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1/5/2014Thank you and best wishes, kipkat
1/4/2014Happy New year!! Juliebean
1/3/2014Stay strong , glad you pulled through , GT500
1/1/2014Happy New Year! Kinect
1/1/2014Have A great New Year from Be well
12/21/2013Holiday Greetings! Carol B.
12/17/2013My sister's name is Tandy.... Eleven-15
12/17/2013Nice thread! (The IT poem) Kinect :-)
12/17/2013Roll out thread!! have a Merry Christmas,..,.,.,.,.,​M*walk
12/17/2013Great Poem
12/17/2013Seasons Greetings to you! - ANHEDONIC
12/17/2013Sweet poem man -Steamrolled
12/16/2013GREEN KARMA from Gonviral
12/16/2013An IT Christmas :-) --- amach
12/16/2013Great poem :) ~ stinkbug
12/16/2013Great poem. You should submit it to fortune for the next release. So it can live for ever on command prompts.
12/16/2013Good info, thanks! - msz
12/12/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/10/2013Nice reply in pagan thread --- Diluted
12/5/2013A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you tandym!!!.,.,.,.,.M*w​alk
12/3/2013Drive by karma....indiandave
11/29/2013Thank you! -mercury11
11/28/2013Happy Thanksgiving ! Juliebean.
11/27/2013For your insite on the Dream Thread- Kamindaki
11/27/20131 for...umm...well, for your cute jeans I guess! :D
11/27/2013LOL! Have a Happy! geminilion
11/26/2013Karma for you <3 <3 <3 >> Dangerwalt
11/19/2013The Mad Hatter
11/14/2013Green from indiandave
11/10/2013Thanks for the 1 up!
11/8/2013Green For Friday! Have A Great Weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/30/2013Alien started thread ~ Odd John
10/30/2013Karma love for you <3 <3 <3 >> Dangerwalt
10/28/2013I like your thinking~Silvervega
10/28/2013Texas Women Rock! ; ) ohnonotagain
10/27/2013Green for your food storage thread....indiandave
10/22/2013Thanks for the bump. ~Metaniomenos
10/20/2013Thank you for your work helping to bring the truth to us in the stenographer case.
10/20/2013For your hard work and unique insight in the "stenographer" thread. <3 Doomish
10/18/2013Green karma for you > Dangerwalt
10/18/2013Great post!! green Karma for You from Gonviral
10/13/2013Thanks! ~K2tC
10/12/2013Make more movies....grumpier
10/9/2013Mitch McConnell thread. RayGun
10/9/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/9/2013Antichrist thread.... good stuff! -ladyannie
10/9/2013Thank you! :D calx
10/8/2013Argree with that post! karma from Gonviral
10/8/2013Canadian Bacon
9/30/2013Green to make u feel better - I hope - Indysmindy
9/30/2013Hope you feel better! - ANHEDONIC
9/30/2013Hang in there Tandym, GT500
9/25/2013Anti christ this
9/25/2013Karma drive by :). <3 LaniJane
9/23/2013Great Reply! and Karma From Gonviral!
9/23/2013Buddy Karma > Dangerwalt
9/20/2013Some green back at ya!! Simple27 : )
9/18/2013Secret of secrets post. WeAreOne.
9/15/2013Carol B. drive by karma!
9/14/2013Astute thinking...not afraid to go against the grain and accepted thinking.
9/14/2013You're the antichrist, i'm convinced.
9/12/2013GOOD THREAD! I had thought the same thing about Putin....
9/6/2013Have been thinking about this too, the last week or so - Beso
9/5/2013Ray Bradbury Rocks! - Indysmindy
9/4/2013Thanks! nah :)
9/3/2013Mztreechick xx
9/3/2013Green <3 >> Dangerwalt
9/3/2013Great topic, green from the Freak
9/3/2013Antichrist thread. RayGun
9/1/2013Drive by greening ;)
8/30/2013Hey tandym karma from Gonviral
8/29/2013Indiandave was here.
8/23/2013Best thread ever! Carol B.
8/22/2013Juliebean stopped by
8/19/2013Hello! just sending some love--eekers
8/15/2013Karma Thanks - Knowbody Special
8/15/2013Thank you!!!!....>>>>Settle​4It<<<<
8/15/2013Pepe3797 :)
8/15/2013Thanks for the insight and contribution! ~DAT
8/10/2013Love ya GFG
8/10/2013WD-40 has many versatile uses!!! good to know -- ElenaC
8/10/2013WD-40...who knew? Thanks! 905
8/9/2013Great post...karma from Gonviral
8/9/2013WD-40 stars! - Comedian
8/9/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/9/2013Green for you Tandym > Dangerwalt
8/7/2013Awesome comments on the foodstamp issue, LP
8/6/2013For using the words "namby-pamby" - Knowbody Special
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