 days ago51 months, 1 days ago14,444
 LJRUSA65 months, 15 days ago65 months, 12 days ago134
 MattrixxzUSA65 months, 12 days ago62 months, 24 days ago60
 MolemanMalta79 months, 27 days ago64 months, 14 days ago1,090
Mother Mary's AvatarMother MaryUSA86 months, 9 days ago59 months, 24 days ago2,481
 Mrs. SmithUSA91 months, 24 days ago64 months, 8 days ago13,232
Munsoned's AvatarMunsonedOther157 months, 29 days ago1 day ago6,872
MY NAME IS DEATH's AvatarMY NAME IS DEATHUnited Kingdom65 months, 18 days ago61 months, 8 days ago415
Native-Alien's AvatarNative-AlienUSA80 months, 15 days ago32 months, 16 days ago3,610
 New Age MessiahUSA82 months, 6 days ago23 months, 11 days ago34,248
nexuseditor's AvatarnexuseditorAustralia74 months, 4 days ago42 months, 10 days ago5,169
 NinetailedFoxUSA65 months, 14 days ago65 months, 10 days ago96
Nosher Shitlock™'s AvatarNosher Shitlock™USA78 months, 5 days ago11 days ago5,147
Once4All's AvatarOnce4AllUSA87 months, 12 days ago1 day ago25,120
 onemoredayUSA70 months, 27 days ago2 days ago400
 OTOCUnited Kingdom75 months, 24 days ago64 months, 16 days ago7,005
 ParafukeetUSA66 months, 1 days ago64 months, 20 days ago1,976
 pokerkidUSA88 months, 17 days ago62 months, 27 days ago7
 PoofUSA96 months, 3 days ago58 months, 9 days ago1,297
popcorn's AvatarpopcornUSA85 months, 29 days ago59 months, 29 days ago6,188
 Prjt. PhoenixUSA68 months, 0 days ago64 months, 14 days ago1,096
Psi Guy's AvatarPsi GuyUSA78 months, 4 days ago1 day ago2,519
 Ralphie ParkerUSA66 months, 20 days ago64 months, 15 days ago1,209
Revbo™'s AvatarRevbo™USA78 months, 25 days agoToday24,021
 S'gan-LeviIsrael76 months, 1 days ago58 months, 13 days ago5,787
 SaltWaterTaffyUSA73 months, 7 days ago64 months, 19 days ago6,904
 sIcKaNdTwIsTeDUSA69 months, 2 days ago64 months, 29 days ago1,238
 SkyderAlertUSA23 months, 16 days ago22 months, 4 days ago8
 Smilin' Irish EyesUSA83 months, 0 days ago64 months, 20 days ago6,388
starrynytes's AvatarstarrynytesUSA72 months, 25 days agoToday1,399
 stormerSouth Africa65 months, 6 days ago11 months, 4 days ago7,161
 SumoUSA84 months, 18 days ago33 months, 25 days ago1,743
 Texas UncensoredUSA131 months, 22 days ago57 months, 19 days ago14,576
The Antichrist 666's AvatarThe Antichrist 666USA101 months, 7 days ago8 months, 4 days ago8,716
 The Chosen OneUSA75 months, 2 days ago45 months, 17 days ago6,525
 The HammerUSA92 months, 17 days ago20 months, 23 days ago2,881
 Upsy DaisyUnited Kingdom64 months, 5 days ago56 months, 2 days ago1,477
Wake Up's AvatarWake UpRussia86 months, 0 days ago11 months, 25 days ago3,778
 YankeeInDeutschlandGermany69 months, 0 days ago59 months, 2 days ago290
\\'hyte \\'olf's Avatar\\'hyte \\'olfUSA67 months, 19 days ago13 days ago1,131