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Philemon's Karma

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8/30/2012For preaching The Truth that whosoever will hear and be saved! jdb
8/28/2012Tsk tsk... you should be very careful about what you say.
7/30/2012Hate fills your life how sad
7/20/2012Persecution comes to the righteous in christ, green for you for you are right that god hatesorkers of iniquity but that message of truth wont sit well with most.
7/20/2012Amen! :)
3/15/2012There is no judgement in grace
3/4/2012TY for all the Bible software links! God bless you! ~Kim
3/4/2012God Bless
3/4/2012It's about time for another name change, don't you think?
2/29/2012Evil disgusting false teacher
2/28/2012FOR TELLING TRUTH>>>SHOUT!!!! ;) Lisa1962
2/28/2012Hate filled idiot
2/16/2012Good thread on false teachers ..;) Lisa1962
2/5/2012Your thread on 7th day adv. was good. No free will ...agreed! thanks ;) Lisa1962
1/8/2012Great post on the book of Philemon! God bless! <3 ~Kim
1/1/2012Makes good thread
1/1/2012Hateful person
12/25/2011GREAT thread on Xmas!!! 28m
12/20/2011IDIOT, n. A member of a large and powerful tribe whose influence in human affairs has always been dominant and controlling. The Idiot's activity is not confined to any special field of though
12/12/2011You have a very dark and evil heart
12/12/2011For twisting The Word of God
12/10/2011Amen -- Borian
12/7/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/30/2011Because you let your demon govern you... too sad :(
11/30/2011Stop your filthy twisting ofthe Holy Word. Demons are fallen angels. Better start reading your Bible.
11/15/2011You're an idiot, demons do exist. I've seen them & I've felt them. I evicted them from a house they were causing problem at. Even the bible talks about them.
11/15/2011Thanks for posting!
11/7/2011False teachings. REPENT
11/6/2011Butchering the Bible. Your witness is only harming the cause of Jesus Christ. REPENT and invite Jesus into your heart and live His Holy Word.
10/29/2011God bless
10/27/2011As a christian you should stfu and stop posting annoying threads
10/13/2011Thank the lord that you are accounted worthy to suffer persecution for his names sake
10/13/2011Fear mongerer your time will come and you will have to answer for the fear you try to impose on people, shame on you.
10/13/2011Bet you Love the cock doche
10/13/2011Lol..i bet you LOVE the COCK you cocksucking douchebag
10/13/2011Religitard Spammer
10/13/2011You are an evil satanic demon pretending to be Christian. Time to rethink your beliefs in Jesus; focus on the salvation!
10/13/2011Just go away
10/10/2011For speaking the truth about Divine Sovereign Election
10/7/2011You are overtaken and blinded by YOUR PRIDE and arrogance.Your doctrine is hateful heresy. Repent
9/29/2011False doctrine of demons
9/29/2011All posts = epic fail! Oh well...good laugh
9/29/2011Demons are real
9/12/2011For twisting the Scriptures
9/11/2011Bibletard = red
9/5/2011For pushing your religious views on people who are not interested.
9/1/2011Brother,you are deluded just like JW's are. May The Lord open your eyes
8/29/2011God bless friend. - Voice
8/29/2011Enoch is refered to in the old testement its real get over it paultard
8/26/2011God told me to vote this down because you're full of it
8/26/2011Stop using the Bible, start using your Brain
8/26/2011Bibletard = Crap Karma
8/26/2011Karma for TRUTH! ^Watcher^
8/26/2011Repent yourself
8/26/2011He speaks the truth~!
8/26/2011For telling God what He can and cant do.
8/26/2011You wasted all your karma to post some bs bible verses? agreed with the person below me, take this crap somewhere else.
8/26/2011Seriously FUCK OFF to a Christian forum.
8/26/2011Because you are sharing the gospel :)
8/26/2011For Our Lord Lucifer
8/26/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/26/2011For our Lord Jesus Christ
8/25/2011Great Bible knowledge
8/23/2011No common sense
8/13/2011Bible verses provided for proof texts of doctrine

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