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Aunty Flo's Karma

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3/27/2012Alcohol free mishka love!! xx
3/26/2012Just when I think you can't piss me off any worse - you go and impress me. I regret my own honesty, sometimes... +1 & some HUGS! ! xox
3/25/2012Greening Aunty - Rickster58
3/25/2012You're wise....Garman906
3/23/2012<3 Awake1
3/21/2012Karma for your thoughts CP
3/20/2012Smile today that it might not rain down upon our hearts...It's good to be alive, Marty
3/15/2012Just for being a bitchy old cunt - have a nice day
3/14/2012DutchNord32: Could do with some green. - From - The Green Room
3/7/2012Greening Aunty - rickster58
3/4/2012Oi... cp:)
3/2/2012Please bring Arguments instead of just a Rant, my Thread is open for everyone who know how to argument!
3/1/2012G'day MR2
2/29/2012From a 3500 yr Old Tree Hugger - Jesus
2/26/2012Good karma for you===Quasar
2/26/2012Haha thanks anyway! Now i have three karmas about meth. xD
2/26/2012Your a drunk.... :-)
2/26/2012Test test test u there
2/26/2012Like a punch in the face, bad karma makes you stronger
2/25/2012Auntie Lesbo
2/24/2012Karma 4 u... cp: :)
2/22/2012TEPCO is evil.
2/20/2012Meh. You ain't so bad after all...maybe.
2/19/2012Blow blow blow
2/16/2012Tiger snake fun. Sir Griffo
2/16/2012Sad indeed
2/15/2012Allah and muhhamed you pig loving, pedophiles - from samanthasunflower
2/13/2012From the kid book thread - Turtle - and I still love the Pokey Little Puppy, lol.
2/12/2012Abortion is murder
2/10/2012KArma for you CP
2/10/2012Baaahh bad karma to you auty flo, not nioce to the smart guy and his comment about a woman and pre 1964 change. Just a mean brod
2/10/2012Weekly grren for Aunty - rickster58
2/10/2012Don't blaspheme Jesus, you heathen.
2/9/2012Right back at ya aunty
2/6/2012Amuzing Responces
2/6/20121 from DoorBert
2/4/2012Ni MR2
2/3/2012Carpet Muncher. Tasty, come to Aunty
2/3/2012He was already sich before Fukushima
2/3/2012Green... CP
2/2/2012How fucking stupid can you be? When the government breaks the law, they have to be held accountable.
2/2/2012For trying to delete karma .
2/1/2012"The more explicit the better." LOL
1/29/2012Love from Santorini. :)
1/27/2012Nice post responce.
1/23/2012Droppin off my green today. Thug Cat.
1/12/2012Buddylist green..God bless you - Dease
1/9/2012Greenroom :D :) =) 8:) - from Eddjah
1/7/2012Drive by... CP
1/5/2012I hope you get well karma from Bowman!
1/5/2012From john goz hop eyou feel better
1/5/2012Go to the hospital! And good luck with the bite! ExpertOfSound
1/5/2012Hi sweety. MR2
12/30/2011Cuz I like you - Turtle
12/27/2011So sorry about your car! xoxo
12/26/2011Merry christmas
12/22/20111 greenluv from Eddjah
12/20/2011Thank you for the opportunity! Have a Merry Xmas too!
12/20/2011LOL love the name. it seem to get really bitchin around here when she comes.
12/19/2011Love your avatar! Bluebird
12/15/2011Karma hit CP
12/15/2011Blaze: Thanks for the assist.
12/13/2011You crack me up. -- Borian
12/13/2011Good karma - Southgaia
12/12/2011I wish worm medicine would take care all parasites. From Merci
12/12/2011Awe shiettt ~ Rockarchy
12/12/2011Simon Says, Karma. Thug Cat.
12/11/2011Love to Aunty - rickster58
12/11/2011Don't worry about the lefty do gooders Aunty, their day will come. I honestly want to eradicate THEM not Muslims. Zero.
12/11/2011Merry christmass, thanks for your input and insight MR2
12/11/2011Yes, there is a bibical connection with Mt. Sion....God bless you!
12/10/2011Dyke, lesbo, man hating lesbo
12/7/2011I think the possie thing should work... xo
12/6/2011A green thumb
11/29/2011Just because. - withoutatrace
11/29/2011You're a racist old has-been. Die already ~ the world doesn't nee the likes o' YOU. You've done enough damage.
11/29/2011Can you say .. LESBO?
11/27/2011Love WOSmores :)
11/27/2011You know why..Smiles
11/26/2011For you flo...LF
11/25/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/24/2011For the name lol *Arizone
11/24/2011Karma for you xo
11/23/20111 to the New Age Messiah...Marty
11/23/2011Thank you for the pin!! You rock!! - Turtle
11/22/2011I like your style, Flo <3 LaniJane
11/20/2011Men with tattoos also like to receive lots of anal. Fact
11/18/2011DoppelgangerGirl* Karma Room LUVS. ;-)
11/17/2011Khe.. and giggle
11/15/2011Reported Abusive Post ~ FREE YOUSELF
11/15/2011For reporting abusers <3 LaniJane
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