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6/24/2014Hi Juju! <<HUGS>> back to you!.,.,..,,.,.,.,.,.​M*walk
6/24/2014HUGS))))....Love ya!!!....>>>>Settle4I​t<<<<
6/15/2014Well said!
6/13/2014Green from Ag47
6/11/2014<3 ~tell me lies
6/11/2014Fellow Alaskan green~sickandtwisted!​
6/11/2014Brief :)
6/6/2014Hugs to you HL, and green thank you...davvi
6/2/2014That "Dean" gif is a treasure! ~OnTheFence
6/2/2014For cute video~Silvervega
6/2/2014Good post
5/31/2014Go easy on the Pepsi! - ANHEDONIC
5/30/2014TY! Back at ya! - TGMII
5/21/2014BioReaper XD
5/4/2014Some karma for you HaarpLady : ) - ANHEDONIC
4/28/2014Green Hugs to you HL....davvi
4/21/2014Bio Green!
4/9/2014Hugs* Because you see the special things in others that most don't see :) - Eireann~
4/9/2014THanks! - TGMII
4/7/2014Thank you for the kind words. :) AnonymousGirl
4/6/2014Thank you so much!!! Blessings and all the best to you ~ MO
4/3/2014Great thread...davvi
3/30/2014Brief :)
3/27/2014Green. Ms.Superduper
3/27/2014Heya!!! Hope you have been having a lovely week!!! All the best wishes and blessings!!! MO
3/21/2014Some karma for you HAARP LADY - ANHEDONIC
3/19/2014Laughing is good- penises in the news make me laugh~ Jadedone
3/15/2014From STT
3/11/2014Hugs from ~T~
3/10/2014Drive by Green! BioReaper
3/9/2014Rat On Mars Rolz - D
3/9/2014Happy weekend, spring is near! Hope you're doing well!!! MO
3/3/2014For your beautiful avatar, from ~T~( in New Zealand)
3/3/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/3/2014Always good to see you , GT500
3/1/2014Green thanks to you and hugs from davvi
2/23/2014Hello pretty lady :) - Eireann~
2/20/2014Hi Juju! How are you? Good i hope..,.,.,.,.,.,M*wa​lk
2/19/2014Thanks for the reply - mraychev :)
2/15/2014Hi HAARP Lady - ANHEDONIC : )
2/14/2014Love GFG
2/12/2014Brief :)
2/11/2014Truth Seeker ~ Chugiakian
2/9/2014Thank you very much HL :) GT500
2/4/2014I love you!!!Nice to have others that think likewise!!.,.,.,.,.M*​walk
2/3/2014BioReaper Love XD
1/24/2014Hahaha! glad you enjoyed :) eekers
1/23/2014Always good to see HAARP Lady , GT500
1/16/2014BioReaper XD
1/8/2014Brief :)
1/4/2014Happy New Year!! Fire Watch~~
12/28/2013Happy New Year! Fire Watch~
12/28/2013Happy Holidays from ANHEDONIC : )
12/26/2013Happy New Year! Ancha!
12/24/2013Merry Christmas , GT500
12/20/2013Merry Christmas to you and yours....davvi
12/20/2013For diggin' on Duck Dynasty! JinxyMcD
11/30/2013You're a sweetheart! nah :)
11/30/2013Thank you. :) And same to you! AnonymousGirl
11/18/2013There you are ! Completely humbled!
11/8/2013Greetings and karma from ANHEDONIC
11/6/2013Great thread! thanks for posting Green Karma for u from Gonviral
11/4/2013He scares me too!!!
11/2/2013Sebelius Hearing Comments. TY. Ancha.
10/23/2013Positive vibes from downunder xx MzTreeChick
10/22/2013Hugs forv you Juju!!,..,.,.,.,.M*wa​lk
10/16/2013The HAARP lady strikes again. Heh. Obama perk thread. Ms. Supdup
10/16/2013Green from saved for your diagnosis of obama's "douchebaggery" perfect
10/16/2013Green thank you from davvi (hugs, back atcha too)
10/13/2013Thanks for 5 starring my post and giving me good kharma! =D
10/13/2013Completely humbled formally known as GT500
10/13/2013Awwwwn... ty.. ;)
10/12/2013Thank you ! From Tiger1.
10/12/2013I loves you HAARP Lady :) - Eireann~
10/12/2013Soda talk - ANHEDONIC
10/10/2013Brief :)
10/5/2013Defund Obamacare - YES! - Inquiring Mind
10/5/2013Completely humbled formally known as GT500
10/4/2013Stop advertising pepsi in your signature!! :P
10/4/2013Miss you too!! You know who!
9/23/2013Heya Juju!!.,,..,.,.,M*wal​k
9/16/2013Green greetings from davvi...hugs
9/12/2013Nice thread sweetie!!,..,..,.,.,.​,.M*walk
9/12/2013Been looking for you , GT500
9/12/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/20/2013Always one of my favorites...cheers davvi = )
8/13/2013Hugs for you Juju!,..,.,.,.,.,.,M*​walk
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