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The Deplorable Lady Jane Smith's Karma

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11/14/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
11/14/2013Brown Dog
11/14/2013Great pin - chrit
11/14/2013Because I like your Avatar. :-) Inquiring Mind.
11/13/2013ACA explanation - ANHEDONIC
11/13/2013Pedo blaster--oh_yikes
11/13/2013Much love for an awesome mod - DoorBert
11/11/2013Get cleaning products from dollar stores such as Dollar Tree. Much cheaper for same brands. Bleach too.
11/11/2013Goodmorning lady jane smith..from saved
11/10/2013Saturday Hugs to you My Beautiful Blondie...
11/7/2013"play ninja and punch something" lol! nah :)
11/6/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
11/6/2013Great mod!
11/6/2013Thanks for the help!
11/6/2013Good points my lovely friend, CPTRon
11/5/2013Happy traveling lady
11/5/2013Green. -rorschach
11/5/2013For fighting the good fight against Lib tards.
11/5/2013For being beautiful
11/5/2013To a beautiful lady friend! :) MP
11/5/2013So very amazing. -Rev
11/5/2013Thanks for the coffee smile... still craving a real one though! ;) 'Merica
11/3/2013Hope you and yours had a fun/safe weekend and halloween!! PB :)
11/2/2013A hug and cheek peck from Nick@. Cheers.
11/1/2013Ouch! I couldn't help but laugh at the smackdown you layed on ttowns "getting married thread", laughed so hard a almost puked, def. coughed up alot of junk!!.,.,.,.,.M*walk​
11/1/2013Gtreat post! Green Karma For u from Gonviral
10/31/2013The weekend approaches may it be great for you - SilverPatriot
10/31/2013If you want my bady and you think im sexy come on baby let me know... love that song
10/31/2013I agree with your post
10/31/2013Happy Halloween Lady Jane! From indiandave.
10/29/2013For working with children; I was a teacher for30 years!
10/28/2013What one would do to be the coffee pot... ;)
10/28/2013For being an awesome mod - much love and thanks - DoorBert
10/27/2013Sundays Hugs to you My Most Beautiful Blondie...
10/25/2013Thank you!
10/24/2013Wave - Chrit
10/24/2013Great response on the Re alert!! to all concealed... "how does it feel to be the equivalent ....? " s.d.
10/24/2013God bless you! - Lisa:)
10/23/2013Good kharma for LJS. Hope all is good. -w_nb
10/21/2013Thank you for the good karma and the compliment about The Wallking Dead thread!!! You are sweet :)--twwwere
10/20/2013Skank who love daryl
10/20/2013Because of daryl, lol.... sookie girl
10/20/2013Good Post! Green Karma From Gonviral
10/20/2013<<<(((Hugs)))>>> to you pretty Blondie on this Saturday...
10/18/2013Back at you.
10/17/2013Thank you. (O.S.)
10/17/2013I comopletely agree with you LJS, this country won't survive this administration.,.,.,.​,.,.,.,.,.M*walk
10/17/2013Good comment: "I doubt our country can survive this admin". Too true, unfortunately! from Eggcellent
10/17/2013For your post on spouses being attractve....indianda​ve
10/17/2013Just cause.
10/16/2013Thanks... TheTruthWorker
10/16/2013Green smiles back from Hardwired. Nice avatar!
10/15/2013Thank you for your compliment :) I don't like the color. Needs more red! - Eireann~
10/15/2013Fellow dc area lady glp'er-ricky retardo!! scary shit around here. I hope you have an alternate place to be. good luck.
10/15/2013ClydeX was here....
10/14/2013Ty! nah :)
10/14/2013WOWZA!!! I like the Halloween signature.... -DILKe
10/14/2013Happy Monday Lady Jane! geminilion
10/13/2013Much love from DoorBert
10/12/2013Greetings and salutations to you and yours - SilverPatriot
10/12/2013Nick needed a Janie hug. thank you. Nick@
10/12/2013Smart girl-Mich man
10/11/2013Hugs to my beautiful Blondie
10/11/2013I love your Bewitched smiley sig :) eekers
10/11/2013Hey beautiful! :) Martianprincess
10/11/2013Supplied helpful link to a related thread.
10/9/2013For your comments on my Terry McAuliffe thread. ~Metaniomenos
10/9/2013Thank you for ban immunity - Willow
10/9/2013Well said, Janey. Have a great day. -Rev
10/8/2013Astute summary of the Balkanization of the USA
10/7/2013Your comment. Has to start somewhere. Be nice.
10/6/2013Much love and hugs from DoorBert
10/5/2013Priest thread/ good to see ya - ClydeX
10/4/2013Good pin, funny stuff we needed the break - chrit
10/2/2013Maybe O needs a Ayahuasca trip to Peru and Bolivia. I can set him up. :)
10/2/2013GREEN from The Inquisador
10/2/2013Thanks from boilerbengal
9/30/2013Hi Sis! Fire Watch~
9/28/2013For Being an Awesome Mod - Much love - DoorBert
9/28/2013Greens from Boots :)_````````
9/28/2013She's coming in; 12:30 flight. The moonlight wings reflect the stars that guide me to salvation.
9/27/2013I like your witch sig :) Korats
9/27/2013Hope you have a great weekend!! PB
9/26/2013Green to you - SilverPatriot
9/26/2013For the chicken soup bone roasting tip ~ Bear Drinker
9/26/2013Ty For Your Tips in my Colds/flu Thread - Cor
9/25/2013For the fotoflexer link....Hey LOOK
9/25/2013Hi Chica! geminilion
9/25/2013Drive by karma! gotchya! maguyver
9/22/2013Sunday Hugs to you my favorite Blondie with her coffee...
9/21/2013Hi LJS, love from Elemental xx
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