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JesseDart's Karma

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10/28/2014Control your penis
6/20/2014Making excuses for a monkey acting like a monkey.
5/26/2014Stupid motherfucker X2
5/20/2014Stupid mother fucker
5/19/2014Racism is divide and conquer made manifest
4/29/2014For not reading.
4/2/2014Good call!
4/2/2014Dont know why you have all that red. -OrneryAnubis
3/30/2014Ignorant-ass race tard
3/21/2014Thanks Jesse!~Cigar
2/22/2014Brainsthatdon'thurt you've got a thing for big muscular white boys, don't you?
2/22/2014Good answer about judging...
2/8/2014I agree..
12/27/2013The rock is a fag
11/23/2013Incredibly stupid racist
10/27/20131 for rational peopl -milkian
9/21/2013Vile and nasty
9/11/2013Another leftist follower unable to think
8/23/2013Obama zombie worse than t ttown
8/23/2013Terrible thread
8/23/2013Attention whore
8/23/2013Projecting own feelings on to others
8/23/2013Leftist dick sucker
8/17/2013Wise post on wife text old b/f thread ~ Angelic_Warrior
8/16/2013We're not all part of the 'Girl Power' crowd. :)
8/12/2013Ag;) thank you for posting
8/10/2013I would eat a bullet before I would eat my children. Same here...Sledster
8/9/2013Hello brainsdonthurtabit
7/30/2013Freedom is a great thing, hope he uses it wisely
7/28/2013Messers inc. Tallafornian :-)
7/14/2013Race-baiter-tard...yo​u need more red.
7/11/2013Funny guy-Evan
6/23/2013For being sincere in the fat chick thread
6/17/2013For the rock avatar and being a self centered ahole.
4/12/2013Great points on the cop thread. :)
4/12/2013Eh asshole
4/12/2013Butt buddy to the law.
4/11/2013Fuk off monkey
4/11/2013Racist asshole
4/5/2013Shut the fuck up, you miserable little left-wing shitbag. punk ass bitch.
3/18/2013You asked for it, now you got it you fucking pussy bitch!
3/13/2013For calling women to stand for the negative as well as positive aspects of their "equal rights" ~Gigolo Jesus
3/10/2013Yes evil comes in all shades. Sloane
3/9/2013Thanks RayGun
2/21/2013Serious? you're gonna bash women with an avatar of "the rock"? You must be trolling.
12/18/2012The smartest comment you ever left on this site - cheers!
12/8/2012You aint so bad. Ill help clean up that karma.
11/24/2012Oh, just STFU! You don't have a clue.
11/21/2012Not too bright eh toby - not kunta kente - your name is toby - DONT FUKIN FORGET IT!
11/21/2012Profoundly liberal garbage that will live to see the destruction of this nation wreaked by those in office
11/21/2012Leftist shill wants more red karma
11/15/2012You're a douchebag!
10/17/2012Obama ass licker
10/12/2012You're a fucking moran
8/17/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/5/2012Just because you like to fuck men in the ass doesn't mean everyone else does. Stop pushing the gay agenda. -1
6/26/2012Heartless dung eater
6/18/2012Because one bad karma vote is not enough
6/8/2012Are you trying to intimidate people with that stupid picture?
6/7/2012Asshole , you dont know shit
6/7/2012For watching octopuss dance
6/7/2012We all know your really a fat ass with an ego
6/7/2012Offensive and rude
6/7/2012Dumb ass--Hawgzilla
5/26/2012Nice comment. scuba7
5/21/2012Shilling for Obama!
4/22/2012For the pitbull post. Concealed carry for the win!! Albino Rhino
4/10/2012Back at ya - CharlieMurphy
4/9/2012Because bad Karma is like a badge of Honor here – He is not a snitch! Like most …
4/1/20121 for being real about N Korea. Sledster
3/31/2012The 12 Anonymous Cowards Likes IT!
3/27/2012Thinks facts are irrelevant
3/25/2012White Power
3/25/2012You came to an intellectual war zone armed with a NERF gun. Good luck in your race baiting.
3/25/2012Excellent comment in the Trayvon Martin thread
3/25/2012Presenting your thoughts in a calm, respectable manner on the Black Panther thread - Sir Phy
3/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/25/2012For being a fucking retard and not knowing the difference.
3/24/2012Shut up
3/4/2012I agree
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