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Janey's Karma

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12/1/2016Thanks for the Aldrin/Antarctica links - BadHairDay :)
12/1/2016More green to offset the idiot below me. --CBH
12/1/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
12/1/2016I don't have many green points, but to off-set your unearned red, they are yours.
12/1/2016No idea why u got the red either - BriKan2
11/30/2016To offset the red bandits - Erik Dismembered ps(don't leave)
11/30/2016Try not to jump the gun with such sensational headlines for rather minor events.
11/30/2016Just keep ignoring the reds - the rest of us appreciate your sharing!!
11/30/2016I love this poster! Thanks Janey for all your work.
11/30/2016To help counter the Abusive Post BS
11/30/2016Because you are truly loved and need here!
11/30/2016Thank you Janey!
11/30/2016Because you are awesome and contribute a lot to GLP. Please stay!
11/30/2016Dont leave, ignore karma and dont respond to negative posts x
11/30/2016Green to help soften the "red" blow...davvi
11/30/2016To one of the best Information Sources on GLP... Please stay with us... Elf
11/30/2016Hugs and love my friend ~ Lamby
11/30/2016Janey brings the news ! She's awesome.
11/30/2016Updates. -InnocentFishingBoat
11/30/2016Because Janey does great work; genuine caring person.
11/30/2016Keep on Keepin' on... ELVII
11/30/2016Cancel out the red!!!
11/30/2016Good job
11/30/2016Just ignore the trolls, much love to you Janey/Use your brian, moran!
11/30/2016Not a failed thread, at, all
11/30/2016Don't leave GLP, you are invaluable here and greatly appreciated!!!
11/30/2016Ignore haters ! We need you here on GLP !
11/30/2016Have a little green
11/30/2016Cheers! ~Kitty Whiskers <3
11/30/2016Thanks for being here for us
11/30/2016Consistent good source of up to date news
11/30/2016Green to combat the red karma from shills
11/30/2016You're Invaluable to GLP!
11/30/2016All your posts rock
11/30/2016Keep up the good work!
11/30/2016Green for you, my friend! Earth Cries
11/30/2016Latest news
11/30/2016Keep up the good work. CitizenEra5ed
11/30/2016Great resource, ignore the haters
11/30/2016Ignore the haters <3
11/30/2016Green for you
11/30/2016Thanks for everything you do here. Mabel Kuntzvurth
11/30/2016Thank you for your info!!!
11/30/2016Haven't given you green for ages as I keep forgetting! Don't leave us, you are the most informative poster on here and the only reason I stay! H1
11/30/2016Only last night I found myself lost by the station called King's Cross Dead and wounded on either side
11/30/2016Thanks for all you do. Vic-chick
11/30/2016Love GFG
11/30/2016Aloha, ~Deplorable_Coward
11/30/2016Ostria for the breaking news and the updates
11/30/2016Showing my support the deplorable Carol B.
11/30/2016Merry Christmas, (((hugs)))
11/30/2016Love your posts, you, and all of your contributions to GLP. Please don't ever think of leaving. -Haun-
11/30/2016Thanks Janey ++
11/30/2016You are a contributor to this mindmelt,kick naysayers in the balls and move on -- JimBomB
11/30/2016Love you Janey, dont leave. emerald eye
11/30/2016Great Job janey - don't let the haters get to you - Deplorable Bud Fox
11/30/2016Please don't go. We rather like you here. At least those of us with souls. Trolls be damned! :) - PhobiaDHS
11/30/2016Thank you for the London info. ThisWayUp
11/30/2016Janey always is in front with genuine news. Please don't leave us.
11/30/2016Janey needs encouragement
11/30/2016To counter some red! Please stay!
11/30/2016Don't let the haters bring you down, thank you Janey. Your info is valid!!
11/30/2016Janey is always polite
11/30/2016Thanks for the info, Janey -auntiebeads
11/30/2016Janey is accurate,kind and polite a wonderful source for news
11/30/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
11/30/2016You're invaluable to this website. Ignore the red and have some green on me :)
11/30/2016Ignore the red. DM
11/30/2016Because you're wonderful! Ignore the trolls
11/30/2016Hi you are the best sourch of news :)
11/30/2016We'll get that taken care of, Janey. -Rev
11/30/2016Green to counter red karma from idiots - deplorable recollector
11/30/2016We need you Janey, don't go!-The Gent
11/30/2016Good info
11/26/2016Green from Goneviral
11/26/2016Always green - Darth
11/24/2016For keeping us updated on important news! --CBH
11/24/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
11/22/2016Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/22/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
11/16/2016InterMezzo Green for all that you do! Hugs from Holland.
11/15/2016Thank you Janey! Much Love, Lucy
11/15/2016Thank you Janey for your efforts! Canceling out some red ;)
11/15/2016To counter idiots - L. Schlitz
11/15/2016As always, ahead of MSM with reliable, trustworthy information. Thank you!
11/15/2016Just because.. cp
11/15/2016Thanks JAney, Love the breaking News, as always Elvii
11/15/2016Pateient as well as informative
11/15/2016Thanks for all your updates
11/15/2016Hers u go ~~Swamp Plumbing Co.
11/15/2016The best news source I know
11/15/2016For the red the idiot gave you~Zills
11/15/2016As always Janey, thanks for your efforts ~Lyonesse
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