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5/8/2014Boys should be boys
5/8/2014Total shill on top of being a self-proclaimed "proud" member of the Mentally Ill LGBT community. Maybe it's a troll. Either way it doesn't belong on GLP.
2/18/2014Seek help
1/30/2014Whoop whoop!
1/9/2014Logic in the midst of religitards
12/21/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/21/2013Proud member of Lust Generates Bad Tragedy community
12/21/2013The Holy Bible is true, you will regret your words in eternity
12/20/2013Ummmm, no. Perversion should not have equal rights. Sorry.
12/20/2013Unlikable little phag
12/19/2013Thanks for the good karma! -Heterozygous
12/19/2013As a recently former Seattlite I agree. 99 is an ingrdible problem.
12/18/2013Sex pervert
12/15/2013Chopin :3 ~Snuffie
12/14/2013Homosexuality is a sin
12/13/2013You are a fool and a coward, but mostly a fool
12/13/2013Either someone is signing your name to bad karma or you're the dumbest sonofabitch alive
12/12/2013So true....
12/12/2013Karmas a bitch
12/12/2013Well Stated!
12/9/2013You're a confirmed liar.
12/6/2013Called me a douche bag
10/15/2013Do go fuck yourself.
9/14/2013Muslims are extra nice when they carve your neck. Sura 5:33, 8:12, 47:4
4/9/2013You need a good spanking troll! Oh yah, and fuck your sensibilities and YOU.
3/22/2013"has male monkeys rape his face"
2/23/2013Right back at ya - LSDreamer
12/12/2012Left wing nut control freak
10/18/2012From your sis
9/30/2012The troops give you the opportunity to talk like a pussy
9/30/2012To counter the lameass fools neg karma
9/30/2012Hope you get stoned.
7/2/2012Another week, another nonsense:P have a good one dragunov_1977
6/24/2012From your sis
6/23/2012Have a great saturday Chopin :) dragunov_1977
6/22/2012So, you have the crazy religious: If it makes them feel happy...more power to them!
6/22/2012For creative genius -Seer
6/14/2012Weekend almost here Chopin, take care man :) dragunov_1977
6/6/2012Funny as hell!
6/6/2012A greetz to Chopin, take care friend :) dragunov_1977
6/1/2012Happy Memorial Day thread....Thank you for what you said, NOT being part of a herd is tough to accomplish. Do you understand what I am saying? Thanks again, AdHocBOHICA
5/28/2012American Traitor- I will always fly my coutries flag u commie POS
4/4/2012Jokes are meant for laughs
3/22/2012Green for you, dragunov_1977
3/12/2012From one Mark Twain fan to another - Vision Thing
3/8/2012Idiot to the 10th
2/28/2012Ignorant hate filled human waste
2/24/2012Hi (sis)
2/23/2012Gotta love a guy who quotes Hitchens. ~ ExoPoliChick
1/26/2012For being yourself. Pool
1/24/2012I do too give a shit! - Cryinwonthelpya
1/22/2012Giving NIP Green
1/13/2012From john goz
1/8/2012Black Magic woman - creative and funny
1/3/2012For speaking the truth, damn the consequences
12/31/2011Boy you're dumb.
12/29/2011Clearly retarded
12/18/2011Tebow hating motherfucker
12/18/2011Stupid motherfucker.
12/17/2011Fuck you.
12/14/2011Here is a third group of people for you- retarded
12/8/2011Good karma day - Southgaia
12/8/2011Fuckin traitor. All those who died for our flag and you say"The hell with the flag" fuck off!
12/7/2011There you go my friend. :)
12/3/2011He he
11/30/2011Because he's the one who read the links and know the information.
11/28/2011Good post
11/6/2011Jolly good show chap~DoubleHelix
11/6/2011Good post on "bible: instructions" thread. You're exactly right. ~Sandi
11/6/2011Can't separate mac and cheese
11/6/2011Gumby leg!
11/5/2011For being a Joseph Campbell fan, great man. - Moris Code
11/4/2011Less like you please.
10/17/2011We did not need you in gulf 1 coward concie
9/30/2011Weekly disbursement program. see you next week, motherfucker.
9/30/2011Nazi filth
9/30/2011Stupid Anti-semitism.
9/29/2011America-hating Nazi shill
9/29/2011If you don't like america...change things...or get out
9/25/2011No need to be that mean
9/23/2011Pure filth
9/23/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/23/2011Scummy fuck. thanks for the 2 karmas for trying to circumvent blocked words, fuckstain. see ya next week.
9/23/2011Well said
9/22/2011Thanks for loving the whales!!!
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