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7/19/2012Being nice. pool
7/18/2012No explanation needed
7/18/2012Sick of your shit troll
7/18/2012You have a queef for a brain.
7/18/2012Retarded idiot
7/18/2012Its always got to be about YOU & fuck everyone else. not this time welfare ho.
7/18/2012Whaaaa.. blah blah my thread.. Grow up, who cares..
7/17/2012Good Post
7/17/2012I would have given you a bump and 5*'s for the thread about the 7 yr old girl, but you banned me. Good Karma anyway. Sledster
7/17/2012The most irrelevant poster on GLP = has serious moral issues - lies and deceives people - total attention whore
7/17/2012Bath salts made me do it.
7/16/2012When your pussy 'queefs', does the walls to your trailer shake?...LOL LOL LOL
7/15/2012Derp da derp derp "what is queef?" duhhhhh, Ding fries are done!
7/15/2012Skanky, lying, scamming piece of trash fake christian. i feel for your kids and hope they don't turn out like you.
7/15/2012WTF is wrong with you? Are you fucking retarded? Why would you link that shit?
7/15/2012No cure for stupid
7/15/2012Psycho hose beast
7/15/2012What a fucking stupid bitch
7/13/2012Stay safe!
7/13/2012Agree i HATE STUPID PEOPLE.
7/13/2012True to texas/ Merci
7/13/2012You are completely and hopelessly braindead
7/12/2012Just cuz
7/12/2012Just cause you are so darn cute!
7/12/2012Ok, green for pin of an actually decent thread.
7/12/2012Cut your grass! Brief :)
7/12/20121 cuz everyone deserves a little green > the portal
7/12/2012Stink stink!
7/12/2012You got a normal thread pinned! -Anubis
7/11/2012For your thread. From Tiger1.
7/11/2012Just because... TDJ
7/11/2012Good - How can people be so cold thread. ~ Truly
7/11/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/11/2012Violated Posting Rules (Retarded Post)
7/11/2012Weekly dose of negative karma for attention whoring
7/11/2012Some green for you. - Six Six Six
7/10/2012Here's some red ya dumb broad.
7/9/2012Not even nuclear douche could get rid of your smell
7/8/2012Fuck off Belinda Roth - you are an attention whore and scamming liar. No-one on GLP has as many foes as you
7/7/2012Meth Head
7/7/2012Admits to enjoying rape fantasies, proving she's totally unaware that people ALREADY think she's a complete twarp, what the fuck is wrong with you girl, you must not care about your self ima
7/6/2012Compassion rules.
7/5/2012Baby killer supporter
7/5/2012Like your new avatar.
7/5/2012For honor killing artical. Duckduckgoosechamp
7/5/2012U suk
7/5/2012Nice girl you.
7/5/2012Thanks for the honor killing post ~ Borat
7/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/5/2012Play nice
7/5/2012White Power - You Go TTownGirl!
7/5/2012For your latest thread !
7/5/2012I wanted to give you red, but I gave out too much red karma already. You have lots of red so this green means nothing
7/5/2012Green for your new avatar...Rael
7/4/2012I like the way you racism
7/4/2012Eat this
7/4/2012DAMN! you need some green girl :)
7/4/2012Good job on the black people getting scared
7/4/2012Great post. Makes some sense.
7/4/2012"i had gained 30 pounds suddenly in 2 months i have high blood pressure so i can not overdue myself " is what you said. high school pic avatar lazy lying scammer.
7/4/2012Thank you for being the unique snowflake you are
7/3/2012Stop it. How old are you. Are you a child still?
7/3/2012God, you're stupid...even by GLP standards.
7/3/2012Look good in your new avy :) MAnu
7/3/2012Trashy as ever!
7/3/2012You make me fucking gag....
7/3/2012Weekly karma! :D :D - Debauchery
7/3/2012Ugly whore without a conscience. - Arctica
7/3/2012Troll win - neg karma for you
7/3/2012Because you are in red :( so I gave you some !
7/3/2012Just cause there are some real troll-ass-holes out there.
7/3/2012Just because....
7/3/2012Mmm, BK chicken sammiches! Did they let you swipe your EBT? BTW: give up the husband search, no quality guy wants scamming liars.
7/2/2012You are too old to wear a fake pony tail. Act your age and start wearing your hair shorter. It's just pathetic. Piggy piggy snort snort. Go milk your saggy cow tits.
7/2/2012Stop putting everything in caps. It's annoying.
7/2/2012For more good luck
7/2/2012You make me laugh, Congrats on the paper towels.
7/2/2012Please stop attention whoring.
7/2/2012Not sure if most brilliant troll here... or just stupid.
7/2/2012Meh i like BOUNTY mreeeeeaaahhh....
7/2/2012Good thread, and posts....LePalma
7/2/2012Self explanatory
7/1/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/1/2012Nice interesting post about hybrids
7/1/2012Don't let the idiots and trolls get you down...
7/1/2012Red Karma is better then green karma, keep it up
7/1/2012Haters gonna hate
7/1/2012Good Karma for a Good Girl :-)
7/1/2012If you drop a few pounds the little green men might probe your backchannels
7/1/2012You need it!
7/1/2012Ima take a HUGE dump on your chest
7/1/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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