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firmament's Karma

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2/24/2014My old friend, its NICKOLAS.
11/22/2012Thanks for your support in my threads. Candace
11/11/2012I cant send pm's, look up mathaba.news
11/7/2012Support of WR Thread. Candace
10/25/2012You are love and you are loved, shining brightly through the mist <3... 141
10/13/2012U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
10/12/2012For hanging in there
9/27/2012Love you sister....Being Mindful
9/20/2012Your views and input to the 3 days of darkness...
9/19/2012For your positive energy - msz
9/19/2012Dont encourage insanity or you embrace your own.
9/17/2012For a special friend....Being Mindful
9/13/2012For love and presence, 141
9/6/20121 for my good friend
9/2/2012Thank you!
8/5/2012Thanks for everything!
8/4/2012Thankyou for re energizing this thread. Laws of God
7/27/2012Love you, your awesome....Being Mindful
7/21/2012More green for you! - msz
7/20/2012Thanks the white rose
7/9/2012Green for you, besides, onions are healthy
7/6/2012Onions cause bad breath and make people cry.
7/6/2012With Much Love <3<3<3
7/4/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
7/3/2012Let's see if I can give a little more green/may be too early. Love DOK/Bette
7/3/2012You are one of NIP's onion people. Now go jump on some beer batter. I'm hungry.
6/26/2012Hey...haven't been on glp in a while...Thanks and back to you! love,DOK
6/21/2012More green - msz
6/20/2012Another nip bites the dust. You a layered onion too?
6/20/2012How many NiPs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
6/20/2012The Light is always winning. Amy A
5/30/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
5/25/2012Green luv to you! > msz
5/23/2012Sending waves of love your way dear one.... (:-DeeZe
5/9/2012U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
5/8/2012Love to you my friend....Being Mindful
5/8/2012Mornin! Blessings to you!! DOK
5/4/2012Sending much love and blessings to you dear one... (:-DeeZe
5/1/2012Much Love to you darling! <3 :-D
4/30/2012Two many NIP's will make one drunk and insane.
4/28/2012Karma love to you....Being Mindful
4/26/2012Hello my dear friend...all is well...been out of pocket. Hope all is well for you and yours. love DOK
4/26/2012Sending much love to you dear friend... (:-DeeZe
4/25/2012THANK YOU the white rose
4/22/2012Happy to hear about your healing path on the Kundalini thread
4/19/2012Karma for you....Being Mindful
4/8/2012Sending you much love and many blessings dear one. (:-DeeZe
4/4/2012Thanks for the pin. sk
4/3/2012U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
4/2/2012Brief :)
4/1/2012Big hugs! (:-DeeZe
3/31/2012For believing in the crazy NIP
3/28/2012From john goz
3/26/2012Sending karma....Being Mindful
3/25/2012Oh yeah, closer every day....:-)) (:-DeeZe
3/16/2012U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
3/16/2012Karma time....Being Mindful
3/9/2012Spreading a little happy green! DOK
3/8/2012Karma for you....Being Mindful
3/7/2012For my dear friend (:-DeeZe
2/26/2012Awww, thank you. You actually brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for everything you are doing here/it is much appreciated! love Bette/DOK
2/26/2012Karma love for you....Being Mindful
2/24/2012Green love for ya! (:-DeeZe
2/17/2012Here is some karma love for you....Being Mindful
2/9/2012BIG hugs to you Firmament!! (:-DeeZe
2/9/2012Thanks for posting the Esu message! Outstanding, isn't it?!! Bette
1/28/2012Spreading karma love....Being Mindful
1/26/2012God Bless
1/26/2012Arigato gozaimasu
1/22/2012Green love for you dear friend! (:-DeeZe
1/22/2012Trying to get you all greened up for St Patty's Day SHOULD we make it that long. lol B
1/19/20121....Being Mindful
1/13/2012Bless you also the white rose
1/12/20122012 LoVe!! (:-DeeZe
1/12/2012Thanks for the link to your thread!
1/10/2012One down
1/8/2012Karma time....Being mindful
1/6/2012Brief :)
1/3/2012Some Karma for your quest to out the president..Sir Griffo
1/2/2012Great positive energy!
1/1/2012Shut up candace
1/1/2012Giving NIP green.
1/1/2012God bless you also the white rose
1/1/2012Love and Light to you dear friend....'Being Mindful
12/30/2011Much love and blessings to you! (:-DeeZe
12/22/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
12/19/2011Karma for you....Being Mindful
12/17/2011Thankyou so much.
12/16/2011Heh, goofy looking dog. :)
12/8/2011Made me feel welcome! Thanks! <3
12/7/2011Very polite dude, Rare around here (myself included) - Sir Phy
12/5/2011As looney as NiP.
12/5/2011Much love....(:-DeeZe
12/4/2011Drugs are bad mmmkaaaaaay!
12/4/2011Douche without the bag
12/4/2011Good Karma back at ya! vj_04 :)
12/4/2011Candace sockpuppet
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