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Jon's Karma

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4/12/2014He will give you gay bj
4/2/2014Thank you for the thankless task of taking bigots to task. Wish I could give you more. aHEMagain
12/21/2013Back atcha gay
7/23/2013Peace to Jon! clovis
7/22/2013Prove it! ~UAP
7/21/2013Shouldn't you be watching CNN?
6/24/2013Agreed! People that don't get evolution have no concept of the immenseness of the time scales involved.
6/9/2013God does exist!! Stop posting that He doesn't you don't know Jack!
5/25/2013Thanks for the red! Much appreciated! God bless. ~ Tuttle
7/10/2012You are going to get a lot of religi-tard red karma. You aren't supposed to make sense when talking about creationism!
7/8/2012I do not like leftist American hating leeches that suck the life out of taxpaying Americans, can you blame me

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