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Desert Fox's Karma

Total: 2500 (2284  User Votes + 141  Thread Reports + 75  Threads Pinned) and 203

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9/19/2014Thanks ;)
9/19/2014Brogreen ~ STT
9/18/2014Green Karma For You From Truth Agenda
9/18/2014Green for an excellent avatar and a wise world view. Hawkesbay
9/14/2014Thx f7
9/12/2014God Bless - whiteangel
9/10/2014Morning Fox. - Munsoned
9/5/2014For Tomabane !!! :) From Tiger1.
9/4/2014You are STILL the best! TB
9/4/2014Hugs, FG...davvi
9/3/2014Thank you for your work on the DDOS-Zombie Daddy in a Box.
9/3/2014Thank you for keeping GeminiLion's thread pinned. Hugs to you from Eggcellent
9/3/2014I had missed that no one to talk to thread. thank you for mentioning it. pg 33 was sweet and inspiring. love when support is shown on here. eekers
9/3/2014AL karma from Corkygreenstate
9/3/2014You're a stand up genuine person~kpm~
9/3/2014Thank you for the "troubled" thread.~sickandtwiste​d~
9/3/2014Hey DF, missed you! Squidgy hugs from Ele xxxx
9/3/2014Thank you for the pin, Littlebird
9/1/2014Troll hunter skilz. pool
9/1/2014A Big Hug for My Big Bro :o)
8/30/2014Just a hello fox ~thetruthmonger
8/30/2014Master troll slayer :)
8/27/2014For the "Marraige Made In Hell" thread ! From Tiger1.
8/26/2014LOL, smile on my face.
8/24/2014Because you're nice....nutmeg....
8/20/2014Bad boy. LOL
8/20/2014Jager67, thank you for the Cartel/ISIS article.
8/20/2014Many hugs to you DF, and thanks from davvi
8/20/2014Uncertain times I am thankful for GLP love GFG
8/20/20145 stars for your thread on ISIS and drug cartels....indiandave​.
8/17/2014Be safe my friend. We are in scary times ! From Tiger1.
8/17/2014Sweet Greens to You :o)
8/17/2014Lulz from VENOMmennonn
8/17/2014Thanks for the pin, Philligan
8/16/2014"Sorry, he stepped out."
8/15/2014Funny as F
8/14/2014Thursday Green from THE INQUISIDOR
8/12/2014Good on you, DF!
8/11/2014A good man!
8/9/2014Thanking you
8/8/2014I hope things are better for you, my friend ! You are in my thoughts and prayers. From Tiger1.
8/6/2014Planned - I agree, Littlebird
8/1/2014Friday Green from THE INQUISIDOR
7/31/2014You're so hot. Heh. JK. I've never seen you. Ms.Superduper
7/30/2014Stopping by! ~PENG :)
7/30/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
7/27/2014For thread 98% Tard >> Can I Help? >>lmao >> Dangerwalt
7/27/2014You like to play with your prey, I like that!
7/27/2014Karma for the nuke comment , made me laughed , from , DREAM MAKER :)
7/27/2014Great mod with a great scence of humor.ar15-nut
7/26/2014Good karma from wellness
7/26/2014Gracious, honest & forgiving ? *faints* Vala :-)
7/26/2014For your sense of humour. :) AnonymousGirl
7/25/2014Thanks! Ag47
7/25/2014Passing out green
7/23/2014Wednesday GREEN from THE INQUISIDOR
7/23/2014Managing to keep my wig dry ;) showgirls1980 x
7/22/2014For keeping GLP entertaining - Sol Neman
7/22/2014Glad to be back :o) Love ya!
7/22/2014Thank you for your service. Marax
7/21/2014Have a great week! eekers
7/19/2014I hope you are feeling better, my friend ! From Tiger1.
7/18/2014DF is the man!
7/15/2014Rt :)
7/15/2014We need our own country...davvi LOL
7/14/2014Ahahaha. Hamas thread comment. Superduper
7/13/2014Happy Sunday! eekers
7/12/2014What about the brown man and the yellow man? Not worthy?
7/11/2014Back atcha bro ;)
7/10/2014Thanks for helping me out, from, DREAM MAKER :)
7/10/20143&4 letter agency comment ~thetruthmonger
7/9/2014For Tomabane !!! From Tiger1.
7/7/2014Hello my friend! - R.P. McMurphy
7/4/2014Good post green from iNFOMONGER
7/4/2014Much too deep..
7/3/2014Have a Safe and Happy Independence day. - Chrit
7/3/2014If you teach me something Indian, I'll spread good rumours about you on glp :-) I'll need pics though. Up there for thinking, down there for dancing. Vala :-)
7/3/2014Thanks for the green and have a wonderful 4th of July!!~CigarTigher
7/2/2014Thanks DF!
7/2/2014Green for my friend >> Dangerwalt
7/1/2014Green from Ag47
6/29/2014Hello there Desert Fox :) Sloane
6/29/2014Have a great 4th of July, my friend ! From Tiger1.
6/29/2014"Heat my teepee with it." :-) Supeduper
6/29/2014Cook me up a pork steak too. -- Munsoned
6/29/2014Happy 4th of July, Fox!! from Eggcellent
6/28/2014Too many spot-on posts to count!--Hardwired
6/28/2014Hi Desert Fox :) Love Angelseverywhere
6/27/2014For being a friend while we are surrounded by the insane. SkinnyChic
6/27/2014I don't think I have greened you before so here ya go~Bambi2U
6/26/2014Little love for the mods.... Saddletramp
6/26/2014Hey iam back fox its Gonviral my new handle is Infomonger
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