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6/17/2013I luf ya! Littlemiracles
6/17/2013Stop bitching about Karma. It doesn't mean anything.
6/17/2013Well here's a green one for you:) My 2 Cents
6/17/2013Triple facepalm
6/17/2013This chick is not Fat! Kinda aged w/e! Why people gotta be hating!
6/17/2013Love GFG
6/17/2013For bible school teacher...5 stars...Thanks...Chas​
6/17/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/16/2013For the amanda threat....grumpier
6/16/2013GLP is not your personal Facebook or Twitter page. You do not need to update us on your mood, likes, dislikes. No one cares!
6/16/2013Hi - Frank Rizo
6/16/2013Do you even look at your avatar before you post them? WTF?
6/15/2013Fatty oink oink
6/15/2013The hair's looking good; nice camera angle. Push up your titties and show a tiny bit more face next time. Eyes are nice and not brown, so that's good.
6/15/2013Nasty attention ho...ho ho ho...
6/15/2013Stupid thread
6/15/2013Ur so cute
6/14/2013Green for you, Why Not :D
6/14/2013Jesus loves you - Indysmindy
6/14/2013Everyone needs a good day..
6/14/2013Random act of karmaness
6/13/2013What they said
6/13/2013Because u rock
6/12/2013Get The Fuck Off GLP You Fugly Slore!
6/12/2013Have another one
6/12/2013Now you're hatin on the elderly!
6/12/2013Stay safe! GT500
6/12/2013My Caps Lock is Still Broken :(
6/11/2013Becasue u seem to care, class! savcash
6/11/2013If Kim Kardashian were on welfare, uglier, fatter, more white trash, fucked Mexicans instead of black guys, and lived in OK she would be named TTOWN. And NO, its not a compliment
6/11/2013Got to get you back in the green-ATONTRUTH :-)
6/11/2013Your just a fucking sad excuse for a fucking person, you constantly beg for help then treat others in need like shit. Seriously work on yourself as a human.
6/11/2013You so Silly : Tanarus
6/10/2013I'm Axl Rose and I wouldn't be your BFF if you were the last living woman alive
6/10/2013I think you're sexy - dixiewrecked(at)ymail​(dot)com
6/10/2013Because you're awesome. lol. Canuck_Hillbilly
6/8/2013When someone pays money to feed YOU AND YOUR KIDS you don't act like a selfish BITCH and turn away when HE WANTS YOUR ATTENTION. Stop being a damn USER.
6/8/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/7/2013Pit bulls are people too
6/7/2013I wouldn't want a pitbull either. Their owners are dumbasses.. The truth hurts. Pitts are dangerous.
6/7/2013Piggy backed on a thread from yesterday, and you know nothing about what you're saying ... yet again.
6/7/2013It`s the owner, not the breed.
6/7/2013Someone should ban your ass too.
6/7/2013To counteract all the red from all the white trash butthurt about you telling the truth about how pitbulls suck. -Floobarb the Argnorf
6/7/2013Ignorant about dogs and everything else
6/7/2013Learn about an animal before your ignorance hurts somebody.
6/7/2013Pitbulls should be banned
6/7/2013You should be banned
6/7/2013Jack from Or WANTS YOU!
6/7/2013Your an idiot drama queen
6/7/2013Have u ever had a pitbull? krystal
6/7/2013Last week you wanted an AmBully - THEY are more volatile than Pitbulls you fuckwit.
6/7/2013You should be banned!
6/7/2013Argh I'm so afraid! Protect me Government!
6/7/2013You should be banned
6/7/2013It how you raise the dog! don't slander, which you know nothing about!
6/7/2013Becasue i can't puch op in the face karma is what she gets.
6/7/2013You should be banned
6/7/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/7/2013At least change your picture
6/7/2013Agree with the pit bull thing. :)
6/7/2013Biggest Ignoramus on GLP
6/7/2013My Pitbull is way nicer and WAY prettier than you.
6/7/2013Why do you post shit like this...?
6/7/2013Nice 911 video
6/7/2013Why do you continue to comment on things you obviously do not understand?
6/7/2013No it doesn't
6/7/2013Dont understand the bad rap u get, i think your cute as hell and interesting, regards, Jack from Or
6/6/2013Driveby red like the red when yo on ya period negro luvin bihac!
6/6/2013YOU, ME, & 3 or 4 Black guys (no homo) could we do that?
6/5/2013We lovn wit gals like ya sheet puddy bbc letz get downz and hook uphe beebys EW GREAT NNIG NOT MEX
6/5/2013Does the walls to your trailer still shake when your pussy 'queefs?'....LOL>>>>L​OL>>>>LOL
6/5/2013Drive-by kindness attack.
6/5/2013Gimme a break... You wouldn't know because nobody would want to fuck you... Much less rape.
6/5/20131 for the Stephen King post. I'mma fan.
6/5/2013For the kid at the concert....grumpier
6/5/2013Unban me from your threads. Ben Schillen.
6/4/2013Mermaids....really? Oyster
6/4/2013You fucking retard
6/4/2013RED, Because you think MERMAIDS are real!!!!,DERRRPPPPP HERPPPPP DERRRPPP!!!
6/4/2013Shit for brains, hey darlin', shit for brains, thank you for posting again.
6/4/2013How stupid can a person be?
6/4/2013Must be your fat kid....
6/4/2013Trailer trash attention whore
6/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/3/2013Aliens have better taste
6/3/2013What are you wearing?...SnakeAirli​nes wonders about such things
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