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11/2/2012You told us? So did every other uncle. p.s. I live in the mountains. Idiot
11/2/2012Bit of green for our Capsosaurus Regina. Might want to cut back on the whole Herpdiederp thing you got going on though.
11/2/2012Lol good post you know how to get them going....
11/2/2012Maybe you should have spread your legs and sucked in the hurricane into your vagina
11/2/2012Your so called "gift" is being such a huge moron!
11/2/2012I mock you again
11/2/2012Happy Friday! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/2/2012I Warned You
11/2/2012Have some good karma. Im tired of seeing people hacking on you. -GeordieLegend-
11/2/2012I got a bad karma for giving you a good one so for the person who give it too me here is another for u :) <<TIMEWATCHER>>
11/2/2012Because ur u. k_c
11/2/2012You need more green =)
11/2/2012Caps is bad m'kay?
11/2/2012Here's your gift
11/2/2012Show us the threads of your predictions
11/2/2012I do remember your warnings.
11/2/2012Hindsight is always 20/20 - that's why it looks so childish to claim enlightenment after the fact.
11/2/2012Fugg off
11/2/2012You Didn`t Predict Anything You Don`t Have a Gift. oh Yes You do Your an Annoying Fucking Troll !
11/2/2012For your broken 'caps lock' button
11/2/2012You are redefining the phrase attention whore
11/2/2012A little respect for a lady
11/2/2012You're an idiot.
11/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/1/2012Wow you are retarted... bottom line
11/1/2012Karma hugs! lmao...your too funny :P Love Angels
11/1/2012I think ur pretty Dr. acula
10/30/2012For having a signature line about stretch marks! You are just trash to the core!
10/29/2012Get you out of the red
10/29/2012To make you smile
10/28/2012Adam Ant smells like dog shit.
10/28/2012WIth warmest regards
10/28/2012Thank you,I think ur great
10/28/2012Don't let them win...
10/28/2012Just stop it already! You are so self absorbed you see nothing unless it pertains directly to you. You will be one of the first casualties, thank Budha.
10/27/2012You're so ugly, Hello Kitty said goodbye to you.
10/27/2012I'd make ya squirt!....JimBomB
10/27/2012You're easy not to like.
10/25/2012Good post in the hurricane thread
10/25/2012Thank you for the Hurrican Tips...CowgirlK
10/25/2012I like your hair like that. Keep on keeping on
10/25/2012Que pasa chica TTown! Mister_Worldwide
10/25/2012Dumb as a box of rocks....
10/25/2012More red you fucking whore
10/25/2012It's all been said before.
10/25/2012Please stop posting.
10/25/2012White trash
10/25/2012Red hot sexy
10/24/2012Attention whore
10/24/2012Balancing out the red with a green. (Life and Love)
10/24/2012Please go away
10/24/2012You have issues--Hawgzilla
10/24/2012Lower case
10/24/2012Oh dear god you're an idiot.
10/24/2012It's my ttowngirl!!!!
10/24/2012Shut up
10/23/2012TTown, Let's start exchanging some good karma!!! I just upgraded my account, add u as friend.
10/23/2012When will you stop posting stupid threads that only require an IQ of 80 to understand?
10/23/2012Silly ugly whore with bad taste
10/23/2012Good God... So much red going on here... Have some green.
10/22/2012Good info!! -Korrosive
10/22/2012You Are a Sinkhole!
10/22/2012Again with this bullshit
10/22/2012There is time left to give you karma for a shit thread
10/22/2012Too many children giving you the red. Here is a green from an adult
10/22/2012You watch to much TV
10/22/2012Stop with the attention
10/22/2012Find the caps lock, you welfare skank
10/22/2012You need more green and less caps lock. Always entertaining. -j994k
10/22/2012Becuse i can.
10/22/2012How did you get to be SOooooooo fucking wee tood edd ?
10/22/2012Some green fr you sweetie. Don't let the mean ones get you down. Chin up!
10/22/2012The sadness comes from only being able to give this to you once a week
10/22/2012Cos she's funny
10/22/2012If u claim to have truth and do not share it...you are as guilty as those who ignore truth
10/22/2012U r a Fucktard.
10/22/2012Unnecessary posting
10/22/2012Idiot. Spews but doesn't say a word.
10/22/2012Your posts are better than what I have read in the past month. Thanks
10/22/2012Tried to warn me lol.
10/22/2012You have officially gone Full Retard.
10/22/2012I like coupons... Feel better!
10/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
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