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craftybiatchytwo's Karma

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11/17/2012Babies are babies, wherever they are.
11/13/2012Thank you for your contribution to the food stamp thread.
11/7/2012Sorry to hear of your blizzard, please don't send it my way, lol. MX
11/6/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/6/2012For looking out for us canadians
10/29/2012Not crafty, just a big bitch.
9/29/2012Old Spice....hotness LOL! :)
9/23/2012For Philligan! ~ PlutoPig
8/19/2012Annonymous User thanks you for contributing valued info & being a good person
8/19/2012Nice link
8/14/2012You give Canadians a bad name - blackhawkie
8/11/2012Grow a pair
8/9/2012You need some red Pookie.
9/21/2011High as the mothafriggn sky yo...lost_one
9/15/2011For still loving your mommy
9/9/2011It's all good, remember that

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