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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's Karma

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8/1/2014For the trailer park boys reference
6/7/2014Hallo! :D calx
6/7/2014Good muppet=Pooch
4/29/2014Muppet avatar appropriate
3/30/2014DMB....cop did that??? Agggg!!! KarinZa
3/23/2014For your "rant." I couldn't agree more. :) AnonymousGirl
3/8/2014I knew u were gonna call me out on that one!!!! astor
1/4/2014Enjoy your bread and circus brainwashing, sportstard.
12/30/2013Chargers!! ~Tangy :)
12/24/2013Festivus! Merry Christmas! Ancha!
12/23/2013Back atchya my friend!
4/22/2013Animal - best muppet ever.
4/13/2013Thank you for sharing your story and the wisdom/lessons you learned on my thread - i||u/\/\in/\ughty
11/15/2011For standing up for right. Madame X
11/11/2011Don't bs flag so early moran....or is it pedophile?

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