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2/3/2014Butt fucks animals and reports it.
1/30/2014Get over yourself!!!
1/22/2014Little Willow, go home.
1/14/2014Here, work out this kink.
1/7/2014Muslim apologist, watch out people!
1/7/2014Because of your sweet posts in that thread about the FB cheating affaire
1/1/2014Oh, now you're a mind reader?
12/31/2013Happy New Year - DoorBert
12/31/2013You got tissues
12/22/2013Have a Merry ChristmasLittle Willow-Prizefighter Inferno
10/29/2013Thank you!....>>>>Settle4It​<<<<
10/28/2013Good info on blood rain!
10/18/2013Thank you kind friend Eliana
10/11/2013Back at ya
10/9/2013Thanks for posting on my thread. ~Metaniomenos
10/9/2013Non-Health care post.. 4thhorseman
10/5/2013Great thread!
10/4/2013You know why - Chrit
10/2/2013Right back at you - R.P. McMurphy
9/20/2013Great thread! gonviral karma
7/15/2013You get a plus one from Sir Phy
7/13/2013For saying something to YODA, thanks! GOLDEN
7/13/2013Thank you, thank you, thank you! And they hate me becuase i'd rather pay my own way instead of relying on some poor deadbeat slob who can't figure it out.
5/7/2013Thanks for your nice comment :) WeAreone.
4/18/2013From Dogeye: I checked your poll cited on Brietbart - - Critical Difference - Job Approval, go to thread
4/10/2013No thanks needed. Tferguson
4/3/2013Bravo on NK thread post.
3/21/2013Scriptures of TRUTH
3/21/2013I so agree! 5 stars and pin :) cutetornadoF5
3/20/2013Great research
2/13/2013Yep!+1 sleepwalker
2/13/2013Faux idiot.
2/10/2013You're right, they didn't deserve to die ~BossBitch
2/10/2013Here's some green to offset the red! Black Knight
2/9/2013Ignorant of the truth and not open minded in debate
2/9/2013Hi Little Willow--UselessRepeat​er
1/14/2013Good observation!!
1/12/2013Thanks for having my back in a thread.
1/7/20131 for great posts > issuex
1/5/2013Ah,.you shouldn't give me a karma I should give you one for the excellent post S.D.
1/5/2013No reason given
1/5/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/5/2013Great thread
1/5/2013Your country needs you! Keep fighting for truth, sister patriot! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/4/2013Greetings from Artaius
1/3/2013<3 BooBooKitty
1/2/2013Not a Ziozombie :)
1/2/2013Don't back down!
12/30/2012Well said!!!!
12/30/2012It's good to learn, have fun too. --- Munsoned
12/28/2012For knowing the enemy is within and diligently combating the trolls with intellect :) ~goldielucks
12/28/2012Continue to fight the good fight, sister patriot! -The Sonic Dreamer
11/28/2012False Information
11/15/2012Thanks for the head's up on the train wreck..CowgirlK
11/14/2012For yr posts in obamas army like that you understand America isn't the gov
8/1/2012Chick fil a karma to cancel out the homotards
8/1/2012Happy chic-fil-a day! - LunaticFringe
8/1/2012Ignorant fuck
8/1/2012Shut yer trap whore
7/30/2012Green back at ya ...best wishes..stay cool..LooK`n
7/25/2012Thanks Lil Willow forthe thread support.... Frankenstein
5/26/2012Speculator extraordinaire with nothing substantial to add to a conversation. Waste of oxygen.
5/20/2012Yep, great pics!
5/20/2012Have a great eclipse day willow :)
5/17/2012Ass wipe
5/10/2012Have a great thursday Little Willow ! dragunov_1977
4/13/2012Yourself and meteorologist friend do not know shit...go read the thread again, know it all....and shut up next time....
4/13/2012Take care and be safe from the storm...CowgirlK
3/28/2012Thanks Mike761
8/28/2011I'm glad you feel that way..
8/26/2011For adding good info to nutramacs thread

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