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9/26/2012Are you really that fucking stupid?
9/26/2012Have a nice day ;-)
9/26/2012I try to deny your stupidness, I really do.
9/25/2012Honey take new pics. by yourself. take lots of them. and upload them to the internet.
9/25/2012A Kind Heart. Not scared to have a go, or be wrong. Best Wishes
9/24/2012Nice of you to rescue the dog - Vision Thing
9/24/2012Attention Whore - gets bored easily and trolls GLP - Please fuck off Belinda and take your kids pic out of your avatar - you are a moran
9/24/2012Fat Racist Piece of Shit White Trash Trailer Stop Whore Insane Loser Bitch From Hell on Wheels
9/23/2012Why all the haters?- acegotflows
9/23/2012Ttowngirl Y U NO USE LOWER CASE! +1 carma
9/23/2012Help to scare away the red - samanthasunflower
9/23/2012Good list for coupons!
9/23/2012Just becuz
9/23/2012Good posts, re: coupons! -CF
9/23/2012From 1550123 because they wanted to but couldn't.
9/23/2012I see red is your favorite color so here is another one.
9/23/2012Needs it
9/23/2012Another idiotic comment -1
9/23/2012Don't Forget to Stock up on Birth Control - we Don't Want Any More Babies From You
9/23/2012You are about as sensitive as an anvil!
9/23/2012Welfare whore
9/23/2012Just because.
9/23/2012Green drive by
9/23/2012Love !
9/23/2012Just cause
9/23/2012I had a siezure from all the sirens in that post.
9/23/2012Very Helpful and Sweet Person
9/23/2012I Think You Are a Mental Case. This is Your Weekly
9/22/2012"A burger flipper works harder" it is true. Expertofsound
9/22/2012As soon as a burger flipper goes through 8 years of college MAYBE they will have worked as hard - u stupid
9/22/2012I -know- a burger flipper works harder. - anaiah
9/22/2012Honestly, that burger flipper comment might be the dumbest thing you'ver ever said
9/21/2012My Google Calendar alerted me that it was time to give you negative Karma. K thnx bye.
9/20/2012"Fuck you are fucking stupid fucks" Really? YOU are going to call someone stupid? THAT IS NOT CHRISTIAN. STRETCH MARKS (not tiger stripes) ARE FROM HAVING TWAT ROCKETS WITH ILLEGAL ALIENS!
9/20/2012Good Karma for her cos she's the best eva!
9/20/2012It's that time of week again, your whorehouse is closed for cleaning and you've got the night off.
9/20/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/20/2012Good idea
9/19/2012From your friendly Dr. Acula
9/19/2012Your body is ruined skank
9/19/2012For being a sexy blonde!
9/18/2012For looking like a sheep dog
9/18/2012Reported Abusive Post
9/18/2012Oh god not you
9/18/2012Go away
9/18/2012Get off the welfare u black cock having bitch
9/18/2012"Fuck you are fucking stupid fucks" Really? YOU are going to call someone stupid? THAT IS NOT CHRISTIAN. STRETCH MARKS (not tiger stripes) ARE FROM HAVING TWAT ROCKETS WITH ILLEGAL ALIENS!
9/17/2012Thank you thank you thank you for not typing in caps all the time :-)
9/17/2012EleKtroN was here :)
9/17/2012You are addicted to red :D
9/17/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/17/2012Still whining about the red you so DESERVE? Fuckoff
9/17/2012May be a sheeple, but you're an idiot
9/16/2012You smell like a stew pot full of shit and spoiled milk.
9/15/2012It's your peroid time again, weekly promise.
9/14/2012Entrepreneur ...key word for welfare mommy! ur signature is hilarious u aint hard bitch!! dont act like it....
9/14/2012Here's some green. Now let me lick your face. :p
9/13/2012For screwing with MP. You need to up the dosage on your psychotic meds. You disgrace & embarass yourself.
9/13/2012Because you were called out in a thread title
9/13/2012Green time :)
9/13/2012Another retarded thread. I expect no less from you...
9/13/2012Do you also enjoy ppl yelling at you? stop with the caps
9/12/2012God bless
9/12/2012You chew and screw
9/12/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/12/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/12/2012I Love You Ttowngirl You Make me All Warm Inside
9/12/2012Get a fucking life, bitch!
9/12/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/12/2012For banning me from your threads. Censorship is weak. - Factual Error
9/12/2012Because i don't think that the princess should have named you in a post. this says something about her i did not know.
9/12/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/12/2012Green for you Ttown :) Love Angels
9/12/2012Who cares about this fat bitch!
9/12/2012I can smell you half way across the country
9/12/2012Stupid mexican loving dumbass
9/12/2012Posting your childs pic as your avatar is CHILD ABUSE - you don't deserve to be a mother
9/12/2012Cause you still havent killed yourself yet
9/11/2012You need some good karma - Seed
9/11/2012You're still a dumb bitch
9/11/2012For the Tarot guinea pig request :)
9/11/2012What the people below me said.
9/11/2012Love the new pic :) tara
9/9/2012Pop out some more welfare checks why dont you
9/9/2012Cuz i can
9/9/2012Sometimes you try
9/9/2012I was going to give you a red, but I felt a twinge of christian compassion and it compelled me to green ya. I'm not sure I'll be so compassionate next time.
9/8/2012Fat ass hooker. Cunt flaps down to your knees. You could probably spread your flaps and go hang gliding.
9/8/2012I told you about the cap lock are COMPLETELY fucking stupid?!?!
9/8/2012Cuz everyone deserves something green once in a while ~ LaniJane
9/6/2012For the original moran
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