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Quagmire's Karma

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6/21/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/6/2015Looks like you need some green. - TedEdFred
4/16/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/14/2013This shit again???? whinge whinge whinge. go change your nappy sook
12/12/2012Karma tard
12/12/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/30/2012Why did you subscribe if we're the most stupid...asshole fuck off and die
11/29/2012The phantom red thumb strikes again...
11/13/2012What happens when you die? Your bad karma bites you in the ass.
10/5/2012Green for you! -Face
5/29/2012For stickin' up for the king
4/25/2012Giggity Giggity. Fuck you. Giggity.
4/18/2012I've met 100 better canadians than you, including me. Suck our penis'
4/13/2012Good comeback in the trademark thread
4/10/2012You can't eat all those hamburgers.
4/10/2012Whiggletang Fizzlebub!
4/10/2012Grammar Nazi says "You're an idiot"
4/10/2012Driveby karma
4/10/2012You asked for this one ... LOL
4/10/2012Karma krybaby
4/10/2012You stole my party hat..
4/10/2012Stop your crying idiot
4/10/2012Your an idiot
4/4/2012Bad taste
3/21/2012Awesome comment brotha
3/16/2012Idiotic shill. Believes everything the government tells him without thinking for himself. Sad.
3/16/2012For not being a moonhoaxtard
3/16/2012Moontard lol
3/16/2012Peepee and doodoo eating little whining cunt.
3/13/2012Flag post - Hagmann
3/12/2012Broom debunking :)
2/23/2012Because you speak without seeing....get ready ti shit yourself...this thing works!!!
2/17/2012Corporate protector
2/13/2012I think they should suck a donkey dick too!!

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