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10/28/2011Karma ping... have a good one today!...Flycat
10/21/2011Karma ping... have a good one today!...Flycat
10/12/2011Good karma for ya.. spiral cobra
10/10/2011Karma hugs <3 Trix
10/10/2011Green room karma for you! Have a great day! Curious Observer
10/10/2011Nice Find ***ClappaGuy
10/10/2011Enjoyed this refreshing moment
10/10/2011Awesome Post brother! Suggested Pin :-) jdb
10/10/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/10/2011Straight up
10/10/2011Here is +1 for the pin -Seer
10/10/2011Good post
10/10/2011Great video you posted!
10/9/2011Starter13 +1
10/9/20111 for you from inptx :)
10/9/2011Good karma for you. Flycat.
10/9/2011ME TOO cylo. tHANKS.
10/9/2011Free karma - samanthasunflower
10/8/2011Spread the love. <3 Doomish
10/8/2011Green Karma from Cathy C!
10/8/2011Cheers -- Ameridan
10/8/20111 - RoXY
10/4/2011Go fuck youself...
10/3/2011Best advice ! impeach the MF - wahoo! good on U = Villafi
10/3/2011For giving us the link to the RIO Festival!!! ~Chip
10/2/2011Great video with Napolitano.
10/2/2011Good story and point
10/1/2011Bloody good post mate - Rickster58
10/1/2011Great posts.
10/1/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/1/2011Great post, thank you
10/1/2011Showed his penis to children
10/1/2011Ron Paul !!!!
9/30/2011For using your karma to post something that needed to be pinned. Godfrequency
9/30/2011Thanks for sharing. :) I enjoy hearing from the Judge. -- Lorax
9/30/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/30/2011For trying to keep the photography thread alive
9/29/2011Bitch for not giving me karma
9/29/2011The do ron ron! ~LilOleme
9/29/2011Ron Paul is a DORK!!!!
9/29/2011I coming to like you Aussies more and more.
9/29/2011Back atcha from cerri
9/29/2011You can like Vegemite
9/28/2011For being a fucking idiot
9/26/2011Excellent links
9/26/2011Just because I believe MO gave you RED....RebeccaLove
9/26/2011Great Post
9/26/2011Good post
9/26/2011Thanks for DSS link. God bless.
9/26/2011Give ya a green one to make up for the red one you just got :)
9/26/2011Great information
9/26/2011Thank you for DEAD SEA SCROLLS thread! me777
9/26/2011The Truth from GOD Almighty! May his truth prevail in the hearts and mind of all the earth!
9/26/2011Thank You - dbug
9/26/2011Usefull link
9/26/2011Green for you Az
9/26/2011Dead Sea Scrolls thread.
9/26/2011Great find.
9/25/2011For shillary
9/24/2011Very special thread, enough with doom
9/24/2011Im excited about Elite doom!!! great thread OP
9/24/2011We the so called PTB find you interesting. Enter any code you wish into numeric keypad
9/24/2011The dude
9/23/2011Ditto :) - miffed
9/22/20111 starter13
9/22/2011Karma is forever! !
9/22/2011Doom on
9/22/2011Been thinking the same thing myself for a while now... Here's hoping. God Bless
9/22/2011Doom on retard Loser freak
9/22/2011I like the idea that those bastards might finally get what's comin to em
9/22/2011Good Positive Vibes
9/22/2011Good thread
9/22/2011Excellent idea, well thought out and gave us hope that it is true :-) much love, irishspirit
9/22/2011They gonna get theirs just like we gonna get ours.. nice theory but will never happen that way.. unless..
9/22/2011If we all agree upon this Reality, it has already come to pass. Best post in GLP history. Thank You, deeply.
9/21/2011A New Theory - Well said. Much love 11.11.11
9/21/2011Out of the box thinking :D
9/21/2011I like the flip
9/21/2011Awesome thread brotha
9/21/2011Great post.
9/21/2011Germanic Karma
9/21/2011Karma from GLP Angel! xoxo
9/21/2011I like the way this sort of "anit-doom" theory is played out. Definitely worth some Good Karma!
9/21/2011Great pics
9/21/2011I cannot wait until the Age of Aquarius when we will finally be free. Peace
9/21/2011Just maybe you're right, Denver Doom, Friend Ballchinian.
9/21/2011Go Ron Paul
9/21/2011Awesome post!
9/21/2011For optimism ~from BlueMind
9/21/2011Bingo! White Light from the all.. and Great Cental sun..nofear
9/21/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/21/2011Okay, okay already! Doiom for the optimist view
9/21/2011Good pics...SA
9/21/2011Good karma
9/21/2011Nice pictures
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