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4/17/2012Happy bday ;)
4/17/2012Happy Birthday ! xoxoxoxo With Much Love <3
4/17/2012Happy bday:)
4/17/2012Happy birthday-marketsellof​f
4/17/2012Happy b day from merci
4/17/2012Happy Birthday ttown! I can't post a greeting to you because I'm banned from your threads, oh well. Kate :)
4/17/2012Its her Birthday
4/17/2012Happy birthday - Bovril
4/17/2012You ban anyone who reveals your online scams and then cry that no one helps, Grow up Danielle!
4/17/2012Attention seeking troll.
4/17/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/17/2012Dipshit attention whore...GO AWAY
4/17/2012Fuck Off!
4/17/2012Go away, leave GLP , fat boy man
4/13/2012Harmless poster. Gets way too much heat.
4/13/2012Well said about Axl ;)
4/13/2012Fuck off
4/13/2012I just… don't even...
4/12/2012Life is certainly a bitch, you're right
4/11/2012Assuming you're going for a full red bar. You're welcome. =)
4/11/2012If god was real, he would hate you
4/11/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/11/2012Educate yourself and than get back on the forum. Spreading your ignorance does nothing for anyone
4/11/2012Not everyone can like you... and thisis not ment negative only the karma for starting a stupid post
4/11/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/11/2012Love ya....Chop's
4/11/2012Idiot. no one cares enough too stalk you
4/11/2012Ttowngirl fave site www wishuponahero com
4/11/2012Your bug out thread typifies your behaviour....scamming​ free stuff from people ----shame on you belinda, you are a true skank
4/10/2012You need to do more self edumacation
4/10/2012Weekly good karma BB
4/10/2012I found your "other" wishuponahero ID you skanky scammer.
4/10/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/10/2012Cause no one deserves the slander you get, --Voltiac--
4/10/2012Grubby slut. Nobody likes you, and you should feel bad.
4/10/2012For deleting my post. Douche
4/10/2012Fat lazy childish succubus...banning from posting lmao you lose!!!!
4/9/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/9/2012Just feeling a bit soft hearted tonight.
4/9/2012If you're buggin out don't forget to pack your caps lock key
4/9/2012Lose weight so you can ask for more money turning tricks then you can afford to shop where white people do.
4/7/2012Please get off your computer and get a real job so my tax dollars don't go to pay the result of your unprotected sexcapades! You add nothing, and you are a shameless attention seeking whore,. (bt
4/7/2012I find you kind of strange but I genuinely enjoyed your Ulta thread. -Turkey Cock
4/5/2012For my little sister in the LORD.
4/5/2012Just because --- DRAGOON
4/5/2012At Least Her Kid Reads Books
4/4/2012You need some green. Let the Word of God be your foundation of truth. Dig deep into it and you'll find priceless treasures. - Voice
4/4/2012Your threads suck
4/4/2012The world is what you make it
4/4/2012Wow, you need some green. Seems you rattle some cages--good for you.
4/3/2012Fatty fatty 2 x 4 can't fit through the trailer park door. Piggy piggy snort snort. Piggly wiggly.
4/3/2012Just Because....
4/3/2012Hi .. you need a friend .. get off the GLP for a few days, go outside or something ..
4/3/2012Attention Whore Scam rtist ... Got any more wishes yet scamming whore. You should be ashamed of yourself belinda
4/3/2012Sympathy Karma ~~ BlackLight
4/2/2012Attention Whore Scam rtist ... Got any more wishes yet scamming whore. You should be ashamed of yourself belinda
4/2/2012For being hot!
4/1/2012Smart woman, keep it up. BB
4/1/2012GLP wouldn't be the same without you - Vision Thing
4/1/2012Driveby Karma
3/31/2012Some of us know troll for higher purpose ;)
3/30/2012Your obvvious fascination with money is so totally shallow!
3/30/2012"You've got fail"??? you're an ass!
3/29/2012Fuck fail
3/28/2012Fat racist bitch....kill yourself
3/28/2012Turn your fucking caps lock off
3/28/2012Go ttowngirl!!
3/27/2012If stupidity paid well, you'd be disgustingly rich!! Get over yourself!
3/27/2012Understanding You~~BlackLight
3/26/2012Spreading a message of peace! jdb
3/26/2012QUESTION ABOUT GOVT AND SSI , WELFARE ETC really..do you want to cut off your own meal ticket? wow are you preggers again..or just fat?
3/26/2012Your threads are bad, and you should feel bad. Also I live in Tulsa and have black friends you are dumb and racist. Hurr durr dem trumpets are blaring.
3/25/2012Fat Fat Fat Fat Fat Head!!!!
3/25/2012Right on
3/25/2012What church are you going to? jesus did not preach racism. man, i had hope for you. i'll continue to pray for your soul.
3/25/2012Stupidest bitch on all of glp
3/25/2012Brave one.
3/25/2012Lets get you some serious green. +1 for having guts to post this.
3/25/2012You can take whitey out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of whitey, for white trash
3/25/2012For having the guts to tell it like it is
3/25/2012Finally found the CAPS lock button~Redharvest
3/25/2012I used to wonder why so many on here hateted you, now I know
3/25/2012For being the most obtuce dumb bitch on this forum.
3/25/2012'I know that's right!'
3/25/2012What would your dark skinned kids think of your thread about their race? HYPOCRITE.
3/25/2012Shut up Cracker!
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