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3/26/2012For disrespecting women. Stay over at okcupid you fagbag.
3/26/2012Nice job toolbag.
3/26/2012What's going on pedo, how is florida.. oregon or where you really live? .. gay bar hopping still .. did you make sure to update the offender registry!?
12/20/2011Right back fucking at ya!....Deam Me The Fuck Up!
12/16/2011Nice thread!
12/11/2011For sharing the gospel....God bless you! - Dease
12/10/2011Hey Bud- Sleeping Giant
12/2/2011Hi my friend! - Lisa :)
11/22/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/8/2011God bless you and your brother....Arnie
11/7/2011Nice observation.
11/6/2011A Soul is a terrible thing to waste. Some toss theirs in the trash, like it's garbage to be disposed of....so sad.
11/6/2011Admitting theres a problem is half the problem solved. merci
11/6/2011Thx for the karma friend! Flycat
9/22/2011Good one.
9/21/2011What an idiotic post--stale potato chips? Really??
9/20/2011For wanting to be saved : ) LFY
9/20/2011Here is to your search for Truth- Sleeping Giant
9/17/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/17/2011Because our gracious Lord Jesus loves you!
9/17/2011Lol jesustard..keep worshipping the sun
9/16/2011For truth?
9/16/2011For kitty doom perception post! :)
9/14/2011I once had a kitteh named 'Dude' :)
9/14/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/13/2011For seeking knowledge and Being a Good Brother
9/13/2011Seek & You Shall Find
9/12/2011For being ignorant.
9/12/2011Liying about a Meteor Hit
9/12/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/12/2011For posting obvious BS
9/12/2011Just in case this meteor shit was an honest mistake. Godfrequency
9/12/2011Good meteor! :)
9/11/2011Because I KNOW you got some bad karma for your post about the meteor. People always want to shoot the messenger! Keep speaking the truth
9/11/2011My penis is 50 miles wide!
9/11/2011Why you got to put up a troll thread? There is more serious things going on right now.
9/11/2011You need help
9/11/2011He's a liar and scumbag
9/11/2011What a load of cock
9/11/2011It is hard to believe how incredibly stupid you are. Stupid so dense that no intelligence can escape. Singularity stupid.
9/10/2011You are very stupid to think a comet less than 4km big and 22million miles away will do anything other than go unseen!
9/10/2011Comet, intelligent control,repent, jesus....1* and unpin. :)
9/10/2011Braindead brainwashed delusional schizophrenic aka christian. Praise Santa Claus. Praise Him!
9/10/2011Karma works both ways. Receive and don't give in return. Shame on you.
9/10/2011Giving is part of receiving, dude. Which you don't seem to know anything about.
9/10/2011Good idea
9/10/2011Bathtub Shitter
9/10/2011Happy karma ~ Jane Smith
9/10/2011HERE YA GO!!! ~Silverblade
9/10/2011Mooshikin karma
9/10/2011Curious Observer shares karma. Have a great day!
9/10/2011Naturallysweet - enjoy the karma
9/10/2011Asked for Karma (Bugsy Moran)
9/10/2011Just because... MrCash
9/10/2011From Semantics
9/10/2011You misunderstand the meaning of karma
9/10/2011You misunderstand the meaning of karma
9/10/2011Karma from I steal rainbows
9/10/20111 from SEVAK_MUNI
9/9/2011Here is your Karma
9/9/2011Here is the karma you asked for
9/9/2011Pedophilia is bad. The Lord is watching everyone. Do not promote sex with children, ever.
9/9/2011There you go! dogmeat!
9/8/2011Drinking shitty beer, ask me a question . Stop posting as a anon !!! it doesnt hide your Screen Name ;(
9/7/2011God bless you. me777
9/7/2011No worrys
9/7/2011Jesus is King- Sleeping Giant
9/6/2011Unscramble: Morf Uzduk
9/6/2011Here ya go mate! Rise above the fear!
9/3/2011Jesus Loves you! - Lisa :)
9/3/2011God always opens the eyes to those who ask! Amen,keep seeking.
9/3/2011Our God is an AWESOME God!! Azila
9/1/2011Link to a fire tornado, whoa!
9/1/2011For karma point game. yay!!
9/1/2011Bibles fake, jesus is the sun..sin doesn't exist
8/31/2011For loving Jesus and others
8/28/2011For copy/paste addict
8/25/2011Herf Derf celebrities "admitting" they sold their soul are telling the truth and not just looking for publicity and badassery.
8/25/2011The truth
8/25/2011First to the punch on this. Good stuff Dudeguyman. Keep us up to date, please.
8/25/2011Great topic in your thread
8/24/2011You are a Christian trying to help others read the Bible love always xoxo
8/24/2011To help keep it going
8/24/2011For Bible Preaching once again
8/24/2011Thank You!
8/24/2011Good resource for GLPers
8/24/2011God Loves you. Put all your guilt out in the open, talk to Him like the loving Father He is. He will welcome you. <3
8/24/2011Jesus lubs you. Yes he does!
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