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The Deplorable Lady Jane Smith's Karma

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9/18/2013Much love from DoorBert
9/17/2013And only to find more forgotten words and ancient melodies...
9/17/2013Excellent sense of humor :) Sloane
9/16/2013Buttermilk! nah :)
9/14/2013Thanks for your help getting me logged back into my account.
9/14/2013Its green...its sticky...and uncle f#@k stick just wiped one on you
9/13/2013Hugs to the Outstanding Blondie in Red...
9/12/2013Lmao! Jedi
9/12/2013Green from indiandave
9/11/2013The Fox was in your hen house.
9/10/2013Great mod ar15-nut
9/10/2013Hope you're doing well, friend. :) MP
9/10/2013Nice avatar, another creative way of hiding your face! Mr Oysterhead
9/8/2013G'day LJS ....Mr2
9/8/2013Hugs* I hope we can meet one day for coffee :) Yes - I'll take one cup and give you the rest of the pot... LOL - Eireann~
9/8/2013OUCH! rest up - Chrit
9/6/2013Inquiring Mind
9/5/2013Granddaddy bear hug. Nick@
9/5/2013DanielPT was here
9/4/2013Xx -Defj@m
9/4/2013Day before Doom Green from THE INQUISADOR
9/4/2013Thank you! Love Ellusion :)
9/4/2013Your Awesome ....C.C
9/4/2013HELLO AND GOOD MORNING LADY JANE! karma from gonviral
9/4/2013Thanks LJ - back atcha ;) salt
9/4/2013Green from indiandave.
9/3/2013Hugs back Sis :)
9/3/2013Smiling back! geminilion
9/3/2013For being so good to delete a red for a great girl :) Sloane
9/2/2013Happy karma - renegade
9/2/2013I won't be pissing you off any time soon! - Bear Drinker
9/2/2013No one messes with LJS!!!
9/1/2013Very sharp! Shoveler
8/30/2013Weekend Hugs for you my Most Beautiful Blondie...
8/30/2013Hello gorgeous lady, Elemental xx
8/29/2013Green love from DoorBert
8/27/2013Use those points or lose those points Once for All !!!
8/27/2013Miss you like a fish misses his water. Nick@
8/27/2013Thanks -- Munsoned
8/27/2013You're such a beautiful soul. Smart, confident and a the kind of woman this country needs. So rare these days. - Eireann~
8/27/20131 for the lady - Chrit
8/26/2013For the parents! :) Best response ever. ~McK
8/26/2013Instant Justice thread - Holy_Diver
8/26/2013Hey pretty lady. Mr Oysterhead (Oyster)
8/25/2013Makes you wonder about all the players in this ... karma from gonviral
8/24/2013For deleting my post
8/23/2013Thank you for pinning the thread about the arrest of one of the guys who beat up and killed that WW2 Vet. from Eggcellent
8/23/2013For telling it like it is! SkinnyChic
8/23/2013Green to you - SilverPatriot
8/22/2013Ill miss yankee candels too. :( ~3pic
8/21/2013Much love from DoorBert
8/20/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
8/20/2013Good afternoon, Jane. -Rev
8/20/2013Morning LJS ....Mr2
8/17/2013Your new AV is beautiful as always my Fav Blondie...
8/16/2013Sexy back! Oyster
8/16/2013Puppy-dogs must eat well, too. LP
8/15/2013Whatever Nick did Nick regrets? Janie no talk. Sadness pervades. Nick@
8/14/2013Good post karma from Gonviral
8/13/2013God Bless!!!
8/13/2013MIss seeing your posts!!! PB
8/13/2013Haven't seen the kitty on the clothes line in a while :) - Rabid Wolf
8/11/2013Acula was here! :)
8/10/2013Saturday night Hugs to my Favorite Blondie
8/9/2013'I usually do not have butterflies on my face' haha! Sloane
8/9/2013Thanks Sis!
8/8/2013Here's to active profiling...lol....Mr​2
8/8/2013Truth hurts, huh?
8/7/2013Give kitty two cans of soda and call me in the morning...prescribtio​n signature: Dr. Uncle F*@k Stick
8/7/2013Thx - Chrit
8/6/2013Green from a fellow Kravist - d1scr3t31
8/6/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
8/5/2013Top O' the morning! geminilion
8/4/2013I simply adore you as a human being :) - Eireann~
8/1/2013Thanks for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
8/1/2013Because you kick ass! Rhombus
7/31/2013Wednesday Day Hug to my Favorite Married Blondie...
7/31/2013Good post...karma from gonviral
7/30/2013Hope that panic sex is going well ;) MP
7/30/2013Smilling back! MaybeTrollingU
7/29/2013Some Greenage for you, Lady Jane! ~ *Haarp Lady
7/29/2013For your posts...cheers davvi
7/25/2013I will be flesh and blood; For there was never yet philosopher That could endure the toothache patiently, However they have writ the style of gods. Nick@
7/24/2013Locked thread? Yay!
7/24/2013Buddy list karma! - d1scr3t31
7/23/2013Hiya gorgeous! geminilion
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