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10/3/2015From Tess. :-)
9/29/2015For the truth about islam - Resister
9/15/2015Get your fuckin' dog spayed.
9/15/2015Off Grid Lady
9/11/2015Agreed - on the tit job thread. We need pics! - Big Daddy D
9/6/2015I do like the quotes and the convo, both-justme
9/6/2015Green :) ~ stinkbug
9/5/2015Bambi2U ♡
9/5/2015Fantastic post! :)
9/5/2015Good post on FB. krinkfan
9/5/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2015Brilliant analysis on korea thread-kira
8/21/2015Hi From Ralph--a House Dog
8/21/2015Marine recruiter!! Jazzy
8/21/2015Love, love, love the Avi! katballoo
8/13/2015Well said - Bammer Hammer
11/19/2012Well said on soldiers --can
11/10/2012Semper Fi -GTUSS
10/17/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
10/15/2012Bingo. sonic doom
10/12/2012For best avi. Even though I'm jealous that it's not mine. Love Labyrinth! - GP
9/17/2012Yep, why spook the kids needlessly?
8/28/2012Fucked mindset
8/28/2012Ron Paul is the answer douchebag.
8/28/2012Move to Israel..problem solved
8/28/2012For the Bush thing.gm
8/27/2012Great point on obama thread. sonic doom
8/15/2012Yep! Agree!
8/6/2012LOL! N WORD!! lets see what happens to this thread! gonviral
8/6/2012Well said
8/6/2012Mr. Obama IS BUSTED!!!: Sheep
8/5/2012Great comment in the death camp thread.
8/3/2012For the flossing with a chainsaw comment - lol - Nemamiah
8/2/2012Ignorant mutha fucker
8/2/2012For taking it to them.
8/1/2012Excellent Response! Susie
8/1/2012Great Post in the Chick-Fil-A day thread!
7/31/2012Qwerty like
7/31/2012Awsome pic ..goblin king...the laberyinth
6/27/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/27/2012Goblin king
6/25/2012Made me laugh
6/25/2012Have a great week Masiro :) dragunov_1977
6/20/2012For the truth on the Obama BC - Nem
6/20/2012"Obama the hypocrite." Pool
6/20/2012Great catch with that video about Obummers Hypocricy! Karma for you from CuriosityCat1
6/19/2012Great stuff thanks - takin down the obammy slammer 1 day at a time
5/13/2012Have a pleasent sunday Masiro :)
4/30/2012Have a great week masiro dragunov_1977
4/18/2012Green boost :) dragunov_1977
4/18/2012Calling men homosexual who prefer a woman's eyes and face instead of anything else. - Koitenshin
3/27/2012Lame indeed
3/27/2012Voice of reason and....love your avatar. one of my first crushes! haha
3/26/2012Excellent point
3/6/2012For being pro gun....indiandave
3/6/2012Thanks for the thread participation! Sleeping Giant
3/6/2012GREAT Obama smilie on the Obama News conference thread! from Eggcellent
3/5/2012Eye opening thread
3/3/2012Very stupid.
3/1/2012Pretty good vid on Obama--Bluebird
2/27/20121 for truth
2/25/2012How dare you use Bowie's image, you scumbag!
2/21/2012What a Joke !
2/21/20121 For Lies
2/20/20121 for truth
2/17/2012Personally met and friended Kokesh... the Patrick Henry of our day. Here's a Neg for you, Tory.
2/16/2012Waste of skin
2/13/2012Christian green, send back when you can - Nobleone
2/13/2012For the Japanese music link
2/13/2012I agree! ,dragunov
2/9/2012Lake of Texas would be the shit -SirknightE-
2/7/2012Sick fuck!!!
2/3/2012Love the avatar :D - Too Dark Park
2/2/2012To add insult to injury.
2/2/2012Grow a brian
2/2/2012Stop whinning over karma. Here some more for ya.
2/2/2012I to have been targeted by the bad karma people...Gothmyre
2/2/2012Here's you some more bad karma--get over it!
2/2/2012I hit you up brah
2/2/20121 af
2/2/2012Iruhtj[wj]rjngebnko2g​ebnknjer3r4u559oblfnk​bjrbn4bt bbnnbiion 5i4oij58gj805gj43orgj​nbnrtbn5rjj2[34tb4g4j​g05jg04bntnbbb94b5
2/2/2012Asking for good green gets you red
2/2/2012For using sophistry
2/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/26/2012Honesty is good policy, and to express it so clearly is a gift.
1/25/2012Stunning young urbanite best laugh I had in awhile.
1/23/2012Fuck you
1/16/2012Great post on Obama courts datre****Butterfly girl
1/16/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/9/2012Agree with ya. TG4T :)
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