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Lady Jane Smith's Karma

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6/26/2014Dont do anything that i wouldnt ;)
6/26/2014Backatcha Sis!
6/26/2014For being a hottie... Saddletramp
6/25/2014Kisses back at ya sis.
6/25/2014Drive by green. I hope all is well with you! <3 Doomish
6/25/2014Love, Dease
6/24/2014Cheers from BSZ
6/24/2014Thanks for smile love GFG
6/23/2014Hugs, Lady J, and thank you....davvi
6/23/2014<<< HUGS >>> to you Lady Jane Smith === Quasar
6/23/2014Green to ya Lady Jane....saved
6/23/2014It is always good to see you around the forum! :) -Rabid Wolf
6/19/2014Typical libtard hypocrite ...SuzHannah
6/18/2014No. just no
6/18/2014Mornin', Jane! -Rev
6/11/2014Always good to see you, Milady, green hellos and hugs to you from davvi
6/11/2014Hugs back Lady Jane :) Fire Watch~
6/10/2014A Quasar <<< HUG >>> to you Lady Jane Smith
6/10/2014Little middle of the week Karma for the brotha's... Saddletramp
6/4/2014Hey old friend. Traverse aka Oyster
6/3/2014Green from Twonstradamus
6/2/2014Be safe! love, eekers
6/2/2014Mornin', Janey. -Rev
5/28/2014HUMPDAY green from THE INQUISIDOR
5/28/2014To have faith in the faitless as they do
5/26/2014Have a happy and safe memorial day! eekers
5/22/2014<<< HUGS >>> === Quasar
5/14/2014Hugs to you!!! eekers xo
5/14/2014Hello, beautiful lady :) - Eireann~
5/11/2014Sunday Hugs for you Blondie...
5/9/2014Thanks for the South Alabama report. Hapless
5/3/2014Saturday HUGS to you Beautiful Blondie
5/2/2014Green to ya! maguyver
4/28/2014Green Karma From Max Bacon
4/26/2014> Nick@
4/24/2014<<< HUGS >>> to you Beautiful Blondie
4/21/2014Flexxxxible kick-ass avatar--Hardwired
4/16/2014Always good to see you post
4/12/2014YES!!! My Beautiful Blondie Finall Returns HAPPINESS!!! xoxoxo
4/12/2014Obama tax rate post- from Rammstein Fan
4/8/2014You probably don't need any green, but I like to spread it to nice people. Superduper
4/5/2014Hugs to you! eekers
3/31/2014Great Kimmi Gif.
3/24/2014Mornin', Janey. -Rev
3/23/2014<<< HUGS >>> to you My Favorite Blondie...
3/22/2014Uncle F#*k Stick
3/21/2014Phen wuz here ;)
3/18/2014Hi LJS...hope all is well...davvi
3/18/2014Shillary gots to go. :) ADROCK
3/18/2014Anti Dhimmi Green From No Dhimmi
3/16/2014A warm emnrace to you beautiful Blondie...
3/14/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
3/7/2014Green to you - SilverPatriot
3/6/2014The most successful assaults are always preceded by a calculated stillness as to lull ones query into a false confidence. Nick@
3/5/2014Good morning perfectly put rant on the lerner thread!!...saved
3/5/2014Goat power! thanks astral goat : ]
3/3/2014Mornin', Jane. -Rev
3/2/2014I've been working in the south. Y'all are polite! ~ Bear Drinker
2/28/2014From STT
2/27/2014Thursday Green from THE INQUISADOR
2/27/2014Much love - DoorBert
2/27/2014Good post green karma from Gonviral
2/21/2014Hey Janey. -Rev
2/18/2014Great Post! Karma From Gonviral
2/18/2014Wow! that is a pretty kitty pic! (red eyes and all) :) -Rabid Wolf
2/17/2014Good pin
2/14/2014Valentine's Day (((Hug))) to you my Beautiful Blondie...
2/13/2014Happy Valentines! Maguyver
2/12/2014Hi from digital mix guy :)
2/12/2014Hugs back from davvi....; - )
2/11/2014Much thanks and love - DoorBert
2/10/2014Nice water. and boat. and trees. and sky. yep.
2/8/2014Kitty on a clothes line.. yup I still think of that picture! :) -Rabid Wolf
2/8/2014Thanks for the banana smiley! :) eekers
2/8/2014Hi pretty lady! Hope all is well...geminilion
2/7/2014My favourite toy is practically unused-brightstarz
2/4/2014Lol :)
2/4/2014Mornin', Janey. -Rev
2/4/2014Smart lady (selling stock to cover a margin call...hmmm where have i heard that before! Stories from 1929?
2/3/2014Great post! green karma from...Radie
2/3/2014So good to see you this morning c(_) - Eireann~
2/3/2014Bacon doom;}~sIcKaNdTwIsTeD​~
2/2/2014A warm embrace for you Blondie...
2/2/2014Green Greetings from No Dhimmi
1/31/2014Strawberry blonde still? 'Merica
1/29/2014Beetlejuice 8)
1/29/2014You're awesome! xoxo eekers
1/28/2014Uncle f*#k stick ;-)
1/28/2014Frozen Fox love to you sis. DF
1/28/2014Green to my Lady friend. The sheeple will be in shock when the illusion bubble bursts....saved
1/28/2014Your awesome, really
1/27/2014Reported Abusive Post
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