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12/10/2012Happy Holidays from CodeLucky13
11/26/2012Ignorant chemtard loser
11/19/2012Peace to you
11/18/2012Keep speaking the truth. Most hate the truth. Amy A
11/16/2012U need some love -- Super Bowl Dave
11/15/2012Clueless chemtard
11/14/2012Good research links
11/13/2012From thecelticcat
11/2/2012Clown shoe. Lolz!
10/29/2012Orbs! - ANHEDONIC
7/29/2012Thanx for linking.
7/20/2012Thinks for the input~DoubleHelix
7/19/2012Things have changed since 911 -- now passports are needed to get back in to the US even with leave papers
7/14/2012A hater's gonna hate. More red Karma 4 U
7/6/2012Woah. angry or what? chill out!
3/4/2012That was rude, asshole
1/10/2012Godtard halos +1 - 1-2-Follow
12/24/2011Poster is weak ass.
12/23/2011"When you die we'll replace the RIP on your headstone with BRB!" (Made me laugh :D) - Wotansdottir
12/16/2011Thanks for your take on this important matter of climate anomalies. - a student of Protean thought
11/29/2011Another dumbshit chemtard
11/29/2011Doom is in your waffles
11/29/2011Get off GLP, arrogance is not welcome.
11/29/2011Stupid asshole who thinks "the good fight" is lying about the trails in the sky. Ignorant chemtard/paranoid loser
11/28/2011For asking the "smallpox" question....Carol B.
11/11/2011Thank you for your support - SP
11/10/2011Enjoy Mr happy
11/9/2011For being a Navy vet!
10/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/20/2011Because you ruin interesting threads
8/20/2011For calling people nutbags without a link to explain yourself.

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