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Argene's Karma

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10/16/2011Sheeple extraordinaire
10/16/2011Wtf is wrong with you?
10/16/2011Trying times indeed produce great men, and you'll never be one of them. Such an awful example of the so called smartest species on this planet you are.
10/15/2011You are an idiot
10/15/2011Stupid post
10/15/2011Looooooney tune fuck stick
10/14/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/14/2011Your done son, your done
10/12/2011Go fuck yourself you Nazi warmongering piece of shit..I hope u and everyone u live gets slaughtered by Iranians
10/12/2011WOW.. I didnt know IQs went that low..
10/12/2011Pray for minimal fallout after you wipe out a country??? No soul here--
10/12/2011You aren't very smart are you?
10/12/2011Nuke Iran and then "pray" that everything goes okay with the fallout? Dumbest thing I've read in months!
10/12/2011Stupid left-wing fuck
10/12/2011You have a lot to learn about the Fed. and Globalists, you are downright scary.
10/11/2011Dumbass shill
10/11/2011Sexist Bastard
10/11/2011Off set the red
10/11/2011Anti islam shill
10/10/2011You dream of "fugging" adolescent girls???
10/5/2011Smart guy
10/4/2011Excellent post ~Aphrodite~
9/29/2011Because you have the guts to denounce turkey...btw i am armenian, thanks
9/23/2011"Need To Be Forcefully Returned" Your Mama must be proud of you.
9/23/2011Fat american
9/23/2011Needs to be put to an end.
9/16/2011You are so retarded you give ultra retarded people a bad name.
9/16/2011Uninformed hateful poster. - Fuhrer D
9/16/2011Zionist shill.
9/15/2011As long as bigoted assholes like you are there when the nuke goes off.
9/15/2011Nuke Nuke Nuke!!!!
9/15/2011Idiot, ignorant, worthless posts
9/15/2011Delusional at best-lazy americans
9/15/2011Nasty cunt
9/15/2011Good job on Turkey. We could do it in time for Thanksgiving and I'll bring the cranberries
9/15/2011Nuke to you!
9/15/2011Abusive and violant post
9/15/2011Junk data analysis
9/15/2011For being a dumbass
9/14/2011Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer
9/14/2011U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
9/10/2011No Clue about Women...Are you in The Closet?
9/5/2011Dee dee dee
9/5/2011Age does not equal wisdom. You're totally clueless.
9/5/2011Abusive, one sided posts that villify anyone who posts counter to his
9/5/2011For spreading misinformation about the banking system
9/5/2011Your stupidity knows no end
9/5/2011Bad call dude. bad call.
9/5/2011Pedophile satanist

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