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5/20/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/20/2013Good thread
5/20/2013News report OKLAHOMA >CH
5/20/2013'cause you need some green to balance the red - Rev StarGazer
5/19/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/19/2013TTOWN, You are all kinds of Real! --- Juggalo ;-)
5/18/2013Spam in thread because bitter
5/18/2013We didnt forget what u did
5/18/20131 for being real :D <3 Get outside and into nature with your kid(s).
5/17/2013You are a rude , dumb bitch! Now I see why everyone rips your ass. FUCKTARD!
5/17/2013Definition of white trash
5/17/2013Fucking ATTENTION WHORE --- You're threads are as boring as bat shit
5/17/2013Good luck with the bully! Hugs to you and your child.
5/17/2013What is up with people?
5/17/2013Is your caps lock button broken?
5/17/2013Ugly greasy trash skank
5/17/2013I am an awesome mom!!
5/17/2013You can afford a membership here yet you don't have money for martial arts, etc for your kid. First off your a fucking idiot. Second your a damn piece of trash inbred. Food stamp whore.
5/17/2013Turn off youre caps lock.
5/17/2013Triton MMA, it will change your kids life.
5/17/2013Green to you
5/17/2013Unban me ttown. You will be a member of the -1 a week club until you do. ~ Dr. Ben Schillen
5/16/2013You already posted you are 41!
5/16/2013Fuck you and your potless vagina
5/16/2013Your not a tiger. Your just a fat lazy wigger.
5/14/2013No Coupon For â»you
5/14/2013Might not be nice, but it sure is the MF'in truth ho....LOL LOL LOL
5/14/2013Why so much red? good luck honey :) -elisabetta
5/13/2013Because T needs some Bone Funkenstein love!
5/13/2013Have a good night Ttown :) Love Spirit666
5/13/2013She has to ask?
5/13/2013Have some nice karma
5/12/2013Unconditional Karma Booster Shot -- EK
5/12/2013Fat midget fuck
5/11/2013Because I love you
5/10/2013Not a bad person
5/10/2013Mean person....
5/9/2013Your ugly. Stop it
5/9/2013For being a survivor - be an overcomer - Geo777
5/9/2013Bit unnecessarily rude in your thread and turn off your damn caps lock
5/9/2013U don't read ur own karma, so this is for the people that feel sorry for ttown: she is a pos attention whore. Just read her unstable parent thread and you will get it.
5/9/2013Try being nice, might get you somewhere.
5/9/2013Weekly red stuff for you fatass.
5/9/2013Pity karma - nah
5/9/2013No, FUCK YOU! Biggest attention whore and drama queen on the forum. Get over your ignorant self. No one gives a shit what your lame assed excuse is.
5/9/2013CENSORSHIP BITCH ASS NAZI. Unban me ya fucktard. Ben Schillen
5/9/2013Said it before and I'll say it again ... in allcaps just for you ... ATTENTION WHORE
5/9/2013Just plain fucked up trailer trash
5/9/2013Just because. :)
5/9/2013Shut up!
5/9/2013Please stop the CAPSLOCK!!! OMG
5/9/2013Trashy & Mean
5/9/2013Too far in the red - c2thaj
5/9/2013Have a great day. SeekWisdom
5/7/2013I know you prefer RED, but I am giving you green anyway.
5/7/2013Lie lover
5/7/2013Another small step back toward green
5/6/2013For total awesomeness
5/5/2013Trailer park trash....if the shoe fits, wear it....
5/5/2013<3 queenie
5/4/2013New level
5/4/2013New level of stupid
5/4/2013Giving you green, hopefully you'll unban me now....ohnonotagain
5/3/2013U find me offfensive? i find you offensive for finding me offensive -meatloaf
5/3/2013Chuck E's in Love = "Rickie Don't Lose that Number" :-) Juggalo
5/3/2013Please go away ....it's much better here without you
5/3/2013Green for you
5/1/201339 yrs old, two kids by two men, never been married, lives in a ghetto apartment, no car, always begging for money..hmm..can't figure why you're still single.
4/29/2013Dumb bitch
4/28/2013You are still the dumbest cunt I have ever seen. Happy Birthday Fatass.
4/27/2013Me and God both love you! ;-`)
4/27/2013Because i love you
4/21/2013Blessings to you sweetie! Angelic_Warrior
4/17/2013Happy birthday! - Lisa :)
4/17/2013Just because
4/16/2013For starting a cool thread-gypsy
4/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/16/2013For posting music :) Sloane
4/16/2013Put that bs flag up your cunt
4/15/2013Missed you! maguyver.
4/15/2013When your pussy 'queefs', does the walls to your trailer still shake?....LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
4/13/2013Remember... you shouldn't be here .... your Doc said it was betterfor your condition
4/13/2013You need some green. Duckduckgoosechamp
4/13/2013Weekly red for being a moran
4/10/2013Beso :)
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