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9/6/2012Take your child's pic out of your avatar. Leave her out of your shameful whoring
9/6/2012You need it !
9/6/2012Caps Lock Sucks Bitch
9/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
9/6/2012As promised.
9/5/2012It is time again.
9/5/2012Weekly red for attention whoring
9/5/2012You stole shoes too? Hard to imagine you even worse than I thought.
9/5/2012Some green your way - Venetian
9/5/2012For love, 141
9/5/2012For acting like you are trying to be clever with not buying toilet paper, when the truth is YOUR FOOD STAMPS WON'T PAY FOR IT. And OMG that bleached hair is really trailer-trash yellow.
9/4/2012No one cares about your ghetto apt drama or laptops traded for crack!! And YES your body IS ruined. Those are stretch marks, not tiger stripes idiot!!
9/4/2012Stand up and be a responsible citizen not a leech upon society
9/4/2012I hope you are not molesting that child in your pic. Somebody should call CPS on you.
9/4/2012Your comment on student loan forgiveness act
9/4/2012Karma drive by... : )
9/3/2012Green for You to counter all that nasty red -Evol Eric
9/3/2012Lose the av though, no one wants to see your offspring
9/3/2012Cool thread
9/3/2012You figured out the Caps-Lock,
9/3/2012More red
9/3/2012For putting your little girls picture up. Stupid, stupid !!!!
9/3/2012Stupid cunt...
9/3/2012Numb cunt
9/3/2012What sort of moron posts a pic of their kid in their avatar - bad parenting + you are an attention whore
9/3/2012You'll see ~~ He who laughs last
9/3/2012Like the good fellow below me, I also got Derpies and Derkapox.
9/3/2012Suck it!
9/2/2012Gave me derpies
9/1/2012Have a good weekend. Cute picture! Philligan
9/1/2012More green.
8/30/2012II don't know why all the red. I allways like your posts....indiandave
8/30/2012You do not rock, youre ugly fat and needy and everyone hates you
8/30/2012Not you fat fugly slut
8/30/2012Until you turn off that cap lock, this is all you get you fucking cunt, red, red, red ,red....
8/29/2012Hey girl, some green stuff for ya
8/29/2012Still attention whoring I see.
8/29/2012Yore r weekly ttownbitch
8/29/2012I did not mean to offend you in any way. Take care. PB
8/29/2012I like ttown
8/29/2012Some Green For ya!
8/29/2012Damn, I almost forgot you this week. sorry, but youll get one til unbanded.
8/29/2012Need my red fix... Or should I say NEED MY RED FIX
8/29/2012Don't know why but I like you
8/29/2012Good thoughts on scripture in spite of my point of view. GLP desperately needs the word of God
8/29/2012U need this - CoTA
8/28/2012Squee piggy, piggy,piggy, piggy!
8/27/2012You smell like cuntslop and rotting cheetos.
8/27/2012You dont have anything worth stealing you rotten skank
8/27/2012To stupid to come up with your own thread, great job plagiarising an old thread, fucking idiot.
8/27/2012Love ya!!!!
8/27/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/27/2012Too lazy to be either a good parent or successful crack whore.
8/27/2012Green and 5 stars for the Smart Meter post, just because it seemed so random.... ;)
8/26/2012Fuck off
8/26/2012Turn off your caps already. stop yelling
8/26/2012You Fucking Idiot
8/26/2012Long time GLP'er, show her love ya'll
8/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2012She's a good kid.
8/25/2012Some positive karma cuz you look pretty nice
8/25/2012Still eating lead paint chips I see.
8/25/2012You have a nice day...EGO SUM NEX
8/25/2012Have a great day girl
8/24/2012Fix Your Capslock!!!
8/24/2012Hi! from Earth420 :)
8/23/2012Bud List Green~~God Bless~~....Chop's
8/23/2012People don't accept opinions - It's not fair to judge before looking into why people say the things they do. You are often misjudged. I hope it gets better - Prophet.
8/23/2012You Insignificant Maggott - Attention Whore - Caps Lock - Bitch - And Major Troll
8/23/2012Because you are a stupid ass
8/23/2012Come out da closet.
8/23/2012Girl Power!
8/23/2012I Had 2 Kids With 2 Illegal Aliens, I'm Ignorant And Cant Pay my Bills, Why Cant i Find a bf? Derp da Derp!!
8/22/2012Dumber than a box of shit
8/22/2012Here's some green karma.
8/22/2012"how much money were u spending on her?"
8/22/2012Just because you are so cute! --Aggie
8/22/2012Your weekly green ; )
8/22/2012Your weekly ttownbitch
8/22/2012Stupid person
8/22/2012Too much red- batmom
8/21/2012Thank you for your offer of help for my mother ! From Tiger1.
8/21/2012Buy nuy shtf i giove you a week
8/21/2012OMG I just slept with an illegal alien~
8/21/2012A CHRISTIAN isnt supposed to dabble w/ psychics, witchcraft! which IS what U R doing.SHAME!!
8/21/2012Do your crabs all count as one in your SHTF group or do you count them individually to get to 12?
8/20/2012Cause i hate you.
8/20/2012And you wonder why you have so much red karma.
8/20/2012Nice thread.. ignore your trolls N haters
8/19/2012Do good things, good things happen
8/19/2012I don't believe you are a woman. Go suck yourself.
8/19/20121 because I am a rebel.
8/19/2012Gawd you are irritating...
8/18/2012TTowngirl your the biggest loser on GLP get a life. You are the FAIL
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