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RoXY's Karma

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1/17/2013Hope all is well Rox-Useless rep...
1/16/2013Try agen this year hopfully not a bg loozer egen
1/15/2013Hey hello-LonghairKing
1/15/2013Karma from Cpl. Tunnel
1/15/2013From Walt
1/15/2013Keep fighting the good fight...I am struggling right now with it! AZwonders
1/15/2013Greetings and positive thoughts! - insertfunnyusername :)
1/15/2013Thankyou Roxy - SheBear
1/15/2013Thanks Roxy! - Morpheus
1/14/2013EleKtroN was here :)
1/14/2013Happy Friendship Day, Frater
1/14/2013Hi i just saw your karma, thank you so much for your kindness and i wish the same for you- Rochellle
1/13/2013Smile ....C.C
1/12/2013Grt thx for all !! Moulin
1/11/2013Have a great weekend! Doomalicious
1/11/2013You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. notinfallible
1/11/2013Karma Love - Alpacalips
1/10/2013Good Karma :) ACM
1/10/2013Stay on the path, keep the faith, and continue to fight the good fight, Roxy! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/10/2013Randon appreciation drop.
1/9/2013Peace~Love~Light to brighten your new year.. WildFlower
1/9/2013Happy New Year, Roxy. -Blaze
1/9/2013New Year Smiles from Lady Jane Smith
1/9/2013For NoT liking my new David BOWIE song with ya Zzzzzzzzzz it waz my frends tread DoNT trash is tread an LiKE David BOWIE! aaaaggghhhhhhhh
1/9/2013Happy hump day! :) Love, Dease
1/8/2013Hey there Rox! SG
1/8/2013Karma for my dutch lady! SeekWisdom
1/8/2013New Year blessings :) Lamplite
1/8/2013Happy new year! -Face
1/7/2013Miss ya! Kinect :-)
1/7/2013Have a good week! Laura Bow
1/7/2013Happy New Year, Brief :)
1/7/2013What a great msg Roxy! Hope you had a great time these days, i sure ate and drank like a pig! - insertfunnyusername :)
1/7/2013From Walt
1/6/2013I have not given you a hug karma since last year --- Quasar
1/6/2013Some green to brighten you day - Blue Skies
1/5/2013Thanks! Wishing the same back at ya twicefold! Happy 2013 friend! -Dr. Acula
1/5/2013Best wishes for the New Year. ..11:11.. Much love!
1/5/2013Hope you are having a great new year! PB
1/4/2013Happy New Year hope it is grand - Lyttlmiss
1/4/2013Great THX !!
1/3/2013Your posts in the GMO thread - Alpacalips
1/3/2013Happy New Year--U.Rep.
1/2/2013Happy new year roxy from arkay
1/2/2013Wishing you Love & Peace to help carry you through the New Year. WildFlower
1/2/2013You are so kind, intelligent, insightful, aware, & awake! Sending love your way! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/1/2013Happy New Year! Doomalicious
1/1/2013Aloha!- seer
1/1/2013My dearest RoXY, happy new year! big kisses beercan
1/1/2013Thankyou for GMO posts - SheBear
1/1/2013Happy New Year :) ACM
1/1/2013Happy New Year! WindyMind
12/31/2012Happy New Year RoXY! Wishing you a fab year! Spiral
12/31/2012Happy New Year - DoorBert
12/31/2012Happy New Year!!! (tw)
12/31/2012Happy New Year! Cpl. Tunnel
12/31/2012Have a happy and good new year!....indiandave
12/30/2012Happy New Year ! ...C.C
12/30/2012Happy New Years Roxy !! Youre a blast ! From Apollo
12/30/2012Merry Xmas to you Roxy, my very first GLP contact, Happy New Year too Philligan
12/30/2012Happy New Year ! EleKtroN was here :)
12/30/2012Happy new year to you too dear. PM me and let me know what ever the outcome of trixie mamas illiness. Desert Fox
12/30/2012Happy New Year - it will be JOYOUS :) =^..^= Girl Genius
12/29/2012Thanks for the laugh. THey are all true.
12/28/2012Wish you and your loved ones a very happy and wonderful new year with great things yet to come, all the best Roxy! - insertfunnyusername :)
12/28/2012BlueSkies was here
12/28/2012From Walt
12/28/2012Have a happy new year! Love Dease
12/27/2012The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself. notinfallible
12/26/2012Hope you're enjoying the holidays:) Lamplite
12/26/2012Its that time again. cheers arkay
12/25/2012Merry Christmas and much love, Bea :)
12/25/2012Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013! -Moo!
12/25/2012Open up and say... BAaaaa.
12/25/2012Always listen to your heart it knows the truth. Much love! ..11:11..
12/25/2012With every "END", there is also a "BEGINNING"...Happy Winter Solstice!! Peace WildFlower
12/24/2012Peace and happy holidays anotherone
12/24/2012Merry Christmas RoXY! btw- there is an AWESOME club in Prague called The Roxy! -The Sonic Dreamer
12/24/2012Merry Christmas :) ACM
12/24/2012Psst. Kom eens dicht bij het schermpje. Nog dichter... nog ietje dichter... SMAK! Prettig kerstfeest! - Psych
12/23/2012Merry Chritmas Roxy --- Quasar
12/23/2012Merry Christmas! AZwonders
12/23/2012Good question ci.95
12/23/2012Hello, my friend! Sleeping Giant
12/22/2012Merry Christmas! Christmas Green reciprocated.
12/22/2012Hey it's me Vinyard ;D
12/22/2012Shoot Straight Johnny
12/22/2012Merry Christmas - DoorBert
12/22/2012Your thread, your karma +, your songs, your person ;)
12/21/2012Merry Christmas - Chrit
12/21/2012Happy Doom's Day! ~Tandym
12/21/2012Karma for Christmas, Desert Fox
12/21/2012To the End of the World! -Dr. Acula
12/20/2012Merry Christmas!....indiand​ave
12/20/2012Back at ya! ~notgonna
12/20/2012Merry Christmas! =^..^= Girl Genius
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