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7/25/2014For the Honey Badgers thread ! They are so cute ! From Tiger1.
7/25/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/23/2014Weekly green nah-T :)
7/23/2014By all means, seek to change the things you don't like and to attract the things you do, just don't put off your happiness for either or the other. WildFlower
7/20/2014Do not compare yourself with others, for you are a unique and wonderful creation. Make your own beautiful footprints in the snow.. :)- ~Christine~
7/18/2014Big <<< HUG >>> to you Miffed === Quasar
7/17/2014Love, Dease
7/16/2014Nah-T :)
7/15/2014Send them love. Wish them peace. See them happy. Everyone, always, forever. And prepare to be astounded. WildFlower
7/15/2014Cannabis wins - finish him - nice work
7/15/2014Green karma from Infomonger
7/14/2014For the wierdest thing thread ! From Tiger1.
7/13/2014LOL...you're too sweeeeeeet! :)- HUGS! ~Christine~
7/13/2014For being a douche~!!!@
7/9/2014Thanks ~ A Friend
7/9/2014Good find!
7/9/2014Great find! Looks so real. ~norml85~
7/9/2014For fish art thread… abinadi
7/9/2014Nah-T :)
7/9/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
7/7/2014All that you need, to have all that you want, lies inside of you, right now. Everything. WildFlower
7/7/2014<<< HUGS >>> to you Miffed === Quasar
7/3/2014For the Herb thread ! From Tiger1.
7/1/2014Love, Dease
6/28/2014Have a great weekend, hon!! :)- ~Christine~
6/24/2014If at first you don't succeed, it only means you're getting closer, cooler, hotter, better, "badder," and more awesome. WildFlower
6/24/2014Green from ANHEDONIC : D
6/24/2014Love, Dease
6/23/2014Reported Abusive Post
6/23/2014Reported Abusive Post
6/23/2014Green for your thunder god vine thread....saved
6/23/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/22/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
6/21/2014<<< Hugs >>> to you Miffed from Quasar
6/15/2014When you get to a place, where you're seeing the positive in others more than the negative, it means you're doing the same for yourself. WildFlower
6/11/2014For the predatory debt collection thread ! From Tiger1.
6/11/2014Love, Dease
6/8/2014Hope you're having a great weekend! ~Christine~ :)-
6/7/2014Think, speak, and move with your desires, and nothing will ever be the same. WildFlower
6/1/2014<<< HUGS >>> to you Miffed === Quasar
6/1/2014Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
6/1/2014Heal well, portal
6/1/2014Thank you. :) AnonymousGirl
5/29/2014Tuxedo kitty karma :) eekers
5/29/2014Fear can only be experienced when one pretends they're not in control. WildFlower
5/26/2014Green hugs back...geminilion
5/26/2014Get well soon! - ANHEDONIC
5/25/2014Sunday <<< HUGS >>> to you Miffed === Quasar
5/23/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
5/23/2014Many Blessings My Friend ---> Knight Of Chaos :-)
5/21/2014Good Karma :) ACM
5/19/2014When one stops looking for the quick and easy way, and just deals with what's already on their plate, the quick and easy way soon finds them. WildFlower
5/18/2014Karma Hugs, ~Christine~ :)-
5/14/2014Wednesday <<< HUGS >>> to you Miffed === Quasar
5/14/2014I am so glad you are back on GLP, my friend ! I hope your new computer works forever !!! From Tiger1.
5/14/2014Many Blessings ---> Knight Of Chaos :-)
5/13/2014Love, Dease
5/11/2014Look how much you have, look how far you've come, look how fast it happened, and, you have to admit, how easy it was. All in spite of your fears, worries, and self-doubts. Silly. WildFlower
5/6/2014Good Karma :) ACM
5/5/2014Love, Dease
5/3/2014Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
5/3/2014Hey honey! Hope you're having a great weekend! ~Christine~ :)-
5/3/2014Hi Miffed! How are you? Good to see you again! - Psych
5/1/2014You don't have to do "it" right, you just have to try to do it right. And then you will have done it right. WildFlower
5/1/2014That Time Again :-) --> Knight Of Chaos (KOC)
4/29/2014HUGS ))) to you Miffed === Quasar
4/23/2014Nothing heals, helps, cures, mends, builds, clears, stabilizes, fixes, balances, restores, corrects, inspires, enables, empowers, enlightens or tickles, better than the truth. WildFlower
4/17/2014<<< HUGS >>> to you === Quasar
4/13/2014Many Blessings --->Knight Of Chaos :-)
4/11/2014I love the avatar ! From Tiger1.
4/10/2014Good Karma :) ACM
4/10/2014Feeling gratitude in advance, before you even receive, as if you already had, whether for direction or abundance or anything else, opens the floodgates. WildFlower
4/1/2014Monday night <<< HUGS >>> to you miffed ===Quasar
4/1/2014Glad you are back, my friend ! The new avatar is so cute ! From Tiger1.
4/1/2014The trouble with troublesome people is that they often have much to teach to those they trouble. Love 'em all, WildFlower
3/30/2014We don't have to be great before we start, we have to start to be great. :) Hugs, ~Christine~
3/23/2014Fear just means you've forgotten how deeply you're loved, how safe you are, and that happiness will return, like you've never known it before. WildFlower
3/20/2014<<< HUGS >>> to you """
3/12/2014Sometimes, when it seems your wings have suddenly and unexpectedly been clipped, maybe, just maybe, there's more to learn by staying where you are. Maybe not. WildFlower
3/7/2014Good Karma :) ACM
3/3/2014Fret not. Time is on your side. So are all the angels. And "no" is never forever. WildFlower
2/24/2014<<<HUGS>>> to you Miffed---Quasar
2/19/2014Comparisons, are odious, because they presume all other things are equal - which is never the case. WildFlower
2/15/2014Good Karma :) ACM
2/12/2014LOL "funbags" - synchro
2/9/2014Here's what really matters, every single day: That you know how much you're loved. WildFlower
2/6/2014HUGS))) to you Miffed---Quasar
2/3/2014How are things with you, my friend? From Tiger1.
2/1/2014Oh sure, there will be imposters, those who make outlandish claims, and some who are even quite "good"... but no one, ever, will be another you. WildFlower
1/25/2014Saturday Hugs to you Miffed---Quasar
1/25/2014Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
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