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10/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/22/2012Its going down? soz your karma muahahahahahaha
10/21/2012I think your luck should change soon.
10/21/2012Speaks the truth
10/21/2012You will never be right, even if you are. Fuck Off already.
10/19/2012She is an idiot
10/18/2012Suh-weeee piggy piggy snort snort. Fatty fatty 2x4 can't fit through the trailer door. 5 bucks will buy you a pair of huffs.
10/18/2012Enjoyed the adam ant thread, brings back memories. sungaze.
10/18/2012Just because, you're still stupid.
10/18/2012The sun in the wrong place? How the fuck do you manage in daily life? Are you on drugs?
10/17/2012You need green
10/17/2012Ugh please stop typing now!
10/17/2012Hot blonde! :) --Aggie
10/17/2012Your weekly
10/17/2012Warning! Stupid posts = negative karma!
10/17/2012Horse fucker
10/17/2012You had too much good karma so i give some bad...
10/17/2012You had too much bad karma so i give some good... /meletos
10/17/2012Banning people from your threads shows what a STUPID FUCKING CUNT you really are!
10/17/2012God Bless
10/16/2012Go away!
10/16/2012Being a mod is a job, not a turn at duck duck goose you fucking idiot! You have to be qualified, and you are most certainly NOT. You add nothing here but ignorant, irrelevantly personal garbage in a f
10/16/2012Mods have to have an IQ above 50. You don't qualify
10/16/2012Just because
10/16/2012No special reason for the red, just a feeling.
10/16/2012Apple pie
10/15/2012Just because. -Moo!
10/15/2012Because I'm sorry for being a douchebag. I think about you a lot and hope for you the best. Life is not nice. It's the opposite. I hope for you to have whaterver you wish for.
10/15/2012An idiot with no conscious thoughts. Can't see it even with all the Negative Karma..
10/14/2012Perhaps you will send me the money to stock up with???
10/14/2012Thanks for posting, I almost missed you this week.
10/14/2012Just Because <<timewatcher>>
10/14/2012<3 Thanks for the link.
10/14/2012You need to be locked away in a psych ward. i feel sorry for your kids
10/14/2012Reported Copyright Violation
10/14/2012Reading this probably gets you wet, piggly wiggly snort snort fatty fatty I am going to one star your walking dead code words in 3.2.1
10/13/2012I really don't like you.
10/12/2012Get em off your car!!!!
10/11/2012Adam! from pink cat
10/10/2012Nobody listens to you because you are bought and paid for~
10/10/2012I bet I could get you wet. -sarah
10/10/2012There's other forums much better suited for your nonsense
10/9/2012For the truth! - Saratonin
10/9/2012Holy shit girl, there really is no fucking hope for you. You are retarded and your kids will be just as fucked up as you are.
10/9/2012The stupid continues
10/9/2012You are truly a moronic dumb bitch - please fuck off attention whore
10/9/2012You are a stupid bitch.
10/9/2012Uncap your caps you crazy bitch.
10/9/2012God Bless Your Children...They'll Need It!!!!
10/9/2012OMG! Please do NOT tattoo your children!
10/9/2012Meth is bad mmkay?
10/9/2012You have too much green. And your CAPS LOCK is broken again
10/8/2012Derp derp derp give me attention derp derp derp
10/5/2012Smile, It's FRIDAY!! ~~ BlackLight
10/4/2012To counteract the green karma.
10/4/2012Only beaners will fuck u cuz they can't smell your rancid snatch over all that Suavital and menudo. STRETCH MARKS (not tiger stripes) ARE FROM HAVING TWAT ROCKETS WITH ILLEGAL ALIENS!
10/4/2012Stop it already. go do a blog somewhere else
10/3/2012Ate popcorn with someone named "crap"
10/3/2012Thinking about the stupidity you share, day in and day out, makes me want to vomit.
10/3/2012Compliments from ~ 0pEnLy~Gr@y
10/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/2/2012EleKtroN was here :)
10/2/2012Spreading the love :)
10/2/2012Turn off the caps ya fucking mental midget....
10/2/2012For the dogz!!!
10/2/2012Chihuahua green luv.... Spiral
10/2/2012Loving the Animal's :)
10/2/2012Wow why all the red.-BlondeDramaQueen​
10/2/2012For the chihuahua - Turtles
10/2/2012Stop badmouthing your mom she was better at it than you.
9/29/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/28/2012Dumb ass....DONT swallow!....ANYTHING!​
9/28/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/26/2012Do good things, good things happen. My name is earl.
9/26/2012This is for the person who wanted to give you green karma.
9/26/2012For loving the Lord Jesus Christ :) Gdchappy
9/26/2012Great! linda
9/26/2012Anybody that thinks they have nothing to learn is kidding themselves. And I like the way you stick up for yourself :) Sloane
9/26/2012Every human deserves a hug === Quasar
9/26/2012Learning rocks! Fuck the negatives! Embrace them, Jedi.
9/26/2012Good for you! Fuck em!
9/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/26/2012Have a good night TTown! :) Love Angels
9/26/2012Do not talk about dog shit
9/26/2012Youre such a dumbass
9/26/2012Retarded stink puss. Only beaners will fuck u cuz they can't smell your rancid snatch over all that Suavital and menudo. NO MORE TACO JOCKEY TWAT ROCKETS, OK!
9/26/2012Jesus Loves You! - Lisa:)
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