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6/2/2013You poor piece of human shit.
6/2/2013Have a great day.
6/2/2013You bring shame upon Oklahoma with your trashy fat slut picture , self promotion, and whoring on GLP. Please go away.
6/2/2013Did you have a good time time-traveling to 2012 to get your news? +87
6/2/2013Your every thought doesn't need to be made into a thread
6/2/2013<3 for being ttown!!!
6/1/2013Twerking?? WTF!!
6/1/2013You look like a piece of trailer trash
6/1/2013Giving you positive karma because you keep on censoring my posts to your threads - grimmlord
5/31/2013You deserve some green Rraider
5/31/2013Hey ttown please knock off drinking the sodas, it's bad for you! Take care of yourself! - Vision Thing
5/31/2013Thought you would like some green-bostyt50
5/31/2013Coke is the bomb!
5/31/2013Me too
5/31/2013Just cause. Have a great day! :)
5/31/2013Red for all Caps.
5/31/2013For your tornado thread - mhanth4f
5/31/2013Blessings - Indysmindy
5/30/2013For the tornado thread. Jefiner
5/30/2013Walking STD farm
5/30/2013You keep things interesting around here.
5/30/2013You made a productive thread!
5/30/2013Nice work! GT500
5/30/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/30/2013You make the forum a better place and more interesting. Keep it up! ;)
5/30/2013Tornado thread - gypsy
5/30/2013You so silly : Tanarus
5/30/2013U are horrific....keep yo trap shut
5/30/2013Go Away
5/30/2013Have some green
5/30/2013You look good in Red. I mean that in a good way. :)
5/30/2013You have a LACK of Mental Ability.
5/29/2013Just because too many people are mean to you- Beachbums
5/29/2013Not sure you are even worthy of the honor of a red thumb. Dumb bimbo.
5/29/2013You are a poor excuse for a person and I feel sorry for your children
5/29/2013For thinking the pain you had from childbirth is worse than having one's flesh being burnt of. and, for calling the person who sympathized a moran, you heartless moran.
5/28/2013Trade me some green, lol savcash
5/28/2013You are a rude , dumb bitch! Now I see why everyone rips your ass. FUCKTARD
5/28/2013Green against the Red - Imajicatus
5/28/2013Turn Caps Lock Back on!!!!
5/28/2013White trash, ex stripper with 2 half Mexican bastards, no job, lives in the ghetto, can't provide for ur own children, welfare barnacle. But u have a paid membership! Its all about priorities!
5/28/2013GOD!! YOUR SO STUPID!! Are you even educated?
5/28/2013No capslock yay well done
5/28/2013Thread ~ very informative responses, TY, p.borealis
5/28/2013Please, stop hurting us. why are you doing this? thats enough.
5/27/2013Peace be with you. AKLove.
5/27/2013Flo! -Anubis
5/27/2013Keep fighting sharia law...my2centsworth
5/27/2013Roll tide!
5/27/2013Hey missy - lotsa good threads lately - good for you. Sloane
5/27/2013Good luck in life marlborolights
5/26/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/26/2013For not using capslock! Bluebird
5/26/2013Stupid bitch
5/26/2013You are probably 100% correct. Watch out for the haters of truth.
5/26/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
5/25/2013Just say NO to fudge packing!! I agree ttown!
5/25/2013Thank you ttown (gays)
5/25/2013Love to you Turtles
5/25/2013Not real bright, are you
5/25/2013Lesbian stay at home mom, be gone
5/25/2013Great defense of christians in Comedians thread.
5/25/2013Good scripture quote! - Comedian
5/25/2013Fat bitches don't go to heaven either
5/25/2013Still sniffing your own armpits? You are one sick bitch.
5/25/2013Fucking kill yourself PLEASE
5/25/2013Because u rock
5/25/2013Thanks for the reminder
5/25/2013Stop With The Capslock Ffs !!!!
5/24/2013Taking care of animals. Good for you. Partofthecrowd.
5/24/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/24/20131 from Carnac for helping the dog.
5/24/2013Quit with the caps-lock FFS
5/24/2013Good thread. Nick@
5/24/2013You got boobs so yea heres karma for you
5/24/2013Keep on going green. It is possible to change.
5/23/2013Put on a corset, take some pics from the tits up, get more face in there. Tilt your head upward and do a side-angle for us.
5/22/2013Drug whore
5/20/2013For spite
5/20/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/20/2013For abusive cap locks
5/20/2013Always good to see your post. Amy A
5/20/2013For the thread. - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
5/20/2013For being the only poster on your own thread
5/20/2013Whining for a pin and plain rude
5/20/2013Learn to play nice
5/20/2013Just 'cause. Canuck_Hillbilly
5/20/2013Good post
5/20/2013Being a crybaby
5/20/2013Big fail
5/20/2013Idiot. MORAN.
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