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Fatstogie's Karma

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5/19/2017Not quite.
6/6/2016Flat earth
8/7/2014Up yours O fag!
8/5/2014Get a brain... liberals suck
7/26/2014Useless contributor...
7/21/2014Has a demon
7/12/2014Judging by his karma people hate this guy, yet because he's talked in VC there's always someone out there willing to give him a star.
6/24/2014You've got one hell of a low IQ, dumb ass
6/23/2014Monkey ass is you obamatard
6/23/2014Great point!! Don't leave out the work from homers though... ;)
6/23/2014Dumb ass wigger
6/22/2014Jesus has 17 inch nipples that tickle your taint in your sleep.
6/21/2014Dependent socialist simpleton
6/13/2014Stone thrown!
6/9/2014And you are the dumbest of all!
6/7/2014Have a great day! Emmieaz
6/7/2014You're a dumbass.
6/1/2014Enjoy your little piece of the world. The rest of us don't actually exist.
5/31/2014Severe anger management issues!
5/29/2014Shut up
5/29/2014Fat new ager
5/29/2014Shill. Cupcake. It's clear.
5/29/2014Go fuck yourself...Thank you
5/29/2014Knock this out, bitch
5/29/2014Jesus should slap the shit out of you
5/29/2014The only GLPVCer who actually posts on the board
5/29/2014From another old person. Fuck you
5/26/2014HE(Obama) said the blame falls on him. Illiterate cocksucker
5/26/2014Jesus Christ Super Stogie! :) - Rabid Wolf
5/12/2014You are really pathetic!! Libs like you are a disease...God is the cure. Maybe you will die a long &painful death then maybe you'll have some compassion for the sick. LOSER- MOVE ON!
5/12/2014From an old person..fuck you
5/11/2014Eat a dick stogie
4/5/2014Hey Brother-CE1 +++++
4/5/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/5/2014Low IQ
4/5/2014Don't feel guilty about being a nagger - criminality is in your genes- nothing you can do about it
4/5/2014You know why.
4/5/2014Don't kick someone when they are down.
4/5/2014Don't really care but you want it so you're welcome
4/5/2014Here ya go, hope this helps
4/5/2014Reprobate - Kirk
4/5/2014What thee fuck is wrong with you?!
4/5/2014Low IQ evil fuck
3/29/2014You suck too much
2/17/2014Your avatar is fodder to the roman soldiers...
2/7/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/30/2014I like your avy - jesus was RIPPED! ~Stoned G
1/25/2014I love titties but fuck all that nonsense.
1/24/2014The cross is a pagan symbol
1/16/20141 fuk baby boomers
1/9/2014Not a sheep! (fuku post) - Rev Woo-Woo
1/8/2014Suffers from tiny dick syndrome
1/8/2014Fucktard. manu
1/8/2014Marxist lovin obammy piece of shit
1/4/2014Why are you red? People can't handle the truth it seems. : (
12/31/2013Quit your job and get an ebt card...lol -swansong-
12/30/2013God, please leave! You're the reason I stopped going to voice chat you asshole
12/30/2013Not on our side.
12/26/2013Why are you such a hostile retard?
12/24/2013Communist HVAC tard.
12/23/2013Amen about College, money and religion. It is creating a sewer among humans. Amy A
12/23/2013Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong
12/23/2013Fuck off!
12/23/2013Boy, you don't have many friends here, do you?
12/23/2013Fucking Moron
12/19/2013More deserved red
12/19/2013No, you're the dumb one! Fuck you instead. I left boice chat to get away from your sorry ass!
12/11/2013Idolatrous, racist fag-boy contributes nothing, should be BANED
12/10/2013Talk about pointless rants
12/10/2013Clueless racist fucktard
10/28/2013Frack off lmao
9/29/2013Not very nice...TH
9/26/2013Jesus Loves you. :)
9/26/2013I'd rather be sad & lonely than friends with you shitmonger
9/23/2013Not as smart as you think u r
9/23/2013"Handwritting? Useless nostalgia" and the rest of you idiotic comments
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