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Rev Woo-Woo's Karma

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1/24/2016Hope you are doing well! Love and light to you!! It's A Secret
1/17/2016Hi rev! -Anubis
1/4/2016Hi from UseLessRepEATER
1/4/2016Love ya woo woo! :D calx
1/1/2016Happy New Year Woowoo!!! ~Z
12/30/2015Happy New Year - Chrit
12/26/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
12/26/2015Love ya woo woo! :D calx
12/26/2015Happy Holidays Rev, Isis One
12/24/2015Merry X-Mas! - Person445
12/5/2015Green for you! :) digital mix guy
11/26/2015Happy Thanksgiving. ;-`) -repatriated_one
11/26/2015You crazy! :D calx
11/22/2015Green for ya! :) digital mix guy
11/20/2015H2O Bro
11/19/2015Green for Hawaii ~ A r k
11/18/2015Love ya! :D calx
11/14/2015I just absolutely love the spider pictures, and the mushroom hat pic! :hf: - Lo Pan
11/9/2015GLP Green for you - thetoolman
11/5/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
10/31/2015You are beautiful, much gratitude for your support....love-love,​ cosmicgypsy
10/16/2015Hay you! :D calx
10/11/2015You get my last karma point for the Putin pics! - Rubatosis.
10/11/2015Sending you some love my sister! Goddess of the sea 1
10/11/2015Good addition ~TM
10/10/2015Thanks for the suggestions *H2O Bro
10/10/2015Lovely salticidae smiley!
10/9/2015Love from SweetDee
10/7/2015From stoner to stoner.... Doobiexx
10/2/2015Greens for a good energy week! TrustNoOneKS
10/1/2015Pure soul
9/30/2015Homecoming will be beyond words Love ya ~raven~
9/28/2015Great future video finley
9/28/2015Be good woo woo! :D calx
9/27/2015Love from Sweet Dee
9/25/2015Anything is possible....love-love​, cosmicgypsy
9/24/2015Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
9/23/2015I am very glad to have you for a friend! your so smart, clever and funny! Love you~ Goddess of the sea 1
9/23/2015Autumn :)
9/22/2015Thanks for sharing the link. :) -BCP
9/22/2015A r k
9/21/2015I like batty. Doobie
9/21/2015Hey woowoo :) ~Z
9/20/2015Sunday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/20/2015Lol. Catherder commercial. Never saw that before! ~sikhed
9/20/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
9/19/2015Aloha! all is well, thanks... -= Travis Bickle =-
9/18/2015Sweet Dee
9/15/2015Buddy list karma. :D calx
9/14/2015Your bravery and Courage and just plain BAD ASS ness is Amazing. thank you for telling your story of moving to Hawaii. I love you, Goddess
9/13/2015Great post, OMG----Terrebonne
9/10/2015One of my favs on GLP <3 Turtle
9/10/2015I love the van smile...makes me LOL every time~ Beso :)
9/10/2015For your dream.... You have eyes that can "see". -VonAmoR-
9/10/2015Happy Green Zoowatcher
9/9/2015Green for ya! :) digital mix guy
9/9/2015All the best. -repatriated_one
9/7/2015Love ya GFG
9/6/2015A r k
9/6/2015For being a Burner! La Sirena
9/6/2015Hugs. ~Bodhi
9/4/2015Goddess Karma
9/4/2015Greens for upgrading SweetDee and for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
9/3/2015Sweet Dee
9/3/20155 gallon bucket is the best way to bathe a cat. Cute Way New Heart
9/2/2015For bathing kittehs bravery....cosmicgyps​y
9/2/2015For cat bathing! Bluebird
9/2/2015Green for good luck for dealing with the fleas ~ Chugiakian
9/2/2015Lily o' the Valley came by with green for you
8/25/2015Aliitle green for heart love sending your way. MySaul
8/24/2015Green karma boogie! :D calx
8/23/2015Unloading karma points - Mr C
8/20/2015You so batty, that's good ~ A r c
8/20/2015No moon doom
8/19/2015Some green for my fav Maui-wowie girl. :) - Cookie
8/18/2015Hello Rev ! stopping by some green for you,enjoy your week Autumn :)
8/17/2015Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
8/15/2015Sweet Dee
8/13/2015So happy 4 u. yes, they seek to blame, it's hard to pinpoint pain. my daughter won't even talk 2 me,and I was an excellent parent
8/13/2015Wow! Look at that karma. Here's some more green. / Ivan :D
8/10/2015A vocal minority! ~ShillShank
8/10/2015Thanks for all your updates and insights on this thread!
8/9/2015Hallo! :D calx
8/8/2015Happy Lion Day
8/6/2015A r c
8/3/2015Green for ya! :) digital mix guy
8/3/2015Just ignore him, he showed us his true colors
8/3/2015Good neighbor to have!
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