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RoXY's Karma

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4/20/2013Thanks for the green help ! From Tiger1.
4/20/2013Thanks! Cpl. Tunnel
4/20/2013Just a Hello to a friend .. Lyttlmiss
4/20/2013Alexander was here luv.
4/19/2013Just Blaze
4/19/2013Brief :)
4/19/2013Good Karma :) ACM
4/18/2013Chemtrails WindyMind
4/18/2013Fire Watch
4/18/2013Peace WildFlower
4/17/2013Karma Hugs for you Roxy --- Quasar
4/16/2013Green is cool =) Inerrancia
4/16/2013Zonnige groetjes :D xxxMzK
4/15/2013Kinect :-)
4/15/2013Green love for you ! anotherone
4/15/2013Greetings and wishes from insertfunnyusername :)
4/14/2013An amazing ufo thread and then i notice on your sig a trance thread, awesome! obrigado!
4/14/2013Score on the sports channel!!!! AZwonders!
4/14/2013Just because
4/14/2013To a valuable glp member :) Lamplite
4/14/2013For the Formula 1. pool
4/14/2013For your F1 information. From "So Not a Princess"
4/13/2013Hey Roxy!! Thanks for the awesome vote of confidence and being a fellow truth seeker. Marxist.
4/13/2013You roll Roxy :) Billy
4/13/2013Dr. Acula was here!
4/12/2013Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
4/12/2013Thanks again!!! Have a GREAT weekend, Strangela
4/12/2013Thank you! -Moo!
4/12/2013I worry more about if the pope is catholic or not than if pot should be legal....lol!
4/11/2013From indiandave
4/11/2013Jesus Loves You!!!! (tw)
4/11/2013Good Karma :) ACM
4/11/2013Thursday karma! SeekWisdom
4/11/2013Brief :)
4/10/2013Karma Huggzzzz!! Peace WildFlower
4/8/2013Inerrancia muchacho salutes you! COOL (& a bit bizarre) MUSIC RULES! ;)
4/7/2013Have a wonderful day from insertfunnyusername :)
4/6/2013Hi Roxy its Rochelle take care sweetheart
4/6/2013Lamplite :)
4/4/2013Your green bar is almost finished! WindyMind
4/4/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
4/4/2013Thousand thank you's. pool
4/3/2013Thanks honey!!! Youre the best!!! xoxo, Strangela
4/3/2013Good Karma :) ACM
4/2/2013Happy Easter (late) Roxy --- Quasar
4/2/2013Happy Easter to you Roxy! Philligan
4/2/2013Kinect was here! :-)
4/1/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
3/31/2013Much love RoXY! Best wishes! ..11:11..
3/30/2013Happy Easter to you!!! Spiral
3/30/2013Happy Easter, lots of wishes from insertfunnyusername :)
3/30/2013Brief :)
3/30/2013Love, Dease
3/29/2013Hello from Tandym!
3/29/2013Weekend karma....indiandave
3/29/2013Hi Rox! You Rox...
3/28/2013Hugs to you ))) - Lamplite
3/27/2013Long_Time_Coming_Oliv​er_Lieb_Remix_ & others GREAT THX MOULIN
3/27/2013Wonderful threads as usual! ;)
3/27/2013Film thread one of GLP's best thanks >CH
3/27/2013Enjoyed your videos thread. Thanks! (My 2 Cents)
3/26/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
3/26/2013Thank you, I love your name - wrote a story about a Roxy <3 Turtles
3/26/2013Luv ya style! POOL
3/25/2013Green for you!! PB : )
3/25/2013Too often we... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. notinfallible
3/24/2013Good Karma :) ACM
3/24/2013For a wonderful person.... PEACE WildFlower
3/23/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
3/23/2013Desert Fox
3/23/2013Sending green thanks Roxy :) Nbb
3/22/2013You Rock! WindyMind
3/22/2013Hi sweetheart - Rochelle
3/22/2013Thanks for kind words! Hugs and happy thoughts! - insertfunnyusername :)
3/22/2013Brief :)
3/22/2013Runt FTW!
3/21/2013EleKtroN was here :)
3/21/2013Luv ya. Alexander
3/21/2013Dr. Acula was here!
3/21/2013Pretty green karma for you Carol B.
3/21/2013Had to give you some 'green' Roxy! {{{hugs}}} ~ Haarpy
3/21/2013Love, Dease
3/21/2013Hi Rox--UselessRepeater
3/20/2013Hi Roxy, Enjoy your post, Thanks for being in this world! Spiral
3/20/2013Happy tuesday karma -Moo!
3/19/2013Lamplite :)
3/19/2013Have a nice pre-easter week. -Face
3/18/2013Beetlejuice 8) !!!
3/18/2013Hugs, pool
3/17/2013Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. notinfallible
3/17/2013St. Patty's Green Smiles from Lady Jane Smith
3/17/2013Thank You! I have been educating my kids on this for a few years
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