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Nikola Tesla's Karma

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9/27/2014Weekend green from Lil Sis :-)
9/26/2014Happy friday! :D calx
9/20/2014Tesla! Missed you, man. Always saying what needs to be said regardless of what they think. Respect that. ~Gigolo Jesus
9/19/2014Some weekend green from LIl Sis - Stay dry!
9/19/2014Green from Ag47
9/15/2014Male fool
9/14/2014Poopy dollar! Sounds like a fun time
9/14/2014Poopy Dollar haaahahaha--Hardwired​
9/10/2014Green from Ag47
9/9/2014Commies are in for a rude awakening it seems - Cookie
9/5/2014Karma boogie! :D calx
9/4/2014Thanks for some good birthday advice which I try to follow each day, Best....Tazzy
9/4/2014Always one of my favorite posters. I wish you really were Tesla. Oh, the conversations I'd love to have with you. Lol. <3
9/2/2014Green hello and yes I love Jackie Mason too...davvi
9/1/2014White Castle Clan UNITE!
8/28/2014Solar Guardian here. May I have a green karma point? :)
8/27/2014A bit o Green from Lil Sis :-)
8/26/2014Green from Ag47!
8/24/2014Green for my friend - R.P. McMurphy
8/24/2014Great point!
8/21/2014Because everything is just everything... Saddletramp
8/21/2014Be good! :D calx
8/20/2014Green from yet another Lily :-)
8/19/2014Grreennn from Lil Sis - See you at Seen :-)
8/18/2014Thanks for your input as always! Ag47
8/16/2014Thx Freund ~King C
8/15/2014Green for you, my fried!!! - R.P. McMurphy
8/14/2014Hello! hugs, eekers
8/11/2014Here's a little green to start your week, Tesla Lil Sis
8/10/2014Cheers man! :D calx
8/6/2014Overdue green from Ag47
8/1/2014Lil Sis was here looking for you :-)
7/24/2014Yo Tesla! Green over here for you :-) Lil Sis
7/16/2014Mountain Woman
7/15/2014Some friendly green to you Tesla - Lil Sis
7/15/2014Post more often man! :D calx
7/7/2014Have a wonderful week ahead! eekers
7/5/2014Always valuable input, thanks! Ag47
7/2/2014From Lil Sis, green to you
6/28/2014Superduper green.
6/25/2014Was just having fun with the Texas thread. Paige:)
6/25/2014Hello ny friend! - R.P. McMurphy
6/23/2014For my pal - Lil Sis
6/21/2014No Dhimmi Greenery
6/21/2014Ben Schillen
6/18/2014Greetings from Mountain Woman!
6/16/2014Green from Ag47 :)
6/9/2014Good idea
6/7/2014Hope you're having a great weekend. Paige
6/7/2014Green from Ag47
6/6/2014Back to you, Tesla :-) Lil Sis
6/2/2014Let's meet some day AZ friend! D: calx
6/1/2014Great posts! Only wish I had done it -dschis1000
6/1/2014Thank you. Mountain Woman
6/1/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
5/26/2014Awesome vid on Socialism does not work. You rock dude!
5/26/2014Fuck socialism
5/26/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
5/24/2014Thank you -astral goat
5/24/2014You're so cool :) Great thread on "Why Socialism Does Not Worl" - Eireann
5/11/2014No Dhimmi Greenery
5/7/2014Ben Schillen
5/3/2014McMurphy brand green
4/27/2014Thanks nikola. strongman shelford.
4/25/2014No Dhimmi Green
4/22/2014Green Tuesday!!! Saddletramp
4/17/2014Green from Ag47 :)
4/10/2014Glad you are still around - Me
4/6/2014Green from Ag47!
4/5/2014Always humble and well spoken. Thumbs up to you.
4/5/2014You're always witty :) KarinZa
4/2/2014Vala :-)
3/31/2014Green for you, my friend - R.P. McMurphy
3/31/2014Green Karma From Gonviral
3/27/2014Great Links on the mancave hour- Kamindaki
3/26/2014Karma time nick hf ar15-nut
3/26/2014Armstrong Green From No Dhimmi
3/24/2014Blow it out ur cock
3/23/2014Green thumbs for my friend - R.P. McMurphy
3/21/2014I do hope that you're the tesla i trapped in the woods to give ou that good karma. i dont think you are that impostor! lol love ya!
3/18/2014Good to see you again! Paige:)
3/13/2014Green from the Lily :-)
3/9/2014For your retail closing thread/poll. ~interested_1
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