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6/15/2015Five stars! Yay for good healthy information !
6/8/2015Hey Just checking in on you. I accepted Jesus as my savior. ~ShillShank
5/19/2015Jesus is coming! DiNYC
5/17/2015Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
5/17/2015Karma roLL .C.C
5/6/2015Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
5/6/2015Thanks for all your interesting threads-- sees
5/6/2015Hey there! Hope you're doing good. ~ShillShank
5/3/2015Hi BDE! Hope all is well! Maybe we can work on a new thread soon? Prayers/blessings! - oh_hi
5/2/2015Thoughts of you--Hope all is well! Hugs--KoFFee_
4/26/2015Fist McKraken
4/16/2015Karma roLL ..C.C
4/14/2015Thinking about you...hope all is well. ~ShillShank
4/9/2015Glad you are doing better, Many prayers from GLP for you! Best Always. Tesla
4/3/2015BDE! Blessings / prayers! Thanks for your support/ friendship! - oh_hi
4/3/2015Christ is RISEN , Christ is Coming soon! love DiNYC
4/3/2015You Bet :) shake em
4/3/2015I pray God will Bless you with a very special weekend! Hugs, KoFFee_
4/1/2015Have a Blessed Easter ! From Tiger1.
3/25/2015Just checkin in! ~ShillShank
3/23/2015Praying for a quick return to full health! TrustNoOneKS
3/22/2015Prayers for you ! From Tiger1.
3/21/2015Prayers -Ceelite:)
3/21/2015Positive thoughts & many prayers for you! ~~~Raye
3/21/2015God Bless - whiteangel
3/21/2015Praying for you! Patient Grasshopper.
3/21/2015Good luck - lightchild_uk
3/21/2015Love to you! - Beso
3/21/2015The_Original_Mind :D
3/21/2015Praying 4 U Sister in Christ - Fiji5 (Indy)
3/17/2015Happy St.Patricks Day ..C.C
3/12/2015For the America thread ! From Tiger1.
3/9/2015Karma roLL ..C.C
3/9/2015Thank U from WS
3/6/2015HEY! I thought you left....I did too for a while. ~ShillShank
3/6/2015You are insane.
3/5/2015Fist McKraken
3/2/2015For the America thread ! From Tiger1.
3/2/2015Love ya GFG
2/21/2015Drive by karma. :) 28m
2/12/2015Karma roLL ..C.C
2/1/2015A r c
1/28/2015Karma roLL ...C.C w/coffee/tea
1/19/2015How are things with you, my friend ? From Tiger1.
1/18/2015God bless you! - JCITW
1/17/2015Hope all is well with you and your fam! ~ShillShank
1/12/2015Karma roLL ...C.C
1/7/2015God bless you! - JCITW
1/6/2015Lovejoy! -Glider
1/4/2015Hang in there, my friend ! It is tough for all of us, one way or another ! From Tiger1.
1/2/2015Happy Birthday and Happy New Year little sister! TW
1/1/2015Best Wishes for a happy, healthy and BLESSED 2015 ~ Cassie :-)
12/31/2014Happy new year !! salt
12/31/20142015 ought to be interesting--Happy New Year! Hugs, KoFFee_
12/30/2014Happy New Year and I'm still waiting for the remaining two videos ..C.C xxx
12/29/2014How are you friend ? ~ A r c
12/26/2014Have a Blessed New Year ! From Tiger1.
12/25/2014Love from Base12
12/24/2014Thanks! Merry Christmas to you!! Have a good one and nice thoughts/prayers for you! - oh_hi!
12/21/2014Have some green and a very Merry & Blessed Christmas. - Cassie :-)
12/18/2014God bless you! - JCITW
12/16/2014Have a Blessed Christmas ! From Tiger1.
12/12/2014Happy Holidays ...C.C aka Seth Carter
12/8/2014Jesus is the reason for the season! GOD Bless you! Susie..:)
12/7/2014God bless you! - JCITW
12/7/2014God bless you little sister!!! TW:)
12/4/2014Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
11/29/2014Love GFG
11/27/2014Base12 Was Here
11/27/2014Happy Thanksgiving ..C.C
11/24/2014Happy Thanksgiving ! From Tiger1.
11/23/2014Miss you little sister, hope all is well! TW:)
11/16/2014God bless you! - JCITW
11/15/2014Karma roLL ..C.C
11/14/2014For the new avatar ! From Tiger1.
11/4/2014Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
11/3/2014God bless you! - JCITW
10/30/2014Just checkin in! ~ShillShank
10/30/2014Happy Halloween ....C.C
10/27/2014God bless you and your family! - JCITW
10/24/2014For the ebola thread ! From Tiger1.
10/23/2014Reported Abusive Post
10/23/2014Reported Abusive Post
10/23/2014May GOD always bless you, and keep you and always shine his face upon you! Susie..:_)
10/23/2014What Big Eyes you have ....C.C
10/21/2014Tree of Life and all of the good work :) - prayers and blessings! - oh_hi
10/21/2014God Bless You Little Sister!!! TW:)
10/18/2014Base12 Was Here
10/18/2014Your mind is awesome - kezar
10/18/2014Karma bitcher!!! bitching is the easiest way to get red
10/18/2014Looney tard attention whore
10/18/2014Hang in there love GFG
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