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12/7/2012If You Are Going to Quote From The Bible,at Least Get it Right. Blasphemy !
12/7/2012You are still the most worthless POS on the board....when your pussy 'queefs' does the walls to your trailer shake?
12/6/2012<3 tara :)
12/6/2012Chipping away... -Moo!
12/6/2012Ttown for mod
12/4/2012Nasty !
12/3/2012¡¡Te miras secksii en tu nueva foto!! ¡¡Mucho amor chica!! #Mister_Worldwide
12/3/2012Trailer park trollop, beaner banger, slutacular skankadoodle, hispanican humper, worthless welfare barnacle, taco eating twatalope
12/3/2012Waste of planetary resources
12/2/2012You are such a useless dumbass...
12/2/2012Welfare queen
12/1/2012Trust YOU to like Walking Dead. Only you and zombies plaster on that much makeup.
12/1/2012Funny threads~ sonic doom :)
11/30/2012Fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off
11/30/2012I'd Hit it
11/30/2012TTown Mod? Go fuck yourself...TrailerTra​sh.
11/29/2012Let me spank your fatass
11/25/2012Thanks for the threads
11/24/2012Kinda Stupid
11/24/2012Right back atcha!
11/22/2012Green aloha- seer
11/22/2012You're a good troll, i like you
11/22/2012Here you go cutie. AxE
11/22/2012Just because others are mean to you -- cheers, old macdonald
11/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/22/2012Wishing you a "no CAPS" Happy Thanksgiving!
11/22/2012God bless - Lisa :)
11/22/2012Happy Thanksgiving and wishing you well. Sloane
11/22/2012Just because
11/22/2012Poster didn't read the link provided
11/22/2012Happy thanksgiving -GTUSS
11/22/2012Deleted one of my posts you nasty fucking cunt....i hope you get evicted from your trailer ho...
11/21/2012Best Troll EVER
11/20/2012Que pasa Ttown! Mucho amor de Tejas! #Mister_Worldwide
11/19/2012Just because
11/18/2012Weekly bad karma
11/18/2012Thanks for another stupid thread to remind me to give you your weekly red from me. Your stupidiy amazes me.
11/18/2012You are 1 dumb bitch.
11/18/2012Adding selfishness and indifference to your many not so appreciated traits? Figures.
11/18/2012One stupid bitch who still won't turn off her caps lock
11/18/2012Good one!!
11/17/2012Twilight was pretty awesome -Dr. Acula
11/17/2012It doesn't surprise me at all that you're a twilight fan, u have the mentality of a 12 yr old girl. How can u be a prepper when ur on welfare and live in sec 8 housing? Still scamming on the
11/17/2012Good on ya
11/17/2012Some love
11/17/2012Omfg die in a fire you piece of trash
11/16/2012See Vold3mort's reason below, ur in a bad karma hole! - phizzy
11/16/2012You really need good karma! :) - Vold3mort
11/16/2012Wow drama queen
11/16/2012Shittiest troll in the universe
11/15/2012We are all scared a little ttown....dont let it consume you....live for right now
11/15/2012Go join the IDF
11/15/2012End time - Pro israel
11/15/2012Something something attention whore something something.
11/15/2012For the poll
11/15/2012Just one word: STUPID.
11/15/2012Tard of tards
11/15/2012You so silly
11/14/2012Go Away!
11/14/2012Telling me about a scam I nearly paid for!
11/14/2012You're back
11/13/2012Fucking cum rag trailertrash
11/12/2012Almost forgot your weekly red!
11/11/2012Stop the green for this trailer park whore- tramp piggly wiggly snort snort I can smell you ...
11/11/2012You need the green plus more use now you can shoot
11/10/2012EleKtroN was here :)
11/10/2012Prepper Meeting
11/9/2012Ok im listening... locations would look even better. back to back storms. and they weren't ready!
11/6/2012Que paso chica Ttowngirl! Eres muy bonita! #Mister_Worldwide
11/6/2012You say you have a gift? Hardly. Prophesy requires details, not generalizations. And another -1
11/6/2012Cuz you were right and they were wrong
11/6/2012Thanks T for bumping that thread. H.H.
11/6/2012In Your Face Bitch!
11/6/2012Some green, becuase i like you :)
11/5/2012You need a green/ peacetard
11/4/2012ATTN KMART SHOPPERS: sale on Mt Dew, Nascar tshirts, and hair bleach aisle 5! BTW stop acting like you predict the future and stretch marks are nasty.
11/4/2012Hate this chick
11/3/2012When your pussy 'queefs', does the walls in your trailer shake, attention whore?
11/2/2012Darn, I almost over looked your stupid getto ass again. Heres your weekly.
11/2/2012Weekly bad karma. Worst GLPer
11/2/2012To offset some red. Maguyver
11/2/2012Great work...drummy
11/2/2012A beautiful soul
11/2/2012Get over yourself, please...
11/2/2012Jesus Loves You! - Lisa :)
11/2/2012You REALLY need to STOP posting! Your ONLY gift is being dumber than a box of hair!! Fuckin RETARD!!!
11/2/2012Just go away already
11/2/2012Dirty whore
11/2/2012Thank you ttown girl for your warning...your predictions did help me in ways - Crusador for Yah
11/2/2012GIFT ?! roflmao
11/2/2012Something always happens. you predicted nothing get over yourself
11/2/2012You're GLP's GOD.
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