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7/8/2013Unban me you censorship supporting cunt. Ben Schillen
7/8/2013Dumber than a box of doorknobs
7/7/2013I'm sure you are a paid shill. Go fuck yourself, here is your weekly red. Everyone give her weekly red til she leaves.
7/7/2013I masturbate to your avatar
7/7/2013Shut up and get off this site. you are a worthless bag of shit.
7/7/2013You suck
7/7/2013From joker
7/7/2013For working to keep your vag tight
7/7/2013Ahh ha Google alerts works. Your weekly red.
7/7/2013Fix your avatar or change it.
7/7/2013You're such a tar pot.
7/5/2013Bad girl corrected by a mod
7/5/2013You just earned weekly red
7/5/2013I love you
7/5/2013Farmville HACKER
7/5/2013Copyright violating twat
7/5/2013Obviously you chose to be stupid!
7/4/2013Looks like a donkey with a dildo jammed up the arse
7/4/2013So Are You Ttown
7/3/2013GLP is not your personal Facebook or Twitter page. You do not need to update us on your mood, likes, dislikes. No one cares!
7/3/2013For all the red karma I'm getting because of you.
7/3/2013Ttown must go. GET LOST! ADSR
7/3/2013Fucking brianless moran…at least you're not using ALL CAPS!
7/3/2013Loose vag FTW
7/2/2013Keep drinkin that HaterAde folks
7/2/2013Need some green there friend ! savcash :)
7/2/2013Red for being a moran. You wouldn't be if not for a man as well. FOOL!
7/2/2013You need some green - darbydoom
7/2/2013Not a car forum, plz leave
7/2/2013Dumb fat bitch
7/2/2013Ttowngirl is hot
7/2/2013Women power ! La'
7/2/2013Shame they couldn't have given your brain to someone who might use it...
7/2/2013Bless your heart. Penultimate. <3
7/2/2013You are special alright but not in a good way
7/2/2013Dumb cunt award - for continually posting mindless bullshit
7/2/2013Why do you post crap.. please stop.
7/1/2013Do you realize people are making fun of u? U cant even get a date but from an old man! No one wants to hear about grandpa's dick or ur gaping nasty ghetto diseased pussy!!
7/1/2013Weekly bad karma for the dumbest person on the entire internet.
7/1/2013Something WRONG with you, girl!
6/30/2013Now i know why you have so much red
6/29/2013Good threads... thanks ...My 2 Cents
6/29/2013Been too long. I'm supposed to give you red every week. I need to set a reminer...I know..Google Alerts!!
6/29/2013I bet you have a chronic case of vaginitis u foul pig!
6/29/2013Bike thread
6/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/29/2013Another pointless thread. This is not facebook or myspace. Take your personal drama elsewhere, PLEASE.
6/29/2013If you had HALF a brain, you'd be dangerous.
6/29/2013Can you please unban me from your posts? ohnonotagain :)
6/29/2013For telling it straight sista!
6/29/2013Hilarious! -Lunemi-
6/29/20131 For Vaginal Tightening!!!
6/28/2013Is good
6/28/2013Greetings from Prakil.
6/28/2013Been too long. I'm supposed to give you red every week. I need to set a reminer...I know..Google Alerts!!
6/28/2013Fuck You Morans
6/28/2013You Disgust me
6/27/2013Stop treating this place like your facebook YAWN
6/27/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/27/2013For one of the funnies threads to date! HA!! Cheers! Maguyver
6/27/2013Unban me. Ben Schillen
6/27/2013Green back at ya- El Tiburon
6/27/2013LOL flappy vag
6/27/2013Just think a small dick means that your pussy will never queef again...LOL LOL LOL...fucking loser
6/27/2013Are you serious?
6/27/2013Suck the wrinkled micro penis for Dr. Pepper. LOL!!
6/27/2013Filthy biatch
6/27/2013"about my boyfriend" ??!! really?
6/27/2013For tight vag
6/27/2013You suck
6/27/2013"about my boyfriend thread" who cares FFS, no offense intended but what the fuck and who gives a fuck? and I sign my RED, AdHocBOHICA. Get squared away lady.
6/27/2013No more caps but a 65 year old fart come on.
6/27/2013There is no vaginal tightening cream. That's muscle tone and can only be maintained by exercise or reduced by surgery. BB
6/27/2013Ill strecth your pussay like mad, that it will turn into a dark hole and suck everyone in. no cream will help.
6/27/2013Ill just pit this here to counter the sea of red i dont know if your serious or not but you made me lmao...you are a rock star truely one of a kind...love and blessings
6/27/2013You're sweet and people shouldn't be mean to you - FooledMeOnce
6/27/2013Please, just leave. Leave GLP. Forever. Please. I beg you. Leave, now.
6/27/2013It puts the lotion on its vagina...AY????..AY??​??...LOL...EPIC!!!!
6/27/2013Gross. seriously, even for glp.
6/27/2013Hang in there! :) You're so sweet!
6/27/2013Hey sis, you can do better, just TRY!!!!
6/27/2013You Are The Nasty, Smelly, Crusty Vaginal Wart of GLP.
6/27/2013"vaginal tightening cream" Go AWAY!
6/27/2013Xtra lagre Vagina, Xtra small brain. You just fucking suck dick you trailer trash piece of shit.
6/27/2013Don't care about your shitty life.
6/26/2013Have some green ttowngirl...you earned it! LOL-salty1
6/26/2013Gold digging wont make you happy or keep your kids safe
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