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8/1/2012To help with all that red karma lol - Buddha_
8/1/2012Glad you feel better....TDJ
8/1/2012When someone says the phrase "How dumb can you be?", you need to stop taking it as a challenge. Seriously. :(
7/31/2012Pancreatitis is apainun te as,,I meas side..really!..I am sorry if you have to do this deal girl. Water, no drank, vitamin C 100, B 125, omega D, and get the Vitamin D3 5,000Iu..its 1000 Iu per drop
7/31/2012Hello :) From Earth420
7/31/2012Sounds like you need some.
7/30/2012Free spirit; don't let the bullys get you down
7/30/2012Attention whoring again! Think you are the only one to ever be sick?
7/30/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/30/2012Prayers sent....Chop's
7/30/2012I'm sorry people are so mean to you.
7/30/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/29/2012No show
7/29/2012I defended you more than you will ever know and now I regret it. Good luck
7/29/2012For giving me lots of laughs with your negative karma. - Factual Error
7/29/2012Poor taste with replys and turn caps off
7/29/2012Some green for you ;)
7/29/2012When you gonna learn and leave?
7/29/2012I love you. Don't let the haters get to you.
7/29/2012Grow up!
7/29/2012God Bless you Ttown, I hate the Mob Mentality here it is really SAD that their souls are that dark.
7/29/2012You have the most annoying voice I've ever heard in my life, I would never leave you alone in my house, let alone step in the front door - GET OFF THE BATH SALTS!
7/29/2012Sigh...you need more than i can give.
7/29/2012Nice chat show.
7/29/2012Why are you hated so much?
7/29/2012For not showing up to the voice chat and smelling like old lindberger cheese
7/29/2012You weren't in the chat!!! :'(
7/29/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/29/2012I hate you even more now...
7/29/2012Have some green, babe. You get too much flack around here.
7/29/2012Scared worthless twat
7/29/2012Thanks for standing everyone up!
7/28/2012No show for live chat
7/28/2012U suck
7/28/2012Because everyone is doing it xP
7/28/2012You so fucking fail
7/28/2012No show for voice chat once again showing what a loser you are! Guess we now know why you can
7/28/2012Peer pressure
7/28/2012I turned off my phone and cancelled stuff for your VC, you naughty no show bitch. :D - Debauchery
7/28/2012You Suck!
7/28/2012Here here
7/28/2012Just cause u need a hug
7/28/2012Green Karma from philligan, have fun on the chat tonight its too late for me, Philligan
7/28/2012Everyone thinks I'm an attention whore? Better start a thread and voice chat ....
7/28/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/28/2012For standing in the heat hunny, I know it's hard sometimes, my life hasn't always been so great. Much love, Starlit
7/28/2012Being a good mom.
7/28/2012Go back to Africa.
7/28/2012Asking for green gets you red
7/28/2012We all need a helping hand sometimes.
7/27/2012I thought you left, stinkpuss.
7/27/2012Violated Posting Rules (Over Use Of Caps)
7/27/2012You need a life.
7/27/2012Hope you feel better
7/27/2012Tranny Town Girl
7/27/2012Whah hahahahah Fucking crybaby
7/27/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/27/2012Still the dumbest bitch on GLP
7/26/2012The game was fun
7/26/2012Just because you are so cute!
7/26/2012Caps bitch
7/26/2012Go fuck youreself bitch
7/26/2012Just a terrible poster
7/26/2012Good catch
7/26/2012Take your fucking caps lock off for the love of god you fucking imbecile
7/26/2012Its filling up faster than I can bail it out.
7/25/2012Ugh why?
7/25/2012Omg! I can't believe she cheated on Rob, that ugly fuck. Fatty fatty 2x4, you know the rest. You smell like fresh dog shit.
7/25/2012Shakes head
7/25/2012For being a scammer trying to win the Chips contest
7/25/2012Obnoxious. stop using all caps, stop bumping your thread (which is a repeat of at least 5 other previous threads) without anything else ridiculous to say or add.
7/25/2012Leave the drugs alone!
7/25/2012The most irrelevant poster on GLP = has serious moral issues - lies and deceives people - total attention whore
7/24/2012Attention whore scammer who knows nothing except attention whoring and deleting post that don't agree. Worthless.
7/24/2012It's called using google
7/24/2012You need it
7/24/2012Stay strong. You are loved
7/24/2012Holmes looks different, looks like hes wearing a wig in court compared to mugshot too
7/24/2012I am not saying you're a slut, but if your vagina had a password it would be "1234"
7/24/2012I just luv dis one....When your pussy 'queefs', does the walls to your trailer shake?...LOL LOL LOL
7/24/2012Anyone who can't see that the pics of john holmes are two people is stupid or CRAZY! <3<3frickfrick
7/24/2012ALL CAPS SUCK...Try using the Shift Key every now and then...
7/24/2012Weekly dose of red
7/24/2012You are so stupid sometimes
7/23/2012" my Bust Size is Bigger Than my iq "
7/23/2012Not so bad logic
7/23/2012You are 100% redneck! Stop kidding yourself and trying to be something exotic.
7/22/2012Fatty snort snort oink oink fatty fatty 2x4 cant fit through the trailer park door, you coochie smells like a stinky shoe I hope you wash it because you smell like doo doo
7/22/2012Would bang you, but never date.
7/22/2012STOOOOOPPPPP YEEELLLLIIIIINNNNNGGG​G!!! *sob* please. for the love of God. Stop yelling. Fuck. *sob
7/19/2012Being nice. pool
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