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BRIEF's Karma

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3/25/2016Love You
3/25/2016Too funny! and i know you secretly love dogs!! patient grasshopper
3/25/2016Queef is going to slam 11 Cadybury Eggs up his ass today. He is then going to squat over a basket and lay them for his sons to eat on Easter.
3/25/2016Vile comment
3/25/2016TGIF from indiandave.
3/24/20167.62x54 - Nice! - I hope you're not the one that bought the last VEPR from classic firearms. if so. I'm pissed.
3/24/2016Whats it like eating dinner looking across the table & seeing a ni99er pube in your sons teeth?
3/24/2016For destroying what IS NOT theirs....2hearts
3/24/2016Get a life, Penis-breath
3/24/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/24/2016Did not get blasted by muzzies (yet...) (Sprout)
3/23/2016Hates sirens like me
3/23/2016For the one and only... From Tiger1.
3/22/2016KipKat :)
3/22/2016You're a decent person Brief. I like that. - ItsAllOneBigLie =)
3/20/2016Yu have a giving heart and it shows -Haun-
3/20/2016For the silence shared ;)
3/20/2016Fucking low-life idiot cocksucker MF'in POS
3/20/2016Blueridge Doom
3/18/2016Such a sad little pig of a man. I'm guessing you raised your feral kids alone for many justified reasons. You're a human freak of the worst sort.
3/18/2016Greeeen for you! -Anubis
3/17/2016ROCK on my brother! Korg
3/17/2016Green from indiandave.
3/17/2016Queef loves Pig anus discharge all over his fat angry face. He also brings home bottles of it for his sons to slurp on.
3/16/2016You really are not funny at all dipshit
3/16/2016Xoxo ;)izzybey
3/16/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/16/2016Adore you
3/16/2016Hey brief - thetoolman
3/15/2016Much love...Mabel Kuntzvurth
3/15/2016Pot isn't an illegal drug, it is a medicine, you idiot. samll amount of pot makes nobody a drug addict. Alcohol is a drug too, far more deadly than weed, dummy
3/15/2016Cop Sucker
3/14/2016Greenade incoming for the Squish! remark...saved
3/14/2016Your sons breath smells like ni99er dick
3/14/2016Thanks or commenting on my Amtrak derailment thread! TrustNoOneKS
3/13/2016Hugs, eekers
3/13/2016BOHICA Greenery. ...AdHocBOHICA
3/13/2016Love GFG
3/13/2016Here's to you friend~~sickandtwiste​​d~~
3/12/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/11/2016Fake Bad Karma until you get REAL bad Karma. LOOK! THINK!
3/11/2016Red for your pussy comment! Jerk!
3/11/2016Happy Friday Brief!! -Relativity
3/11/2016Dream in braille....LOL....gru​mpier
3/11/2016Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
3/10/2016STFU you punk ass MF'er
3/10/2016Hol Dis L, Nagga!
3/10/2016Green from indiandave.
3/9/2016You're right, many people have been brainwashed and by the time people realize it, its too late to start having kids -Haun-
3/9/2016Rcp90 :)
3/9/2016Wake up Queef! you have a big day today!! Sgnt Ballzacks is going to give you a 'Ride Along'. No, not in his cop car, but on his tiny throbbing pig dick!
3/8/2016Fuck the tards, I think you're funny - Michael Deschain
3/7/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/7/2016Hey brief - thetoolman
3/6/2016Come to think of it you might need some green, after all your sisters mistake and your poor brother. hell that'd be tough on john wanye himself, but you, your a trooper. ..mr anti-pc
3/5/2016Have a great day! -Anubis
3/5/2016Kiss on the cheek for you and your bro.
3/5/2016Hey bad boy! Hugs and love from nutmeg!
3/4/2016Sucking dick. Something you are good at.
3/4/2016And again
3/4/2016Breif; I stay here for you
3/4/2016Lowenergyjeb :)
3/4/2016Chanta :)
3/3/201637 soda <> asleep at the wheel
3/3/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/3/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/2/2016Racist piece of trash
3/2/2016Good morning Brief- Etta
3/2/2016Panique Seks Sequence
3/2/2016Sometimes you're a complete ass
3/2/2016Green from indiandave.
3/2/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/1/2016From TilDeath for your kind words to that lonely soul.
3/1/2016Bwaaahahahha, The walmart nagger bunn bunn thread...~~sickandtwi​sted~~
3/1/2016KipKat :)
3/1/2016Queef is getting an award from the local PD! There will be a buffet in April to honor his great cock sucking and jizz gulping skills!
3/1/2016Cop sucker
3/1/2016You're an asshole.
3/1/2016Just cause
3/1/2016Super Tuesday Green - dphbug
2/29/2016Reported Abusive Post
2/29/2016Your son blows his mothers black boyfriend on weekends
2/29/2016Reported Abusive Post
2/29/2016Good to see what comes first in your life, your family above weed. From New Heart
2/29/2016Hapless Wishes You a Happy Leap Day
2/29/2016Reported Abusive Post
2/28/2016With love and respect :) 141
2/28/2016Put you to sleep you fucking worthless pile of shit
2/27/2016Ah yes alcoholism. now only if that bitch had of put down the bottle you and that retarded brother of yours would have been better off.
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