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3/25/2012Stop With The Fucking Racist Bull Shit
3/25/2012Dumb White Girl
3/25/2012For being overtly racist and sinking to a whole new low. What a retard.
3/25/2012You need some green good thread-41
3/25/2012FAU student
3/25/2012Not helping
3/25/2012Booo lame racism
3/25/2012For getting out of the ghetto
3/25/2012The trumpets are blowing up your ass.
3/25/2012For having to live in the ghetto - mtn mang
3/25/2012"I AT ONE TIME LIVED IN A GHETTO" thread.
3/25/2012It "you're" as in "If you are white". Not your. And STOP YELLING
3/25/2012Gimmicking Errday
3/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/25/2012You're a stupid, fat ugly cunt
3/25/2012Smile :) - DisasterInc
3/25/2012Ttowngirl, good thread about Blame Whitey, also nice alias pic --- DRAGOON
3/25/2012You need a serious education....sooooo frickin stupid!
3/24/2012I like your room cleaning thread. I feel your pain! -Illuminaughty
3/24/2012Oh the drama
3/24/2012PLEASE take that pic down on your avatar it was so nice not looking at your mug before...OINK OINK
3/24/2012I'D Hit it.
3/23/2012You should definitely go to Africa, Ttown. They need you over there.
3/23/2012Who cares?
3/23/2012You need green. Joker
3/22/2012Instead of weekly red , I have decided to give you a free pass with some green. oh but this is really painful not hitting the cancel button and change it to red....
3/22/2012What is wrong with you?
3/22/2012Scam artist ... Got any more wishes yet scamming whore. You should be ashamed of yourself belinda
3/22/2012Your weekly karma
3/22/2012Your hair changed color but your still ugly and fat, go away piggy, nobody cares
3/22/2012Hello good looking =)
3/22/2012Kate :)
3/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/22/2012Please go find somewhere to spend your time (PLEASE)
3/21/2012For suggesting to bar all AC's from posting
3/21/2012Who cares ya whore
3/21/2012You're mean! Thinking for yourself is NOT uppity! Try it sometime. If you are a Christian you're a MEAN one!
3/19/2012Jeeezus, you'll post ANYTHING just to get attention. Were you ignored as a child? Seriously, you need professional help, Honey.
3/19/2012Thanks for the weather info.
3/19/2012Posting pointless things on a thread
3/19/2012Weekly Karma For U! BunkerBill
3/19/2012Because you seem to need it today
3/19/2012Bipolar .. constantly contradicting youself ..
3/18/2012You still ripping off people with good hearts?
3/18/2012Meat head
3/18/2012Shut up
3/17/2012Still a whore I see :) How did it go at the Oklahoma players ball?
3/16/2012Hey, GLP is a strange place. I'm an old man. but if your diet succeds, and you get down to 120#, I would dreive over and take you anywhere you want to eat in tulsa.>>Muzzle
3/16/2012Weekly green - Turtle
3/16/2012You need some green. Happy St. Pat
3/16/2012Thinks that GLP is facebook. Newsflash: It isn't.
3/16/2012Your are getting better at not posting about yourself, now you just need to work on not posting stupid threads in GENERAL. I think you can I think you can I think you can!
3/15/2012For posting stories that are 2 months old. Seriously that gun story is older than your VD
3/15/2012Why do you not have a picture of you as yer avatar...you are very pretty :) a new one would be nice
3/15/2012He is an ass, posting b.s on my thread.
3/15/2012Weekly red for you being you.
3/14/2012Stupid bitch posts her real info online. Got any more 'wishes' coming Belinda? Lying, deceiving, attention whore... hope you get busted soon
3/14/2012Jesus does love you....Chop's
3/14/2012Liar Attention Whore Scammer Using People And Claiming to be Christian. You Are Nasty.
3/13/2012Great video TT. Amy A
3/13/2012Just because
3/13/2012Weekly Red Fatty Fatty 2x4 Your Coochie Has More Stains in it Than Your Rug in Your Trailer House. Snort Snort See ya Next Week Piggly Wiggly
3/13/2012Just leave... people are really sick and tired of you...>Archangel-NL<
3/13/2012For being you! -Nem
3/11/2012Slime trail
3/11/2012The music thread for muslims...ROFL!~Luna
3/9/2012Farmer have giant black jersey chickens
3/8/2012Random love for you
3/8/2012Fuck off
3/8/2012GLPs most despised poster.... Please fuck off
3/7/2012Fun stuff!
3/7/2012Very clear>
3/7/2012If you really are the girl you claim to be, There is always a way to change the path you are on. Things are not always as they appear.
3/7/2012Good Post
3/7/2012For Banning me. DasDoomAss:)
3/7/2012FUCK OFF Belinda ....take you attention whore ass and leave
3/7/2012Instead of continuing to ask for the opinions of people on spiritual things, start reading and studying the Bible for yourself.
3/7/2012Im Giving You This Bad Karma in All Caps, Just Like Your Retarded Thoughts Are Given to us
3/5/2012Attention whore that scams people
3/5/2012Even god could not save us if you are the first to make contact with ET, damn you tt, damn you to hell
3/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/5/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/5/2012Idk why.
3/5/2012Scam artist taking advantage
3/4/2012"It makes my day to give your stupid ass bad karma. it truly does." I agree!!
3/4/2012Weekly red. fatty fatty 2x4 cant fit through the trailer park door. snort snort oink oink. piggly wiggly. EBT fears fatty begin of the month.
3/4/2012God hates us all
3/3/2012Was going to give green for a change, but you remained the same.
3/3/2012Post and run oink scammer
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