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7/25/2016Thank you for the compliment, it is encouraging and appreciated. ~Lumminessa~
7/24/2016Ag47 :)
7/18/2016Stopping in the say hello -- LJS
7/15/2016God Bless - Whiteangel
7/4/2016Excellent post!!!
7/3/2016Reported Abusive Post
7/1/2016You are going to remain blind until you accept Torah is the scripture Jesus, disciples, and all others are quoting.
6/19/2016Ag47 :)
6/15/2016Long overdue green for you friend,....,,..,.,M*w​alk
6/14/2016Thanks! KC_Goldshine
6/2/2016Love GFG
5/27/2016You deserve some green. you are blessed.
5/23/2016Pro life green to you --trumpsupporter
5/18/2016Hello from Lady Jane Smith :)
5/3/2016Stcicking up for what is right.
4/20/2016Peace and many blessings for you, with thanks, from davvi
4/13/2016Die without "Horus" is only three. HORUS was the OG. Do your research oh condescendingg one
4/4/2016Londoner Smiles from Lady Jane Smith
3/17/2016Speaking truth in the Harvey thread -
2/28/2016"You want to be impressive? Take your blessings and *humbly* help another person up!" Hear, hear!!!
2/26/2016Sending some love your way! - Lisa*Lisa :)
2/24/2016M*walk was here :)
2/17/2016Glad to see you online my brother. Hope you are doing well! 8)
2/2/2016Love GFG
1/29/2016Hope all is well!!! ((hugs)) I gave you my email right? -GALonF4TL
1/23/2016Blessings! DiNYC
1/13/2016Keep preaching the Truth - B@Z
1/6/2016GOD BLESS YOU FRIEND! Susie...:)
12/31/2015I hope you are doing well! Hadn't been on lately. ((HUGS)) - GALonF4TL
12/27/2015Merry Christmas.,.,.,.M*wal​k
12/27/2015Love ya Happy New Year GFG
12/24/2015Dumb shit
12/24/2015For the Wormwood thread ~ Chugiakian
12/22/2015I bawled too!!! (kid video) -Freckle Face
12/7/2015Sending some love your way! - Lisa*LIsa :)
12/3/2015Hello Brother! Great to see you online. 8)
12/3/2015Cool! Share the green! O4A
11/21/2015It is not the jews
10/20/2015Have a great week! -GALonF4TL
10/8/2015Hope your week is blessed - GALonF4TL
9/22/2015Hope your day was blessed! GALonF4TL
9/2/2015Green for you brethren! love, Wishin'
8/31/2015Just started getting on here again the other day. I hope you are doing well!!! :D GALonF4TL
8/16/2015Thank you jwnlwplus4
8/15/2015God bless you! Wishin'
8/14/2015Love Ellusion :)
7/24/2015Hey Brother! I can't PM you and I lost your number. Email me CMMARQUEZ at PROTONMAIL dot COM - Michael
7/23/2015Love GFG
7/20/2015Love you too my brother! (((HUGS))) - Lisa :)
7/15/2015God Bless! drive by green! Wishin'
7/12/2015Toshiba :) abi~
7/7/2015Awesome observation about the outer court. God bless... FireInCairo
7/5/2015God Bless you - Whiteangel
7/4/2015Happy 4th of July! Love & blessings from Almylo
7/1/2015Excellent! Spread the love !!! O4A
6/26/2015It's sad when people mock Jesus, 1+ for Christ.,.,.,.,M*walk
6/23/2015Green :) ~Andrasta
6/21/2015Love my buddy! - Lisa*Lisa
6/21/2015God bless you!! Wishin'
6/21/2015Demonic attacks stop in Jesus's name! Same experience here. Amen! -LunaRabbit
6/20/2015Howdee frum Dace & Kali =-)
6/19/2015I love your signature - Amen - WhiteAngel
6/17/2015God willing, the noblest of pursuits will one day come your way! morgan
6/17/2015Amen brotha - Truth
6/17/2015Thank you my brother!
5/30/2015Shabbat Shalom my friend. peace, love, light, and truth. Wishin'
5/15/2015Thank you for your advice...auto place ruined my engine in my vehicle, I give $ to tithes...need answered prayer...waiting on God to provide...thank you and God bless you - krissyinky
5/15/2015Drive by green. God bless. Wishin'
5/5/2015Happy Birthday Love GFG
5/4/2015Fighting the good fight! Os76
5/1/2015You're the fucking moran
5/1/2015You are a fucking tard sir...
4/28/2015Cool! Share the green! O4A
4/16/2015Thank you for the sweet words ~ LitleMissDictator :D
4/11/2015Thanks: American Zombie
4/11/2015Sorry for the loss of your cat <3 Deafening Silence
4/9/2015Thanks, from the Desert Fox.
4/8/2015AMEN!! AMEN!! AMEN!! TheWayWeWere
4/8/2015Love GFG
4/4/2015Thanks...the bouncing elephant :)
4/4/2015Happy Easter to you, with many thanks from davvi :^)
3/27/2015God is, we're not ! I like it..
3/26/2015Good courteous discussion - Petrichor :)
3/22/2015For your kind words.,.,,M*walk
3/20/2015You sir, are the man ! -burns
3/20/2015Howdy ~ A Friend
3/19/2015Right back at ya! -= Travis Bickle =-
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