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7/1/2012Stay Cool ! <3
7/1/2012Fucking spasmodic attention pig
7/1/2012Jesus, you're the worst attention whore ever
7/1/2012Dumb Bitch. Get a f-ing JOB so you can buy a house and get off the Govt dole.
6/30/2012Some deserved good Carma for a change.
6/30/2012Dumbest bitch on earth
6/30/2012Fangirl; spamming posts.
6/30/2012You fat skank, you slut, fatty fatty 2x4 cant fit through the trailer park door, piggy piggy wiggy wiggy snort snort , stop the violence close your legs
6/30/2012Stay strong.x
6/30/2012You really shouldn't share
6/28/2012I deleted and banned you because you are a horrible person with nothing but capslock posts to contribute. i weep for your children.
6/28/2012Fuck off Belinda scammer - your aussie thread sucks
6/28/2012For waving cash around lol
6/28/2012IT HAS STARTED: Good try to wake people up. Tanarus
6/27/2012For The Cross On The Moon Thread. - Six Six Six
6/27/2012Scam artist
6/27/2012Looks like you need some green
6/27/2012Hey T.... CyBerndt
6/27/2012Holy fuck, you must have hurt some people, nevermind here is some green from me, Ythra
6/27/2012Green for you for mars post....indiandave
6/26/2012Dumb Ass for getting burnt
6/26/2012You need some green
6/26/2012Weekly red from your favorite foe! :) - Debauchery
6/26/2012No one knows when God will return, stupid!
6/26/2012Looks like you could use some green :)
6/26/2012You know why
6/26/2012From living in a tent to disneyland and israel. Picking up after youself at your mums isn't a cleaning job. Liar, fake crhirstian scammer attention whore.
6/26/2012Im muuuurrriccannn
6/25/2012I gotta admit...she can make me laugh!
6/25/2012Good post
6/25/2012Blame Canada - right on! ~ Borat
6/25/2012You are satan.
6/25/2012You are somebody's daughter, I'd never wish my daughter treated the way you do. Kinect :-)
6/25/2012The LORD will keep you from all harm, he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121:7-8....Chop's
6/25/2012She lives in Tulsa
6/24/2012LOL, you have more foes than friends.
6/24/2012Guzzle some more syrup porker.
6/24/2012Fuck soda stream....who fuckin cares drink water its better for you anyways....
6/24/2012Oh for goodness sakes give the girl some green :)
6/24/2012Fake hair in ur pic makes you look like a ho
6/24/2012Cuz I am your GLP husband '-)
6/24/2012For Aliens caught on film. WeAreOne.
6/23/2012Happy trip cutie!! <Medic>
6/23/2012Alien Thread +1 ~~BlackLight
6/23/2012Because I haven't seen anything wrong with your posts, not sure why you have bad karma...so I wanted to give you some good :)
6/23/2012Nice Walmart clip on pony tail in your pic. You are a cheap, ignorant, cheating, lying, scamming attention whore Daneille.. Go away!
6/23/2012Grow a brain
6/22/2012How About You Don't Type in Caps Lock! Its Very Annoying And Seems Like You're Yelling All The Time!
6/22/2012Your not welcome!
6/21/2012Hello! From Earth420 :)
6/21/2012OMG! Look at the Balls on him. Good Find, Nice Pin!
6/21/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/20/2012Dumb bitch
6/20/2012Did you hear? Johnny Depp is single... LaniJane :)
6/20/2012Praying for you. You talk about God and loving God...I am praying you find God and allow him to work in your life. You have the ability to do so much good. Don't waste it. (CarrieRosie)
6/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/18/2012Never hurts to ask, +1 for courage.
6/18/2012Egg sammie
6/18/2012You are not mod material!
6/17/2012GLP's biggest attention whore ... also a scam artist and a LIAR
6/17/2012Did that pay off for you saying your kid as mental probs? Might have to get the chip to get the check. Scammer attention whore.
6/17/2012Fatty fatty 2x4, Adam Ant is too fat to fit through a door. Your coochie smells like the elephant cage at the zoo.
6/17/2012STFU it is better to be seen and not heard....
6/17/2012YOU still posting on GLP should be a sin. jesus you are mindless....
6/16/2012TTowngirl, you looking mighty handsome these days...
6/16/2012Garden of eden is not real yo
6/16/2012100% Worth it Karma!!!!
6/16/2012You couldn't hunt your way out of a wet paper bag. Good thing you are fat, so you can eat yourself over the coming months
6/15/2012You would think brief is funny, after all cunt bitches like to stick together huh. go suck a pecker ho bag!
6/15/2012Looks like you need more red
6/15/2012Don't agree with your faith, but you don't deserve so much vehement hatred. -chopinrocks
6/15/2012Could love you! .AXL.
6/14/2012Because your fan club president tagged me with red. :D - Debauchery
6/13/2012Filthy lazy whore, your own website to beg from people now? A charity where YOU are the only benefitting recipient.
6/13/2012For being a tool
6/13/2012Fatty fatty 2x4 cant write a book, can't spell "read" only thing you know is how to spread your legs filthy whore suu weee smell you spoiled fishy coochie
6/12/2012Stop with the caps already
6/12/2012Pin bitcher
6/12/2012Luv u
6/11/2012Praying for you ttown. We were forgivin on the cross. Hold on to God's unchanging Hand
6/11/2012For the bjork thread -- mordier
6/11/2012Stupid bitch is stupid
6/11/2012Really - in the mall? Get a job
6/9/2012Fatty fatty 2x4 can't fit through the trailer park door. Wipe your butt, it smells like horse manure.
6/9/2012Pew peeeeww!!!
6/9/2012Attention whore con artist scammer.
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