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5/24/2015Good post
5/23/2015Comments on what you find attractive thread. ~Bodhi
5/22/2015Green by Zod!
5/21/2015Dirty lib muzz/commie lover
5/19/2015STFU liberal pinko commie faggot! waaaahhhh the universe will help me if I'm quiet...STOOGE,
5/19/2015Keyboard warrior
5/17/2015Thank you
5/16/2015Stuck in the machine. pool
5/12/2015Stand For The Rights And Happiness of Every Soul Born on This Planet
5/12/2015Defender of pedophile islam
5/4/2015The stupid burns
5/4/2015Thank you!!! Bes Maat from Assad thread
5/4/2015When it comes to energy, you don't have a clue.
4/18/2015Its grassroots people.
4/12/2015Aussie Vaccination - Sir Griffo Green
4/12/2015"turn dark into day, the traps into Love"
4/3/2015Delusional? or Gullible? Probably both.
3/28/2015Planting green for decent, caring loving people--Bodiless
3/27/2015Nice Pic .. Anni
3/18/2015Thank you for contributing :) ~TML
3/12/2015Nice alien description --Billy Guess
3/7/2015"Faith and Spirituality is a personal inner journey" - WOLF
2/23/2015To counter the reds...Spankee
2/20/2015Perfectly said
2/18/2015Nice responses in the Afroman thread - H. Quinn
2/18/2015Dispite your prediposed opinion of me, I am not a misogynist. <3 -Blueridge
2/17/2015Good grief Good grief Good grief Good grief Good grief Good grief Good grief! Betcha thought I was gonna say Good grief? Nope! Good Green!!!
2/12/2015Right On..
2/10/2015Everything's alright
2/8/2015For the self-loathing red. joo says that? ~hillbilly
2/7/2015Keep it up!
2/7/2015Promoting unsubstantiated hysteria
2/7/2015Doing good keep up the good fight
2/7/2015You need medicine. Seriously.
2/6/2015Multiverse theories - lightchild_uk
2/4/2015God Bless YOU.
2/3/2015Love your comment about pets
2/3/2015Words of wisdom thank you! mudda fugga
2/1/2015Multiverse-ing it! TastyThoughts
1/31/2015Lovely way to word things! :) Show-Girls x
1/29/2015Shut the hell up you self-loathing canuck
1/28/2015Hallo! :D calx
1/15/2015Green ~ A r c
1/15/2015Thanks for the 'happy birthday' - ANHEDONIC : )
1/13/2015Smart post, thanks for sharing
1/6/2015Greetings from Germany - Weltenbrand
1/5/2015Much Peace, Love, and Light~Alwas~God Bless you~WFTMission~
1/1/2015Happy New Year! ~ Myst_Wolfsong
12/29/2014Happy New Year! Person445
12/24/2014Thank you. Alacalips
12/24/2014For your comment "Infinite Love and Goodness has no limits." MySaul
12/21/2014Ice core samples. TastyThoughts
12/15/2014Good info in my thread, thanks. Ksan
12/12/2014I'm not going to lie, I ALWAYS scroll right past your posts.
12/12/2014Have some green! ~Joe Camel
12/11/2014Why are you still talking?
12/7/2014Super great posts on the Superwave thread....love-love, cosmicgypsy
12/6/2014Inferior cunt
11/27/2014Green from ANHEDONIC
11/22/2014Good bump :) -lifeisinteresting-
11/21/2014Lovely post! Thank you for your insight in spiritual matters. Harmony814
11/17/2014I absolutely love your posts! ~TH
11/16/2014Dumb fuck
11/14/2014Fuck off and get your own website then
11/14/2014No, you're the retard.
10/28/2014I like your uniqueness
10/27/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/27/2014Colloidal silver tard. you are not ebola proof!
10/23/2014ISIS was created by followers of Muhammad.
10/20/2014Our pets are very connected to us consciously which enhances telepathy REALLY?
10/19/2014Magnificent - 'Song of Norway' Reality Check
10/13/2014Thank u for commenting on my lucid dreaming thread. -Exorcise This
10/12/2014"Its an ubelievably evil world. . . . " Ag47
10/11/2014Formaldehyde poisoning, sagway. TastyThoughts
10/9/2014Thank you.
10/5/2014Why are YOU even here?
10/5/2014Beautiful post inre Ebola winter God Bless zeldannie
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