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The Deplorable Lady Jane Smith's Karma

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9/30/2016Needed some Green!
9/29/2016Love GFG
9/28/2016If thats you on the avatar - will you marry me?
9/26/2016"Lapping the depends clean" green for you...davvi
9/25/2016I made a mistake, i wasn't picking on you, Sigma
9/24/2016Hope your weekend is great, today we harvested 14 more large winter squash - help we are drowning in squash - SilverPatriot
9/21/2016Drive By Karma Day!-Aquagrass
9/21/2016Deplorable green. Crazy Cat :~)
9/20/2016Emeril Lagassi says Mod BAHM!
9/20/2016Thanks for reply - redhouse xx
9/20/2016Cheyenne greenery!
9/19/2016One deplorable to another - abeliever
9/19/2016I laughed so hard. TY!
9/16/2016Deplorable hugs from Scrump!
9/16/2016Deplorable green. -Rev
9/15/2016Deplorable green!! maguyver
9/14/2016'cause your deplorable... ;) ---- deplorable starrynytes
9/14/2016This green is deplorable!~ DeploraBrat
9/14/2016From one "irredeemably deplorable" redhead to another! from Eggcellent
9/13/2016Deplorable KipKat :)
9/13/2016Warm welcome
9/13/2016I'm Proud to Be A Deplorable! At least i know I'm free
9/10/2016Aaand you win the greatest butt on GLP award - what a pic! - Blag Dahlia
9/7/2016Much love -TheOriginalMind
9/7/2016Mornin, Jane. -Rev
9/6/2016For my bestie. Lady LOVE ;-) Mila
9/5/2016HAPPY Labor Day - EnD BLM
9/4/2016Have a great Labor Day~kpm~
9/4/2016Thanks for help! Bodiless
9/3/2016Dropping off some good Karma for you LJS ~ Fringe
8/29/2016Hi Lady Jane! Ag47
8/26/2016Best to you, stay strong-Aquagrass
8/25/2016N e t i r i :)
8/24/2016Green for you, lady! - Chaos Replicator.
8/24/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
8/20/2016Keeping it real
8/18/2016Just for you. Edward Snowden
8/17/2016Bodiless Greentings!
8/17/2016For my favorite Lady. Love, mila
8/17/2016Pure class act . Thank you ! Zoowatcher2
8/17/2016Lol. Oh my lord @ that crazy person and the crazy thread. ~ Debauchery
8/16/2016Cheers!! Have a great week! Maguyver
8/16/2016Mornin, Jane. -Rev
8/15/2016Great post
8/15/2016Good post green for you...davvi
8/3/2016Great posts in bloodline thread A.Grass
8/3/2016Thanks for your moderation. strgzr
8/2/2016For truth
8/1/2016Just because...
7/31/2016Big wave hello from Vala :))) xx
7/31/2016Sexy pose in avatar - aqmah ^_^
7/27/2016Mornin, Janey. -Rev
7/23/2016Formidable! love it ;) SL
7/23/2016<3 ~LilMIss
7/20/2016Youre awesome. T-man
7/19/2016Because gays have figured out...Post. Well said. Chillin
7/19/2016Hugs fro eekers
7/19/2016Yep. -Rev
7/18/2016TY Lady Jane :) jdb
7/18/2016Green from gonviral
7/18/2016Love ya GFG
7/18/2016You are full of green but i'm sending anyway. love you lady xo mila
7/17/2016Karma Time! - Base12
7/16/2016Thank you from No Dhimmi
7/15/2016Something I have felt should be said for ages and now LJS has brought up my very thoughts.
7/13/2016Hi - SilverPatriot
7/13/2016Love ya, Girl! ~LilMiss
7/13/2016You're right about no contact and love your new avatar -Haun-
7/11/2016Totally right
7/5/2016Happy Tuesday!! Cheers! Maguyver
7/4/2016Keep stacking that silver :) z3bo...
7/4/2016Ur a fair mod..; )
7/4/2016Happy fourth ~ three little lambs
7/3/2016Nice troll slaying! Happy 4th of July Lady Jane!
7/3/2016Happy 4th LJS ~kpm~
6/30/2016Thank you in the bloodline thread. Mila (mrsP)
6/29/2016You've probably heard this a thousand times, but if more women were like you we'd be graced with a much much better world. St3v3 / Korg
6/27/2016Give em hell LJS :)
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