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Chrit's Karma

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12/14/2013For giving LBD/Pax a good home and a new lease on life! :)
12/14/2013Goood karma for picking up litte dog in the cold
12/14/2013Have a nice weekend!
12/14/2013Thanks u for the solar work astral G
12/13/2013Hoping Pax the chihuahua is all settled in now, have a great weekend! - J Lily
12/13/2013Another good thread! Bluebird
12/12/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/12/2013Reagan socialized medicine post - Resister
12/11/2013Hey man, Hope all is good. GLP is lucky to have you. Best wishes. -w_nb
12/11/2013Merry Christmas....saved
12/11/2013Merry christmas! eekers
12/10/2013Merry Christmas - SilverPatriot
12/10/2013How is the new dog doing??? From Tiger1.
12/10/2013Happy holidays! I hope you are having a wonderful season and good times with family and friends! Merry Christmas!
12/8/2013We have to!!! Fire Watch~~~
12/7/2013Happy Saturday! -= Travis Bickle =-
12/7/2013I hope you have a Merry Christmas ! GT500
12/6/2013Early Merry Christmas to you too!! Laura Bow
12/5/2013For explaining velocity of money in layman's terms. ~sikhed
12/5/2013For making sense in a senseless world -Hawkesbay
12/4/2013Merry Christmas, Chrit! Hope you got everything fixed on your insurance (you mentioned it the other day on one of the Obamacare threads) from Eggcellent
12/3/2013I missed you my friend! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)) Doomalicious
12/1/2013Karma drive by! Rev Woo-Woo
12/1/2013Good luck with the new dog! From Tiger1.
12/1/2013Nice Thread...Influential Criminal! Saddletramp
12/1/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/1/2013Thx U for your help on thread - Indysmindy
12/1/2013So helpful :)
11/29/2013Happy Thanksgiving - Thanks for the Karma - G3
11/29/2013Best wishes to you and yours - SilverPatriot
11/29/2013Good info on the car in Ohio!
11/29/2013Good but sad thread. -- Munsoned
11/29/2013For justice and my dumbass mistake (sprout)
11/29/2013Great post friend. DF
11/29/2013Happy Dankz Gibenz from Uncle Turkey Stick
11/29/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/28/2013Happy thanksgiving!!! -= Travis Bickle =-
11/28/2013Stopping by the SpaceX thread. RayGun
11/28/2013Hope you're having a good Thanksgiving!! Laura Bow
11/28/2013Happy Thanksgiving - Resister
11/28/2013Happy Thanksgiving!! SG
11/27/2013Happy Thanksgiving! ~UAP
11/27/2013Ty for book idea :) abi~
11/26/2013Waving to you and your new dog from across the state. Thank you for caing for him.
11/26/2013Thanks for the mature discussion, appreciate it, sbert
11/26/2013Sorry this is happening to you and your family :(
11/26/2013Sorry about your insurance. Eventually though Obamacrap will be repealed...it's just gonna' hurt for a while though - Cookie
11/26/2013Sorry about your insurance shock! ConspiracyOrReality
11/26/2013We all have to be broke now....
11/26/2013Wow your new insurance plan blows im sorry man -Steamrolled
11/26/2013Have a great Thankgiving Chrit, and kudos for the insurance thread!!,..,.,.,.,M*w​alk
11/26/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/26/2013Have a Happy Thanksgiving! geminilion
11/26/2013I am an orangutard :) --eekers Have a wonderful thanksgiving.
11/26/2013Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and Pax. ancha.
11/26/2013Completely humbled!
11/25/2013For taking care of the little dog! - ANHEDONIC
11/24/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/23/2013Best wishes! -w_nb
11/22/2013Luke Skywatcher
11/22/2013Pre-Thanksgiving Drive-By Karma!! from Eggcellent
11/22/2013Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Chrit...davvi
11/22/2013Friday Green From The INQUISADOR
11/22/2013Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours - SilverPatriot
11/21/2013Happy Thanksgiving ! From Tiger1.
11/21/2013You are a good man .... Ms Zippy
11/21/2013Smile from Lady Jane Smith :o)
11/20/2013You're welcome!
11/20/2013For remembering the Reagan socialized medicine record and commercial - Resister
11/20/2013Drive by karma! Rev Woo-Woo
11/20/2013Great post! green from Gonviral
11/20/2013For crunching the ACA numbers for us...Rhombus
11/20/2013Loved that rocket video, hope you're having a good week! Laura Bow
11/19/2013I kinda want to give you a red karma just to shake it up. hiya WindyMind
11/19/2013Good to cya, RayGun
11/19/2013Thanks for contributing to my thread! ~UAP
11/18/2013Completely humbled!
11/18/2013Wow. we are on the same page, and it is not the charter school atheist page. beeches
11/18/2013Great quotes, Chrit. Wish everyone would read this.
11/17/2013Sunday Night Karma Fer Nuthin And Chics For Free... Saddletramp
11/17/2013Take time to be thankful- Life only gets better when you do Lyttlmiss
11/17/2013Driveby karma attack..ack...ack...a​ck...ack - Cookie
11/16/2013Looked for the rock you said you posted in March, not sure what it was, Happy Thanksgiving! - Vision Thing
11/16/2013Much love, no worries em18966 :)
11/16/2013For the Princeton vaccine thread! IndigoMoon
11/16/2013Love GFG
11/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/14/2013Thanks for your input! conspiracyorreality
11/14/2013Geminilion :)
11/12/2013For helping the little doggie! Bluebird
11/12/2013These Fox tracks are mine. DF
11/11/2013For your kind heart ! From Tiger1.
11/11/2013Animal hero! Oh _yikes
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